Are you a fan of ChatGPT, the popular AI chatbot that has been making waves in the tech world?

Do you want to take your ChatGPT experience to the next level and make it even more powerful and convenient? Well, look no further!

We have compiled a list of the best ChatGPT Chrome extensions for 2023 that will supercharge your interactions with this amazing chatbot.

Get ready to unleash the full potential of ChatGPT with these cutting-edge extensions that will revolutionize your online conversations like never before!

Best ChatGPT Chrome Extensions – in nutshell

Here are the top 11 best ChatGPT Chrome Extensions in 2023:

Extension NameDescription
AIPRM for ChatGPTAdds curated prompt templates for SEO, SaaS, and more to enhance website’s SEO
ChatGPT for GoogleAllows ChatGPT to be always available on Google search engine results
ChatGPT Writer – Write Mail and Messages with AIEnables ChatGPT to write emails and messages on websites
WebChatGPTProvides access to contemporary news and information on the web for ChatGPT
Merlin – OpenAI ChatGPT Powered AssistantWorks across the browser on any webpage, similar to ChatGPT for Google
ChatGPT Prompt GeniusAllows exploration, sharing, importing, and using of prompts to enhance ChatGPT’s features
TweetGPTCombines ChatGPT with Twitter, allowing tweeting and replying with the AI chatbot

Note: To operate these extensions, you may need to log in to OpenAI and follow the extension’s instructions for usage.

What are the Best ChatGPT Chrome Extensions?

1. AIPRM for ChatGPT: Elevate Your SEO Game!

If you’re looking to boost your website’s search engine optimization (SEO) with ChatGPT, AIPRM for ChatGPT is a must-have extension. With a curated list of prompt templates for SaaS, SEO, and more, this extension makes it a breeze to optimize your website’s content. From keyword intent and link building to content generation, AIPRM for ChatGPT simplifies the process with just one click. Say goodbye to the tedious task of manual SEO and let ChatGPT take your website’s SEO game to new heights!

2. ChatGPT for Google: Chat Anytime, Anywhere!

If you’ve used ChatGPT before, you know that it’s limited to a single browser tab. But with ChatGPT for Google, you can keep the chatbot always available, even when you’re browsing the web. This nifty extension solves the problem by allowing ChatGPT to be accessible alongside Google search results. Simply log in to OpenAI using the extension, and you’re good to go. Now you can chat with ChatGPT anytime, anywhere, without having to switch tabs!

3. ChatGPT Writer – Write Mail and Messages with AI

Are you tired of typing out long emails and messages? ChatGPT Writer is here to save the day! This extension allows you to write emails and messages with the help of AI.

To use this extension, simply log in to OpenAI and open the extension. Then, add the content for the email or message that you want to write. The platform will prompt you to provide input, and once you do, the extension will quickly generate a response.

But that’s not all. You can also use this extension to talk to ChatGPT itself. It’s a self-reliant extension that doesn’t require any additional software or tools. Overall, ChatGPT Writer is a must-have extension for anyone who wants to save time and effort in their communication.

4. WebChatGPT

ChatGPT’s knowledge is limited to 2021 data, which means that it may not be able to provide you with the latest news and information. That’s where WebChatGPT comes in.

This extension helps expand the bot’s capabilities by providing access to the latest data and information. It scours the web for relevant results and assembles them in a user-friendly format. With WebChatGPT, you’ll have access to a wider range of data and information, making it one of the best ChatGPT Chrome extensions on the market.

5. Merlin – OpenAI ChatGPT Powered Assistant

Looking for a ChatGPT Chrome extension that goes beyond the usual Google extension? Enter Merlin – OpenAI’s powered assistant! This extension takes ChatGPT to a whole new level by allowing it to operate across your entire browser, on any webpage. Simply use the shortcut CTRL or CMD + M (for Mac users), and start typing your query in the search engine. Within seconds, Merlin will respond with its trademark wit and charm, leaving you amazed and entertained by its clever responses.

6. ChatGPT-prompt-genius-

Take your ChatGPT conversations to genius levels with ChatGPT Prompt Genius – the ultimate Chrome extension for exploring, sharing, importing, and using the best prompts. With ChatGPT Prompt Genius, you can unlock a treasure trove of prompts that will make your interactions with ChatGPT even more hilarious and entertaining. Simply click on the extension in your Chrome, and you’ll be taken to a page filled with a variety of prompts. Choose your favorites, sort them by category, and then watch the magic happen as ChatGPT responds to your inputs with genius-level humor.

7. TweetGPT – Combining ChatGPT with Twitter Fun!

If you’re a social media enthusiast, then this extension is a game-changer for you. With TweetGPT, you can now tweet and reply using ChatGPT! Once you install the extension, a cute robot icon with the label “New Tweet” will appear on your screen, inviting you to an exciting world of AI-powered tweeting. Click on the icon, choose your desired mood for the tweet – be it excited, smart, funny, or something else – and watch ChatGPT generate the perfect tweet for you. Get ready to impress your followers with witty and creative tweets that will leave them wondering how you came up with such brilliant ideas!

8. Summarize – The Shortcut to Content Summarization

Long-form content can sometimes be overwhelming, but Summarize is here to rescue you. This Chrome extension, powered by OpenAI’s GPT, provides a concise summary of any article or content without you having to visit the ChatGPT website. Simply open any content, whether it’s an article, blog post, email, or any other website, and click on the Summarize extension. It will send a request to ChatGPT, and within seconds, you’ll have a neatly summarized version of the content at your fingertips. Say goodbye to information overload and hello to quick and efficient content consumption!

9. YouTube Summary with ChatGPT

We all know the struggle of spending hours searching for the perfect YouTube video, only to find that it’s not exactly what we were looking for. Enter the YouTube Summary with ChatGPT extension! This handy tool provides a summary box right next to the video, and with a simple tap, you can get the transcript of the entire video. But wait, there’s more! With ChatGPT integration, you can now easily summarize the video using AI and get a quick summary, saving you precious time and effort. Say goodbye to tedious video searching and hello to an efficient and fun browsing experience with ChatGPT and YouTube Summary extension!

10. Promptheus – Converse with ChatGPT

Do you ever wish you could interact with ChatGPT using just your voice, like you do with Google Assistant or Siri? Well, now you can, thanks to the Promptheus extension! This nifty tool adds voice assistant functionality to ChatGPT, making your conversations even more dynamic and engaging. Simply install the Promptheus extension and hold the spacebar to activate it. Now you can command and interact with ChatGPT using your voice, making your conversations more intuitive and hands-free. It’s like having your very own AI-powered personal assistant at your fingertips!

11. Fancy GPT

Fancy GPT is a Chrome extension designed to add a touch of style and creativity to your ChatGPT conversations. It offers a range of design elements that you can use to enhance your conversations with ChatGPT bots. Currently, the extension features neon and sketch styles, but there may be more styles added in the future.

What Can You Do With Fancy GPT?

Fancy GPT allows you to do a number of things with your ChatGPT conversations. For example, you can highlight important segments of the conversation or cover SVG path images. You can also change the art style of the conversation, remove certain texts, and highlight specific responses.

How to Use Fancy GPT?

Using Fancy GPT is simple and straightforward. Once you have had a conversation with a ChatGPT bot, simply click on the extension and it will navigate you to a new page where you can see the entire conversation in a new UI. From there, you can use the various design elements to customize the conversation and export it to an image or PDF.

Why Use Fancy GPT?

There are many reasons why you might want to use Fancy GPT. For one thing, it can make your ChatGPT conversations more visually appealing and engaging. It can also help you to highlight important information and organize your conversations more effectively. Additionally, exporting conversations to an image or PDF can be useful for sharing information with others or keeping a record of important conversations.

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