Grammarly Review 2023 – What’s My Verdict (Truth)

If you’re into the writing field, you’ve definitely heard about Grammarly. This remarkable AI writing software is hard to unheard of, even if you’re from outside the writing community. If you seek to enhance your written pieces and make sure your work is free of errors and easy to read. Then we’re confident you’ll agree that Grammarly is the ultimate solution.

No matter how much proficiency you have in English, you’re human, and humans make mistakes. Catching these small and often unnoticeable mistakes is done by Grammarly. We write this review today to help people better understand this tool. We believe that it does more than just correct your errors. 

In today, Grammarly review, we will talk about each and everything that Grammarly has to offer. Its pros and cons, the pricing plans, and some frequently asked questions. We’re sure that you’ll have a clear picture of this tool at the end of this review, and it will help you make an informed decision. So without any more wait, let’s dive right into it.

Grammarly Review: (In A Nutshell)

Grammarly’s functionality is straightforward.  It examines written content, be it anywhere on the web, e.g., while writing emails, filing drafts, finalizing blogs on google docs, etc., for grammatical errors and readability, and much more.

It is available in both a free and a premium edition. The free version enables users to basic benefit from grammar and spell-checking without spending a thing. On the other hand, the premium edition provides additional capabilities to refine the writing style, detect plagiarism, and provide expert writing tips. We’ll get into more detail on this later on as Igo ahead in this blog.

Grammarly Key Features & Benefits

Here I have listed some of the key features and benefits of Grammarly.

Correcting the Grammar and Punctuations:

It identifies errors in your written content such as grammatical flaws, punctuation errors, passive voice, fragmented sentences, and so on. Not only that, but Grammarly also explains why an error is an error in the first place.

Spelling Checker

Grammarly identifies all spelling mistakes. And trust us, its accuracy with this feature is second to none. After detecting spelling errors, you quickly correct them with a single click.

Consistency Enhancer

Grammarly’s consistency suggestions detect uneven spelling, capitalization, hyphenation, and much more. This feature helps in improving the polish and professionalism of your written document.

Clarity & Readability Enhancer

Even grammatically correct sentences might be challenging to understand  If it’s too wordy and complex. Grammarly suggests recommendations for making your writing clear and easy to comprehend for readers.

Plagiarism Detection

Grammarly checks your written work for potential duplicated text, whether deliberate or unintentional. It helps you to be on the safe side by supplying vital information about whether or not any portion of your work was pirated. It then makes suggestions for modifications.

Formality Leveling and Tone Adjusting:

When you upload your article on Grammarly, you get several options for customization. Formality adjustment is one of them. What it does is that it asks you whether you want your work to be acknowledged under the formal, neutral or Informal category. The option you choose, the tone adjusting you get to meet your level of formality.

Talking about the User Interface & Ease of Use

The User Interface of an editing tool is undoubtedly very crucial. It only comes second to the accuracy of the tool. I have had my hands on numerous other grammar-checking tools before. I can tell you this for sure; no other UI is cleaner and simpler to use than Grammarly’s 

You know a User Interface is good when you don’t have to spend more than a few minutes to get used to it. That’s what happened to me. I remember using Grammarly for the first time. I didn’t have to break a sweat to get my first document proofread.

In Grammarly, you will receive suggestions and corrections on the right side of your screen. You just have to click once to apply it to your original sentence. You don’t have to keep figuring out what caused the error because Grammarly makes sure that you also know why an error is detected as an error by explaining to you the reason.

Tldr for some of our readers: Grammarly has the best User Interface among all the other grammar checkers, period.

Grammarly Availability: Across Platforms

Let’s check the platforms where Grammarly is available.

The Web Tool (Chrome Extensions)

The Grammarly web tool can be accessed via any browser. Once you’re inside, you just have to paste your text and wait a few seconds for Grammarly to do its magic. Grammarly proofreads, analyses, and suggests corrections for your writing in a matter of seconds.

You also have an option to upload a document of multiple pages.

Grammarly Desktop Application

Grammarly’s desktop application is available for Windows and macOS.

You have to visit the Grammarly website and download the application installer. The installation process is very straightforward. Once done, you can begin using a tool similar to the web version.

Grammarly Browser Extension (Chrome, Safari, Edge)

The link to install the Grammarly extension is right on the website’s front page. Another way to get this extension is from the Chrome Webstore.

Once you install the extension, Grammarly will automatically analyze your writing all over the web. be it emails, Facebook, Google Docs, etc.

Grammarly Apps — iOS and Android.

Grammarly has a keyboard that is compatible with android and apple smartphones.

The keyboard will verify your writing while creating an email or text message. It’s great for catching those pesky typos that are so easy to make on phones, and it also features clever predictions to help you type faster.

You can also install software from the Google & Apple App Store.

How Secure is Grammarly?

The most upsetting thing that can happen to a content writer is having their work stolen. You put your heart and soul into creating something just to have it pirated.

People try to save money and trust those free grammar testing tools. They don’t realize that those tools put their data at a very high risk of piracy. On the other hand, Grammarly has numerous security features like AES-256 encryption to safeguard your work.

We have been Grammarly subscribers for many years now. After checking thousands of articles without facing any issues, I can say without any hesitation that Grammarly is safe and secure to use.

Grammarly Free vs Premium

Check our detailed comparison of Grammarly free vs Premium.

Grammarly’s free edition is unquestionably superior to other free grammar checking tools available. In some cases, it’s even better than some paid tools. The free version performs simple spelling and grammar checking to assist bloggers who write as a hobby and students.

But if you’re someone who writes for professional purposes and sees a source of income through those written pieces. Spending money on Grammarly Premium might be the smartest move you ever make. You will uncover a plethora of valuable writing elements that will help you enhance your writing. You will receive personalized criticism and ideas, as well as tips on how to improve your writing.

The premium version also identifies phrases that are unreasonably long and difficult to follow. Furthermore, if a term is frequently used and degrades the quality of the material, Grammarly can propose alternatives that might replace the word to make it less wordy and make it look more appealing.

You also get a fantastic plagiarism detector with Grammarly premium. It scans millions of pages online to ensure your content is not pirated in any sense. You can replace the plagiarized content to make it unique. Grammarly will also check the newly replaced text for plagiarism. This option is quite useful since it allows you to have one less application and saves money.

Long story short: If you’re a beginner and just want to test the tool, go for the free version and get an idea about the tool’s working. However, if you’re serious about boosting your writing potential, switch to premium without hesitation. It won’t let you down.

Grammarly Pricing Plans | Free vs Premium

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Grammarly pricing is tailored for an individual user. If you are a single user, you get three purchasing choices. The plans are listed below. Grammarly also has a free version for better insights, check the detailed comparison above.

Grammarly Premium Monthly –$30 per month. 

Grammarly Premium Quarterly –$20 per month. Total $144  [Billed as a one-time fee]

Grammarly Premium Annual –$12 per month. Total $60  [Billed as a one-time fee]

Aside from Single user plans, there is a Grammarly@edu plan for Educational institutes invoiced per student/faculty as a single payment. You must contact Grammarly and request a quote from them as there is no fixed fee for this plan. 

There is another Grammarly plan for businesses. This plan will help you in every aspect of trade that involves writing. From making invoices to engaging in post-sale service via emails/social media, or marketing. It will assist you in all.

The Business Plan pricing varies depending on the number of members who will use it.

  • $12.50 / per month ​/ per member 
  • If its 149 Members = $11.67/month/member – Total 1,738.33/month

You can contact their sales team if you want to purchase a business plan for more than 149 members.

Note: The Business Plan is Billed Monthly.

My Experience with Grammarly Premium

This is my favorite section since it allows me to share my experience using Grammarly Premium! This experience is written after taking feedback from the whole team and I speak on their behalf.

We’ve been using Grammarly premium for about a couple of years now. To begin, I started with the free version to test the functionality.  Since I was pleased with the functionality and user interface, I switched to the premium version to unlock Grammarly’s full potential.

We’ve been using both Grammarly Premium’s web tool and browser extensions. Use the plugin to double-check the work while typing. Any errors or modifications are detected instantly. Later, double-checked using Grammarly’s premium online tool.

While the extension catches many errors, it’s still not as good as the tool itself. There were times when I faced issues like delayed error suggestions. Sometimes, if the content is checked using the extension and the extension says that it’s error-free. If the same content is put to the test in the Grammarly tool, you get some additional suggestions and errors, which means that Grammarly needs to work on its extension.

Also, a few times, Grammarly suggests you correct something, and when you make the correction, Grammarly suggests you remove the correction as it’s not needed. And the cycle goes on. It’s also something that the Grammarly team needs to look after.

Besides these minor inconveniences, everything else runs smoothly and helps you be a better writer.

Grammarly is not an alternative for your judgments. Remember that context is crucial, and the algorithm occasionally struggles with it, resulting in unsuitable recommendations. Run your content using Grammarly, but also trust your instincts and apply your sense.

Grammarly isn’t flawless, but neither is any other grammar-checking tool out there. One thing is clear. It’s the best among its competitors. There is no other tool right now in the market that surpasses Grammarly.

Pros of Grammarly (What I love)

  • The Grammarly algorithm follows a list of more than 250 grammatical rules. With such an extensive list, you can be confident that most grammatical errors are avoided.
  • Real-time proofreading allows you to review your content on the go. It notifies you of errors as they occur, allowing you to correct them in real-time.
  • Grammarly can be accessed immediately from any Internet browser. It’s available to use on Brave, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, and google chrome.
  • Grammarly integrates within MS Word that allows you to use it while staying inside the MS Word interface.
  • It makes extensive use of pop-up boxes to clarify the recommendations it makes to you. This is highly helpful for authors who have English as their non-native language.

Cons of Grammarly (Where Can it improve)

  • The absence of several key features from the free version stands out. Like the absence of a plagiarism detector
  • People who use Quora find themselves unable to use Grammarly.
  • As the offline mode is absent, you can’t fix reported faults when offline.
  • The extension is quite glitchy. It needs some work. 

Which Is The Best Grammarly Alternative?

Note: If you’re looking for alternatives to Grammarly, we have done a roundup of the best Grammarly alternatives.

ProWritingAid vs Grammarly

If you don’t want to invest in Grammarly then ProWritingAid is a great option to get started. It is much more affordable than Grammarly. The only thing the free version of ProWritingAid lacks is that it can only check 500 words at one time whereas the free version of Grammarly can check up to 10,000 at one time. We have also done an unbiased ProWritingAid vs Grammarly comparison here.

Ginger vs Grammarly

Ginger is also a good alternative to Grammarly. If you want to create content in multiple languages then you can use Ginger’s translation tool to convert to any language you want. It will also give suggestions on how to improve your writing. To know more check out our detailed Grammarly vs Ginger comparison here. Check the detailed — Grammarly vs Ginger Comparison.

Wordtune vs Grammarly

Although Wordtune is not the perfect alternative to Grammarly, this tool is known for its AI-powered content creation feature. It can not help you in checking the grammar or proofreading the content such as Grammarly but it can help you in creating unique content for your business.

Our Verdict: Is Grammarly Premium Worth it?

Yes, Grammarly premium is worth it. We have used dozens of Grammar checker tools, and guess — Grammarly outranks all of them. We can confidently say, you can go with Grammarly premium without any doubt.

Grammarly distinguishes itself from other Grammar checking software. Not only does it have high accuracy and a plethora of intriguing features, but it also has a steep learning curve. Grammarly does not expect its users to be proficient. It is developed in such a manner that anyone can use it without difficulty. No other tool can compete with Grammarly in the category of user interface and accuracy.

We have been premium users just after a month of the free trial. Right now, all my work is cross-checked by Grammarly. Even this article right now is proofread in real-time. Grammarly is definitely worth every penny you spend.

We hope that this thorough review of Grammarly gave you a good grasp of all its features and ability. Let us know in the comments below your opinions and experiences on the same.

FAQs On Grammarly

How exactly is Grammarly Premium different from Grammarly Business?

Grammarly Premium is designed to help a single user enhance their writing skills. On the other hand, Grammarly Business is designed for a group of people working in an organization to ensure the tone of communication is professional and straightforward.

Does Grammarly help with SEO and Search Ranking?

As the name implies, Grammarly is only a tool for checking your grammar and proofreading. It has nothing to do with Search engine Optimization.

Is there a way to get Grammarly Premium for free?

Although you get access to the free version for an unlimited amount of time, there is no option to get the Premium version for free. However, you can avail of big discounts on the premium plans if you purchase from our exclusive links.

Is my material shared publicly by the Grammarly tool?

No, your content is highly secure with Grammarly. It has a strong encryption system at its disposal. This means that even Grammarly employees can view your content.

What forms of payments does Grammarly accept?

Grammarly accepts payments from all types of credit cards as well as PayPal. If you’re buying Grammarly Business for ten or more people, you may also pay via money order or cheque.

Is it possible to get a refund from Grammarly?

Grammarly Premium memberships are non-refundable, except as specified in their T&c. read the complete Terms of Service and License Agreement here.

Does Grammarly check for pirated content?

Grammarly Premium does check for pirated content (plagiarism). It searches through its billion-page database as well as in ProQuest’s academic databases to ensure that your content is unique.

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