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This blog exists to help you succeed online. Whether you are a Blogger, Freelancer, Marketer, I have vast experience in all of these areas and my blog is I’m gonna tell you the story of my journey from struggling to finally achieving success

Here you will learn about, my goal? how do i work? What do i offer? And what a difference I’m supposed to make in your life!

1999 – The childhood Story that brings me to where I’m today

We all have our stories. We all have a childhood that I believe brings us to where we are today.
I am the middle of three, and my older brother doesn’t waste any time reminding me of that. I was raised by two beautiful Parents Aboalkheir and Amina who loves to spend time Growing Their children.

For my whole life, I was an introvert. I didn’t give a damn about relationships. I just loved books and studying to get the first rank in my class.

Nowadays. I’m totally a different person who’s obsessed with psychology, planning, and digital marketing.

since I was young. I really love reading. My parents were language teachers. I was always fascinated by the books they used to read so I dreamt to be a writer. Until I had my first PC in 2011, I wanted to be an Engineer

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back in 2017 got 99% marks in the third year of High school and now I am an Engineering student. I know it’s far far away from writing. But being an engineer was my parents’ dream. and I really loved them so much. My parents wanted me to be Petroleum Engineer because I was very active in high school and getting great grades. I can’t deny that I loved being Engineer But Software Eng, not a Petroleum.

Actually when I was in college. I knew there wasn’t good job security or enough job opportunities in my country for Petroleum engineers.

Plus, I realize at the time that I couldn’t use a Petroleum engineering degree for other things, So I took some decisions…

In the end, I liked the major but I didn’t love it. I was able to keep Petroleum Engineering in my life by declaring it one of my areas of concentration along with Digital Marketing.

Since I was working on a lot of projects for my clients to build their businesses online, I thought others might enjoy following my process, How to become master marketers, persuaders, and salesmen. also, I’m sharing how I can get more customers, How I get people to buy things from me, so I started  on March 23, 2022 (here’s my very first post). If you want to see how far I’ve come with my Blogging business, take a little time to mull around Abdalslam Blog

2018- College years and volunteering

Founded in 1961, the Faculty of Petroleum and Mining Engineering- Suez University is a public university in East Suez, Egypt. With over 2,000 students. Our University selects The chosen valedictorian.

In 2018… In my first year in college, I enrolled in a volunteering Student chapter and I got my first job, I was responsible for multimedia work in a small company.

I was zero knowledge in this field but I found myself responsible for making content for this company. in less than 6 months I learned Photoshop & illustrator& InDesign. I really loved it and watched a lot of courses, producing a lot of work.

And after 5 months of enrolling in this company, I was the head of the multimedia team. I was managing +15 employees which was a big challenge for me in training them but with hard work, I was able to get out the best work . . .I figured I liked teaching Digital Marketing, sharing knowledge, and Luckily there’s a big demand in this area, and training would allow me to be able to Share Knowledge and influence more people who wanted to change their professional and personal lives for the better.

While I studied Petroleum Engineering, I started learning about digital marketing in this new distraction-free time of my life.

There weren’t any digital marketing courses in college, but I started teaching myself this new skill because it was both creative and analytical like Engineering, and had more career opportunities.

I know now that was the best decision for me.

2019 – starting freelancing

So I began escaping some of my problems by sitting behind a computer and helping others with digital marketing – SEO, PPC, email marketing, social media, web development – anything I could get my hands on.

Back in 2019,My sophomore year, I started freelancing… And boom I have made 40 thousand dollars in my first year of Freelancing. It was insane for me. I worked for Big companies around the world. I have worked on more than 200 projects in different areas like digital marketing Marketing, Team management, and Online courses. I read dozens and dozens of books about these fields. I began my career as a Social Media Marketer at A big Nutrition Website. It was an incredible opportunity, and I am still so grateful for my time there; however, the longer I stayed in This Position, the more I realized that I couldn’t do it forever.

2021-2022: Turning It Around

Until that day when suddenly my father and my mother died. My Father in 2021 and my mother in 2022. it was a really tough year. This challenge taught me to be responsible. No one is gonna save me at this moment. Only I could do that.

I’ve been depressed

I came to a few realizations:

I only had one life and I wasn’t taking as many chances as I could be. I wasn’t really happy with my job.

fell in love with being a Freelancer and was sure that it was where I would be forever. Well, never say never, and never say forever. Life happened, and I had to leave Houston. Does anyone want to guess where I ended up?

Here are the companies I work with

starting the blog

In March 2022. after 3 years of working as a freelancer, I retired from Freelancing and began working on my personal Blog. I left it by choice. I quit my freelancing Job to start my small Blog ( A lot of people thought I was crazy to leave Such a wonderful freelance job that makes me $5k monthly. But after my parents died. I have taken a decision not to seek money again, But to have more time with my family brother, and sister, to enjoy life, to influence people, and teach them about business and life. I actually realize that I love teaching like my parents were.

I went into Blogging Business because I could be my own boss (back then I was an independent Freelancer with My clients ), make my own hours, and work with Students online.

My Goal

I aim to spread the culture of online entrepreneurship and freelancing in the world, by forming the largest community of online entrepreneurs and freelancers that has all the support, knowledge, expertise and tools they need to help them become better, to be their starting point to succeed online.

My Core

I believe that quick solutions and superficial knowledge will not take you far, so we provide content for those who need in-depth knowledge, far from superficial or incomplete information delivery, and do not aim to share superficial quick knowledge like most solutions in our lives.

Who do I work for?

I mainly help:

  • Young people who are in the College stage and want to earn an income that will help them to continue their lives while studying.
  • Those who have a stable job and want to increase their current income online.
  • Those with skills they didn’t know they could use to make a side income.
  • Those who wish to start their successful online business from all categories.
  • Freelancers who want to stand out, increase their income and get better clients.

How do I work?

I’m working hard to enrich the How-to content, where what I share is not theoretical content, quoted or even translated from other sources, I assure you that 100% of what you will read, hear, or even watch here is a summary of years of experience, knowledge and personal experiences shared in the simplest Image possible to help you make the most of it.

Here I talk about everything you need to know to have a successful online business, what I have tried, what mistakes I made and how I was able to fix them in order to avoid them from the start, what am I still learning at this point, and what we feel you need to know in order to help you Live the experience as much as possible before you even begin.

But as I always say it’s personal experiences and knowledge, which means you shouldn’t necessarily apply it without thinking about it! We don’t all wear the same size, and there is no one-size-fits-all method. I try to make it easy for you and pass on my personal experiences and knowledge to you so that you can analyze and benefit as much as possible.

Therefore, I advise you when you read, hear, or watch anything here – or anywhere else – to look at it analytically and to think about what you have learned in order to determine whether it is suitable for you or not, and then start experimenting with it to explore the results for yourself until you reach the best way It suits you to do things.

So there you have it– how I got started in blogging and online business.

If you made it this far, I appreciate the time you took to read this and deeply value every relationship I make from this blog. I do this work because every family I have worked with, every child’s story that I have ever had the privilege of knowing, and every life I have touched has taught me some of the greatest lessons. My social work journey has taught me that within each of us lies a human heart; a human heart that requires love, attention, warmth, protection, and compassion. It requires a connection with another heart. It requires that someone be willing to listen and to hold space for silence, grief, loss, and pain. We all have hearts that are aching to be loved unconditionally. I can do that. I want to do that, and it’s why I’m here. I’m not here for me. I’m here for all of you.

That’s it. Until we meet again

Thank you for reading

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