Canva Coupon Code 2023 (23% Discount Offer)

Congratulations! You have unlocked your Canva Coupon Code with a 23% discount

Canva, being one of the most powerful graphic designing tools, you may wonder if there is a reliable Canva coupon code to help you save your money? Well, the answer is YES! 

In this article, we will help you unlock the massive Canva discount code. We have also covered a step-by-step guide on redeeming your 23% discount, along with other details. So, are you eager to grab the Canva discount? 

Well, let’s dig in! 

Current Canva Discount Coupon (2023) 

Currently, Canva is offering a massive discount of 23-28% on its annual subscription. When you opt for the yearly subscription for Canva pro, you unlock a huge price drop! Besides just the discount, you get a FREE TRIAL OF 30 DAYS! So, before you make your purchase, you will be given a 30-day free trial + 23-28% discount! 

Note that the discount available increases as your team member count increases. This means that the higher your team members, the higher you can save with the annual plans! 

One of the best parts about our exclusive Canva discount code is that you don’t need to enter any coupon code manually. Instead, the discount code will automatically be embedded when you purchase. So, wave goodbye to hassle and claim your discount quickly! 

Below are the pricing differences before and after using our exclusive Canva coupon code. 

Canva Pro Before the DiscountCanva Pro After DiscountNumber of Team MembersDiscount
$155.88 per year$119.99 per year1-523%
$575.88 per year$419.99 per year1027%
$1,835.88 per year$1,319.99 per year2528%
$3,935.88 per year$2,819.99 per year5028%

Note: The discount is available on all the premium plans, irrespective of the number of people in your team. Additionally, the pricing mentioned below is for 1-5 people. The pricing will increase according to the number of people on your team, but you still get to avail of the annual discount. 

How to Redeem Canva Coupon Code? (Step By Step)

Now that you have access to our exclusive Canva coupon code claiming your discount is just a few steps away! Follow our step-by-step guide to redeem your discount. 

Step #1: Click on our Canva coupon code discount link HERE. You will now be redirected to the pricing section of Canva Pro. 

Step #2: Choose the number of team members at the top section. 

Step #3: Click on ‘Try for free for 30 days.’ 

Step #4: Now, Login or Sign Up using your Gmail account, Facebook, or email. 

Step #5: Tap the 12-month option and click on the ‘Next’ option at the bottom. Over here, the discounted price will already be mentioned. 

Step #6: Enter your card details as asked on your screen. Once done, tap on ‘Get Canva Pro.’

Congratulations! Your Canva Coupon code is now redeemed! 

Canva Pricing: Explained! 

Canva Pro has straightforward pricing plans. You can choose either a monthly or yearly plan. Depending on the team members, the pricing increases. Below is a clear pricing structure of Canva pro. 

Take a look at the table below to understand the pricing of Canva Pro. 

Team MembersMonthlyAnnual 

We recommend going for the annual subscription as you can save up to 28% on the annual subscription, especially when you go with our Canva discount link! 

Canva Free vs Pro: Differences! 

Canva has been a go-to platform for students and professionals. From designers to students, people use Canva for their social media posts, posters, picture edits, video editings, graphic designing, and more! Many of us have used the free version for our day-to-day activities, but do you know the premium version is the real deal? 

Canva Pro offers exceptional endless features to take your work to the next level. Below we have distinguished the differences between Canva Free vs Pro, so you can decide whether it is worth paying or not! 

FeaturesCanva FreeCanva Pro
Ready-to-use templates250,000+ 610,000+ 
Premium stock photosLimited100 million+ 
videos, audios, and graphicsNoYes
Cloud storage5 GB100 GB
Scheduling for social mediaNoYes, for 8 platforms.
Background removerNoYes
Template saving optionNoYes
Magic resizeNoYes
Animations ProNoYes

Is Canva Pro Worth Trying?

Definitely! Canva Pro is worth trying if you are into designing. The free version helps create all the day-to-day graphics, but if you are a professional or a designer, Canva Pro is the ideal choice. From handling your team and working with one account to creating engaging graphics for your posts, Canva Pro has it all! 

Over the years, many graphic designers have chosen Canva Pro as their ideal tool with tons of exceptional functionalities. 

The Canva Pro is perfect for anyone who is: 

  • A professional graphic designer. 
  • Beginner in the designing field. 
  • Students. 
  • Professionals. 
  • Social media managers. 
  • Content managers. 
  • Writers. 

Besides all the features, you can quickly grab the best designing tool at a discounted price with the code mentioned above. 

Final Thoughts

Undoubtedly, Canva Pro is a reliable tool that caters to everyone’s needs. Since the pro version can be expensive for some users, our Canva coupon code mentioned above can help you save plenty of dollars along with a free trial! 

Note that the discount is available only for a limited period. So, make sure you grab the discount before it expires! 

We hope our Canva Coupon code helped you get the maximum discount. We keep our content updated with the latest Canva coupon codes and discounts. So, keep checking our page for all the latest offers and exclusive deals!

FAQs On Canva Coupon

How much can I save with the Canva coupon code?

You can save up to 28% with the current Canva coupon code on the annual subscriptions. Additionally, you also get a 30-day free trial with all the plans.

When does the Canva coupon code expire?

Currently, there is no specific expiration date for the Canva coupon code. However, we have noticed that the discounts and coupons do not last forever. So, make sure to get the discount before it expires!

Does Canva offer a refund policy?

Yes! You can claim a full refund within the first 30 days of your subscription.

Why is my Canva coupon code not working?

If you head to our discount link and cannot see the discount code, there are chances that the discount may have expired. However, we update our content with all the latest discounts. So, make sure you recheck our website.

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