ProWritingAid Review 2022: Is It Any Better?

When it comes to some of the best writing assistants online, ProWritingAid is one of the names that we see everywhere. However, is it worth using? 

Multiple writing assistants boast of helping you become better at writing, but only a few of them are worth using it. ProWritingAid has gained wide popularity over the last few years due to its excellent features.

A few years back, we stumbled upon ProWritingAid while looking for a reliable tool. With so many unbiased ProWritingAid reviews online, deciding and investing your money in it can be challenging. Therefore, we decided to put an end to all your doubts. 

In this ProWritingAid review, we will discuss its features, what it offers, and even how it is compared to other online tools based on our experience. Furthermore, we have considered various factors so that you can decide on your own!

So, let’s get into our honest review below! 

ProWritingAid Review: In A Nutshell 

ProWritingAid is a powerful AI-based writing assistant that helps bloggers, writers, novelists, students, business writers, and more to check their grammatical mistakes. The tool offers a robust style and grammar check with in-depth reports to help you analyze your mistakes and write better. 

The tool provides many features to assist your writing by highlighting wrong spellings and grammar, inconsistent sentences, poor word choices, and more. Furthermore, with over one million users, ProWritingAid successfully caters to everyone’s needs. 

You can also try the tool for free and later move to the paid version to get access to all its unlimited features! In a nutshell, it is ideal for anyone who writes content daily. 

ProWritingAid Key Features: Explained!

ProWritingAid has tons of features that we loved. From making writing easy to a personalized experience, tons of features are ideal for every writer. However, below are some of the features that we found helpful. 

  • 20+ in-depth writing reports for a perfect result. 
  • Excellent writing style suggestion to enhance the content. 
  • Explanations with each suggestion to help you improve your knowledge. 
  • In-built contextual thesaurus and Word Explorer to find new words. 
  • Integrates seamlessly with various applications and software. 
  • Enables customization to set your style guide. 
  • Data visualization to understand your writing. 
  • Plagiarism checker to ensure your content is unique. 

While there are various features, one of the significant features we love about ProWritingAid is its in-depth guide with each suggestion. You get in-app suggestions, quizzes, videos, and more. We loved this feature as it allows you to learn new skills you can implement when you write your next content. 

Indirectly, it takes you a step closer to becoming a better writer than before, isn’t it?

ProWritingAid User Interface 

The user interface has always been our biggest concern. We believe, as a writer, you already spend hours or days curating a piece of your writing, and when you move to a writing tool to help you point out your mistakes, it shouldn’t be too time-consuming. 

We always look for a tool with a beginner-friendly user interface so that we can check out the content and move ahead! Ultimately, no one wants to waste time understanding how a specific writing tool works. Fortunately, with ProWritingAid, we were not disappointed. 

For the best experience, we suggest using the desktop app. Once you paste your content, ProWritingAid divides the errors into different colors, a similar approach to Grammarly. 

  • Red underline: Spelling errors. 
  • Yellow underline: writing improvement style. 
  • Blue underlines Grammatical errors. 
  • Purple underline: Usage of passive voices. 

The different colored lines will automatically appear when you start checking your content. You can tap on the underlined word, and ProWritingAid will give you a suggestion for the changes. If you want to learn more about why it is wrong, there is a small yellow information icon. Once you tap on it, it provides you with a detailed explanation. 

For instance, if there is a spelling error, you can learn why it is wrong and how it can be improved. Once you know why a particular word or sentence is wrong or improper, you can click on the suggestion, which will change automatically. Goodbye, manual corrections! 

However, you must note here that you do not necessarily have to correct everything you see. If you believe a specific suggestion does not make sense, you can click on the cancel button and choose to ignore it. 

Another incredible thing about this tool is that you can choose to dismiss the rule if you do not like ProWritingAid’s guide. For instance, when you click on the suggestion, you can find the ‘dismiss the rule’ option that you can tap. Lastly, you can see your writing score in the upper-left corner. The score improves or decreases based on your corrections, giving you an idea about your writing. 

Initially, the interface may look overwhelming, but there is no rocket science behind it! All the options are visible and understandable. The only suggestion we think is to improve the overall design of the interface to make it more appealing. 

ProWritingAid Grammar Checking 

Grammar checking is an essential aspect of a writing assistant tool, and we were pretty impressed when it comes to ProWritingAid. When you paste your content, you can click on the ‘Realtime’ option to highlight all your basic grammatical errors and wrong spellings. The real-time option detects all the errors. 

However, a separate option for grammar can be seen in the top section. Once you click on the grammar option, you can see the errors clearly. You can click on the underlined word/sentences to check grammar, and ProWritingAid will give a suggestion. 

We recommend analyzing and checking each suggestion because sometimes, if you are using a personal word or sentence or say made-up words, ProWritingAid will detect a mistake. So, in such a case, you can add a particular word to the dictionary. Once you do so, ProWritingAid will not show the same suggestion again. 

If you feel that ProWritingAid’s suggestion is wrong, you can click on the cancel button to ignore it! Lastly, when you click on the grammar section, you can see the grammar report with a spelling score. The free version won’t detect all the mistakes, so you need to opt for the premium version to see all the corrections in detail. 

ProWritingAid Plagiarism Checker

After checking your content and making it error-free, the last thing any writer would do is check for plagiarism. So, the same scenario was with us. Initially, when we started using ProWritingAid, the plagiarism checker wasn’t included in the premium version. 

Instead, you had to purchase a premium checker separately. So, we wanted to give its plagiarism checker a try. Since it is something to be purchased separately, we believed it would be an excellent option. ProWritingAid checks your content for plagiarism compared to other editors through one billion web pages online. 

However, it is pretty less than what Grammarly offers, and we believe the plagiarism checker of ProWritingAid is not totally reliable. Fortunately, they have added a plagiarism checker as a part of their premium plan, but that also comes with restrictions. You are allowed to check 60 content per year with the plagiarism checker. Although you can check more content, you will have to pay for it separately. 

So, this is a drawback for us. But, if you are confident about their writing and don’t need a plagiarism checker, then this may not be an issue or a drawback. 

What are Reports in ProWritingAid?

One of the prominent features that make ProWritingAid stand out from other writing tools online is its report feature. Combined with a plagiarism checker, it offers 24 different in-depth reports. These reports are based on the document you check and help you analyze your writing.

However, you do not have to go through all the 24 reports to analyze your content unless you want to become a pro! The premium version gives you access to all its report. Some include summary, overused words, grammar, readability, repeats, writing style, sticky sentences, consistency, pacing, and more. 

To get the report, you can click on the ‘summary’ option at the top, and you will get a detailed report with graphs and charts. This is one of the powerful features that make ProWritingAid beyond just a regular writing assistant. In fact, these reports are personalized and act as a personal English tutor who is assisting you in every aspect! 

ProWritingAid: Integrations

Another core strength of ProWritingAid is its integrations with other platforms. Integrations have made our workflow easier and made the tool accessible anywhere. Some of its popular integrations include: 

  • Google Docs. 
  • Microsoft Word. 
  • Open Office. 
  • Final Draft. 
  • Scrivener

ProWritingAid also provides browser extensions for Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Edge. This extension works seamlessly on every website. So, next time you write an email or post something on social media, you can make your content error-free without going to the ProWritingAid website. 

If you are a writer or businessman, the integrations and extensions come extremely handy and make the work ten times easier. 

ProWritingAid and Human Editor: How Do They Compare?

ProWritingAid does an excellent job of helping you write better and deliver the best content. Whether you use it for personal use or for your clients, ProWritingAid serves all your needs under one roof. 

No matter how excellent a tool may be, comparing it to a human editor won’t do justice. We believe that a human editor’s work is unbeatable with any other online writing tool. However, there is an edge for ProWritingAid over the human editor. For instance, a human editor may skip on minor mistakes through the content, but ProWritingAid scans each word in your content and detects an error. 

Similarly, there are chances that a human editor may not find an error in other aspects like wordy sentences, overused phrases, writing style, and more. But, ProWritingAid can easily detect these and point them out. 

In the end, ProWritingAid is a man-made writing assistant, so it would be an injustice with the human editor to say it is better or worse than it. While it cannot replace the human editor completely, it can ease the burden with its exceptional functionalities. 

ProWritingAid Pricing Explained

ProWritingAid has straightforward pricing plans that are divided into three categories: 

  • Monthly -$20 per month. 
  • Annual -$79 per year. 
  • Lifetime -$399. 

Note: If you want a plagiarism checker report, there is a separate plan known as ‘premium plus’ at $24 per month. 

The features in all the plans are the same. The annual and lifetime plan is the best deal for someone looking for an affordable option! The annual subscription helps you save up to 67% compared to what you pay for monthly plans. Similarly, if you are a full-time writer, the lifetime plan would be the best, as you can get access to ProWritingAid at a flat fee and never have to worry about paying for an online editor again! 

However, there is a drawback to the lifetime plan. If you no longer want to continue using ProWritingAid or find other editors better, you won’t get a refund on the money you paid. So, when it comes to lifetime access, you need to be sure that you will not switch from ProWritingAid. Nevertheless, the annual subscription is the right deal until you decide a lifetime plan would be feasible for your work. 

ProWritingAid Free vs Premium 

You must be wondering, if there is already a free version, is purchasing the premium version worth it? Well, take a quick look at the table below, and you will understand what the premium version offers! 

Word Limit500 wordsUnlimited
Online EditorYesYes
Real-time writing scoreNoYes
Resource libraryNoYes
Complete error detectionNoYes
Word ExplorerLimitedComplete Access
Plagiarism CheckerPaidPaid
IntegrationWeb browserComplete access
Desktop AppNoYes

ProWritingAid Review: Pros and Cons 

After reviewing the review, you may know a few advantages and disadvantages of ProWritingAid so far. Below are a few pros and cons that we find about the tool. 


  • The pricing plans are affordable for students and writers on a budget. 
  • Excellent reports that help you improve as a writer over time. 
  • Plenty of support features from the experts globally. 
  • Accurate and reliable grammar checker. 
  • Integrates seamlessly with almost every browser and writing application. 


  • No mobile app: As a writer, you can get creative thoughts anywhere. So, we also utilize our mobile to write sometimes when the laptop is not accessible. In such a situation, having no mobile application of ProWritingAid can make checking the content complex. 
  • Additional cost for plagiarism check after 60 reports: If you are someone with regular or bulk writing work, you will have to spend extra money for a plagiarism checker report. 

How Does ProWritingAid Compare to Other Editors?

Below we have compared ProWritingAid with other editors to make the comparison and pick easier for you. 

Free versionYesYesYesYesYes
Reports23 total reportsSuggestion reports4 reportsAdditional insights and suggestionsSuggestions
IntegrationsSafari, Docs, Firefox, Chrome, MS Word, Edge, Scrivener. MS Word, Docs, Safari, Edge, Firefox. SafariChromeGoogle DocsSafariChromeFirefoxEdge ChromeSafariFirefox
Plagiarism checkerYesYesNoNoNo
Mobile appNoYesYesYes
Online editorYesYesYesYesYes
Best forAll types of writers and students with the best writing assistance.Students and writers for the short term. Students and beginners who need help with their short content. For copywritersBusiness and corporate writers who want to write emails and reports. 

Is ProWritingAid Worth It?

After using ProWritingAid for years, we love how easy it has been to check our content. Besides, one of the best things about ProWritingAid is that it stands beyond a typical online writing tool. Over the years, it has dramatically enhanced our writing style and helped us learn more about errors. 

For upcoming writers, students, and professionals, ProWritingAid is worth it! Whether you want to use it for your short social media posts or need to check your blogs that you are working for a client, ProWritingAid would be the best writing assistant! 

Final Thoughts: ProWritingAid Review (2023)

Now that we have ended our ProWritingAid review, we believe it is underrated, and anyone interested in learning and improving their skill should opt for ProWritingAid. 

Although there are a few areas where it needs to be improved, it stays in cut-throat competition with other writing tools online. However, what works for one person may not work for every user worldwide. So, in the end, give ProWritingAid a try and check all the excellent features yourself to understand how well it works for you! 

We hope our review helped you understand all the aspects of ProWritingAid. Over to you. What is your experience with ProWritingAid? Let us know in the comment section below!

FAQs On ProWritingAid

Is ProWritingAid better than other online tools?

ProWritingAid has its perks, and so do other online editors. However, compared with others, it has a slight edge due to its various features. 

Does ProWritingAid offer any discount?

While the tool is affordable, it still offers a 20% student discount to make it easier for students and aspiring future writers! If you are a student, you can grab up to a 20% discount on the premium version. 

Who is ProWritingAid best for?

ProWritingAid is suitable for bloggers, writers, business professionals, and students. 

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