As an experienced content creator, I know the importance of originality in writing.

But with the rise of AI tools like ChatGPT, Bard AI, Bing, and more, it’s become crucial to have reliable plagiarism detection tools to ensure that the content we create is truly unique.

So, in this blog post, I’m going to share with you the 7 best plagiarism checkers specifically designed for ChatGPT and other AI-generated content.

Let’s dive in and have some fun!

Best Plagiarism Checkers to Detect ChatGPT-Generated Content

Best Plagiarism Checkers to Detect ChatGPT-Generated Content:

  1. OpenAI’s AI Text Classifier: Free plagiarism detector that distinguishes between human-generated and AI-developed content with percentage-based judgments.
  2. Originality AI: Paid plagiarism detector with a user-friendly interface that detects duplicate texts and automated content.
  3. GPTZero: Free plagiarism detector used by educators to identify over 98% of ChatGPT-developed content, providing Average Perplexity and burstiness scores.
  4. Plagibot: Reliable plagiarism checker that uses AI and deep web-search techniques to scan texts from web pages and provides a downloadable report. Offers free detection for up to 2000 words/month, with paid plans starting from $10/month.
  5. Content at Scale: Free AI content platform with a plagiarism detector trained on billions of pages, delivering results in predictability, probability, and pattern aspects.
  6. AI-powered plagiarism detector and content generator for writers and authors. Identifies 30% of human production and offers paid plans for team and enterprise use.
  7. Bard AI: AI-powered plagiarism checker with features like contextual checks, paraphrasing detection, and more. Pricing information not provided.

What are the Best Plagiarism Checkers to Detect ChatGPT-Generated Content?

1. OpenAI’s AI Text Classifier – The Ultimate Plagiarism Detective

When it comes to detecting AI-generated content, OpenAI’s AI Text Classifier is the ultimate Sherlock Holmes of plagiarism detection.

This cutting-edge tool is specifically designed to differentiate between human-generated and AI-developed content, making it one of the best plagiarism detectors in the market.

The AI Text Classifier uses a fine-tuned GPT to analyze the likelihood of a text being AI-developed, including texts generated by ChatGPT.

It displays its judgment in percentage form, although it can be a bit quirky at times. For example, instead of showing the actual percentage, it labels its detection as “Very Unlikely” (less than 10%), “Unlikely” (10%-45% probability), “Unclear” (45%-90%), “Possibly” (90%-98%), and “Likely” (above 98%).

But regardless of the percentages, this tool is known for its reliability and accuracy in detecting AI-generated content.


The best part is, AI Text Classifier is absolutely free to use, so you can start detecting plagiarism in your ChatGPT-generated content without breaking the bank!

2. Originality AI – User-Friendly and Powerful

Another top contender in the realm of plagiarism detection is Originality AI.

This user-friendly tool is widely used by content creators for its simplicity and effectiveness in detecting duplicate texts, automated content, and more.

Using Originality AI is a breeze. Simply paste your text into the analyzer, and within seconds, you’ll get your results.

But what’s even cooler is that you can also provide the website’s address to detect plagiarism from online sources, making it a versatile tool for all your content needs.


Originality AI is a paid plagiarism detector, but it won’t break the bank. It costs just $0.01 per credit, with one credit equivalent to 100 words.

So, you can keep your content original without burning a hole in your pocket!

3. GPTZero – The ChatGPT Buster Extraordinaire

Let’s start with a bang, shall we? GPTZero is the ultimate plagiarism detector that can spot ChatGPT-generated content with a whopping 98% accuracy!

This bad boy is a favorite among educators who want to make sure their students aren’t taking shortcuts with AI chatbots.

But wait, there’s more! GPTZero doesn’t just stop at identifying duplicate content. It goes the extra mile with two mind-blowing measurements: the Average Perplexity score and the burstiness score.

It’s like having a superhero sidekick that helps you unravel the mysteries of plagiarism!


And the best part? GPTZero is absolutely free! Yup, you heard that right. You can unleash its plagiarism-busting powers without spending a dime. Talk about a steal!

4. Plagibot – The Copycat Terminator

Next up on our hit list is Plagibot – the ultimate weapon against plagiarized content. This trusty tool uses AI and deep web-search techniques to scan texts from all over the web in seconds.

Just paste your content in the text box, hit search, and let the magic happen!

But that’s not all, folks! Plagibot also lets you download a comprehensive report with the results, so you can shame those copycats with hard evidence.

It’s like having a personal detective that sniffs out plagiarism!


Now, here’s the icing on the cake. Plagibot offers free plagiarism detection for up to 2000 words a month.

But if you need more firepower, you can upgrade to a paid plan starting from just $10/month. It’s a small price to pay for catching those sneaky thieves!

5. Content at Scale: Your AI Doctor for Plagiarism Busting

When it comes to catching plagiarized content, Content at Scale is the ultimate AI doctor. This content platform has been trained on billions of pages and data, making it a pro at sniffing out duplicate texts.

Just paste your content in the “Check for AI content” box, and let the magic happens in seconds!

With Content at Scale, you’ll get results that are out of this world.

It delivers predictions, probabilities, and patterns to help you spot plagiarism with higher accuracy. Plus, it’s free to use, so you can bust those copycats without breaking the bank!

6. Your Trusty AI Sidekick for Plagiarism Busting is another AI-powered plagiarism detector that’s perfect for writers and authors.

But wait, there’s more! is not just about catching plagiarism, it’s also an AI content generator. Talk about a multitasking tool! may not be as effective as Content at Scale when it comes to identifying human production, but it’s a pro at sniffing out AI-generated texts. It’s like having a trusty sidekick in your arsenal to bust those sneaky plagiarists!

Pricing Made Easy-Peasy

When it comes to pricing, both Content at Scale and have options that won’t break the bank. Content at Scale’s AI doctor is free to use, so you can start busting plagiarists right away without spending a dime.

As for, it offers two paid plans: the Team plan for $18 per month per user (perfect for small teams of 1-5 people), and the Enterprise plan for larger teams with custom pricing. So, you can choose the plan that fits your needs and budget!

In Conclusion: Bust Plagiarism Like a Pro!

Plagiarism can be a sneaky enemy, but with the right tools like Content at Scale and, you can bust it like a pro!

These AI-powered plagiarism checkers are your secret weapons to detect duplicate content, even when AI tools like ChatGPT have rearranged the words.

With their predictions, probabilities, and patterns, you can ensure the originality of your texts and avoid falling into the copycat trap. So, go ahead, use these plagiarism checkers, and keep your content original and bursty! Happy plagiarism busting, my fellow content creators!

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