Best AI Chatbots Of 2023 (Reviewed & Compared)

Chatbots are becoming an essential component of any customer support strategy across businesses. This trend is emerging because of rapid developments in the AI field. Businesses can scale their efforts and offer assistance around-the-clock with the help of AI chatbots, freeing up agents to concentrate on interactions that really benefit from the human touch.

Customers still want the option to speak to a human to handle delicate or complicated situations, even though they trust bots for simple encounters. And chatbots make it feasible by understanding natural language and having conversational responses.

We are giving you a list of the top 9 absolute best chatbots that you can integrate into your business today. So without further due, let’s dive into it.

What Is AI Chatbots?

An AI (artificial intelligence) chatbot is an immediate-response technology that interacts and serves clients in a warm and familiar manner. This technology may offer personalized, quick replies, assist in centering article ideas, and gather user data via in-chat forms. AI chatbots can automatically identify raised tickets and troubleshoot them. They can also redirect the discussions to a live agent whenever required. AI may be used by chatbots to offer agents individualized advice on how to handle a particular query.

The Benefit of Chatbots for Businesses

AI chatbots offer various benefits to businesses both on a local and global scale. Let’s take a look at six of them briefly.

  1. Availability: Chatbots can answer to consumer inquiries immediately, without the need to wait for regular business hours, relieving the burden on customer service professionals. A chatbot, unlike a human operator, doesn’t have working hours, it is available at the service 24/7/365.
  2. More efficient working with enterprise tools: Tools like Microsoft Teams provide chatbot functionality to help people work more quickly and effectively. For instance, the chatbot for Microsoft Teams may do a variety of jobs, such as booking reservations, providing travel information, and providing weather information  Additionally, custom bots can be developed to accomplish a particular goal.
  3. User Experience: Chatbots are automated systems that use artificial intelligence to identify frequent queries and respond with a pre-written message. As a result, it is more likely that consumers will have a positive experience.
  4. Streamline Processing: The process of answering a question or fixing an issue by messaging a chatbot is more quicker and simpler (for both users and support employees) than doing it via a feedback form, email, or other means. In addition to lowering process effort, chatbots may improve both the consumer and employee experience.
  5. Cost Effective: Implementing AI Chatbot can be a worthwhile investment for your company. Compared to the conventional customer service model, which also involves personnel pay, infrastructure expenditures, and training costs, it is more affordable.
  6. Multilingual Support: AI chatbots can give tailored, and relevant help that will be highly valued by your consumers in addition to answering queries and offering customer care. Multiple languages can be encoded into them to understand queries and respond.

Best AI Chatbots for Your Business In 2023:

Now that we know what chatbots are and what benefits they offer for your business, it’s time to take a look at the top 9 chatbots that you can implement today.

1. ProProfs Chatbot

With ProProfs Chat, you can increase eCommerce sales and stop frequent cart abandonment. ProProfs aids in combining automated and human service for your e-commerce business. The application significantly enhances communication between your company and both current and potential clients, allowing you to attract high-quality leads and increase sales.

Key Features:

  • Instant 24/7 Help on your e-commerce website.
  • Easily TRansfer Chats.
  • Set Individual Operator Greetings.
  • Respond to chats from social media.
  • Integrate with leading CRM systems such as Microsoft Dynamics 365.
  • Track customer ratings.
  • Check operator performance reports.
  • Capture visitor details with a pre-chat form.


ProProfs ChatBot lets users choose from 3 different plans. They are mentioned below:

Essentials Plan$20/month
Premium Plan$60/month
Business PlanCustom Plan, Users need to contact ProProf’s customer support for a quotation.

2. Chat Fuel

Chatfuel is a fantastic choice if you’re searching for a simple AI chatbot with a straightforward setup procedure that’s specially made for Facebook Messenger and Instagram. Although its recommended for messenger and Instagram, Chatfuel can also be installed on other websites.

Key Features:

  • Extremely easy to set up.
  • pre-written responses to the queries you get every day in comments and DMs.
  • create leads from comments and advertisements, qualify them, provide coupons, and more.
  • Answering FAQs, making product recommendations, and automatically gathering customer reviews and emails.
  • audience segmentation using a corporate CRM program.
  • Using Chatfuel to update Shopify inventory following a purchase and to generate Chatfuel broadcasts from fresh RSS feed items.


Business Plan$11.99/month
Enterprise Plan$199/month

3. Mobile Monkey

MobileMonkey is a great sales outreach automation software for qualifying and engaging both outbound and prospects. Mobile Monkey is SEO expert Niel Patel’s favorite sales outreach tool.

It’s intended for lead creation and customer outreach rather than customer support and FAQs. Funnel campaigns, database building, and automated lead qualifying are some of its other features.

Key Features:

  • Search for Business-to-consumer prospects and over 100 million artists and influencers.
  • Through automated sales outreach in DMs, emails, and text messages that have been approved by Meta, turn Instagram and Facebook users into buyers.
  • Get e-mail and contact information for website visitors, and get alerted to high-intent leads.
  • Create a database of traditionally difficult-to-target decision-makers and key consumers who can make or break a business using email and SMS outreach, as well as email warmup to boost deliverability and favorable reactions.


Mobile Monkey’s pricing plans start from $9.95/month to $59/month.

4. Hubspot Chatbot

You can automate and grow live chat discussions using HubSpot’s simple and effective chat builder. Your clients will be able to browse the website, schedule meetings, and find answers to commonly asked questions. Their responses are simultaneously captured in your CRM, enabling you to qualify prospects and start automation.

Key Features:

  • Create your unique chatbot without learning to code.
  • Information is synchronized instantly to a contact’s timeline, providing your whole team with a full picture and an unmistakable understanding of every activity.
  • Gmail and Outlook integration.
  • Email tracking
  • Create forms, pop-ups, banners, and slide-ins that are mobile-friendly.


Hubspot’s chatbot tool comes as a part of Hubspot’s marketing hub bundle and its pricing range from $45/month.

5. Aivo chatbot

Aivo develops artificial intelligence-driven software for customer support that transforms interactions between companies and their clients. Additionally, Aivo works with commercial partners all around the world, including as Salesforce, Zendesk, and LivePerson.

Due to Aivo’s numerous interfaces with various business systems, you can access your present customer flow and produce solutions that are tailored to your needs.

Key Features:

  • Promote sales or discounts through triggers on your website
  • To complete the sale, forward the Live Chat conversation to an agent.
  • Create your integration.
  • Leverage WhatsApp notifications and active triggers.
  • Avio determines the purpose behind a query and answers it with the right information.
  • Multiple Platform Support.
  • Optimized for Mobile Phones.

6. Imperson

Imperson is an intuitive platform for AI chatbot development that enables businesses to create customized AI chatbots. It enables text and voice responses on all significant platforms. Its technology enables the development of chatbots that provide users with natural and fluid conversational experiences.

Imperson makes use of data from user profiles, consumer goals, chat history, past purchases, and support case histories, among other things. 

Key Features:

  • Audience Segmentation.
  • Collect contact information and integrate it directly with your CRM for qualified leads.
  • Answers FAQs with ease.
  • Supports all the major customer service platforms.
  • Interactive Shopping Assistant.
  • suggests repeat and recurring purchases based on purchase history.
  • Imperson offers current event schedules and Frequently Asked Questions, permits ticket purchase, and offers comprehensive venue and location information.

7. Drift Chatbot

Start engaging website visitors through short bursts of interaction and messaging tailored to each visitor and page. swiftly identify consumer interests, distribute your engaging material, and even set up a sales meeting. Use the Drift AI Chatbot to complete all of this.

Key Features:

  • Centralize purchasing signals and know precisely which user accounts to concentrate on.
  • Depending on the websites contacts visit and the frequency with which they engage with your business, provides you with insights regarding purchase intent.
  • Send out tailored multi-channel outreach as soon as possible to stand out from the crowd, generate more answers, and schedule more meetings.
  • Real-time alerts from Drift let you know as soon as a prospect responds to your outreach, allowing you to capitalize on their maximum level of engagement.


Drift is a Freeware.

8. Its Alive Chatbot

It’s alive is one of the several Saas marketing chatbot systems that have lately joined the market. Its objective is to assist you in creating chatbots for Facebook Messenger that will engage your users and, ideally, persuade them to become paying clients.

No matter if you are a Business, Agency, influencer, or startup, Its Alive has got your back when it comes to automated Facebook messaging.

Key Features:

  • Round-the-clock service all year round.
  • Create as many recipes as you want to make the bot and arrange them in a folder.
  • instant messaging may increase reach up to 20 times more with Its alive chatbot.
  • Respond to FAQs, direct users to the appropriate resources, and effortlessly connect to a real person when necessary.
  • Set welcome messages with a breeze.


Free PlanFree
Solo Plan$19/month
Plus Plan$49/month
Pro Plan$99/month
Enterprise PlanCustom Quotation 

9. Vergic Chatbots

Vergic chatbots assist clients with navigation, element highlighting, and other group activities. As a result, it is among the industry’s most effective automation tools. The analytical engine of the vergic chatbot evaluates each visitor before choosing the optimal course of action. Based on the business principles, it chooses the best place for the chatbot to start.

Key Features:

  • Capture leads round the clock all year round.
  • Build customized bots for unique business needs.
  • vergic co-browse with the user and assist them in accessing the online services and material that are already available.
  • Supports major languages globally.
  • You can train the bot for your unique requirements.


The initial Vergic price per user is €35.00/m. There are many bundles available.

Conclusion: Best AI Chatbots (2023)

This was my take on the industry’s best AI chatbots as of 2022. Automating your website is a great way to generate more leads and convert customers round the clock. Chatbots will keep on evolving as time passes and I will keep updating this list as I come across newer and better versions of them. Let me know in the comments below if you have any suggestions for this list.

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