My Entrepreneurial Timeline

On this page I share my entire entrepreneurial timeline and journey from the beginning till now.

This is my journey to inspiring and helping millions: one person at a time!

It’s been one hell of an entrepreneurial journey so far: from feeling lost and facing massive adversity, to making thousands of dollars from my online businesses over the years. And recently quitting my freelance business to completely refocus and “start over”.

As time goes on, I’ll keep this entrepreneurial timeline page updated so you can follow along my journey in case you’re interested to see the progress over time.

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Managed the Media Team in SPE student chapter in my college. ( I lead 13 awesome designers).


I read “The One Thing” by Gary Keller & Jay Papasan. I immediately refocused on my “one thing” — to work on my Freelance Business.



Worked on my first Freelance contract (infographic design project ). I believe I made $15!



On April 17, 2021 I received the worst phone call of my life – my brother told me my Father had suddenly passed away, at 55 years old.

My Father’s funeral took place. I was devastated and couldn’t hold the tears back – very unlike me.

It was the absolute worst thing that has ever happened to me — personally or professionally. 

It was also the big turning point that changed everything.



On February 12, 2022 I received the worst phone call of my life – my Uncle told me my Mother had suddenly passed away, at 45 years old.

At that moment, I committed myself to create an extraordinary life — no matter how long it took. The “haters” and “doubters” didn’t matter anymore. The only thing I focused on was my big dreams and goals. 

I dropped my freelance Business and instead decided to start documenting my entrepreneurial journey on a blog. I was very determined, but I had no experience or connections in my industry (yet). 

Launched my website and blog at with the goal of sharing my story as well as interviews with online influencers and successful entrepreneurs. 


Decided to set up my business in Cairo, egypt, and get permanent residency there (another option where I can live).

Focused on making sure the new website went live using the awesome Kadence theme, hosted on Hostinger.

Launched my new Abdalslam Insider’s email newsletter using ConvertKit

Started to learn a lot about crypto, blockchain, and NFTs. My only regret is that I didn’t start earlier. I believe crypto is the future and it will only grow from here.

If you’re still reading my entrepreneurial timeline, that means you’re pretty interested in my journey 🙂

But the most important thing you can do is to create your own path and use my journey as inspiration. Anything is possible if you believe in it and work hard consistently over time!

Act before you’re ready. Start your own entrepreneurial journey and take massive action today.

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