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If you’ve ever wished for more control over your website’s design, Framer might be your answer. Framer offers sophisticated customization options that will let you get the exact look and feel you want for your portfolio, personal website or e-commerce store—without coding.

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What are the Best Business Framer templates?

Here’s my top picks for Best Business Framer Templates this year:

  1. Sitemark – Dark Startup Template
  2. Supply – Sell digital products
  3. Simpl – The Framer template for restaurants
  4. Boost – Responsive Website Templates
  5. Seaside Vista – Hotel Template

1. Sitemark — Dark Startup Template

Showcase your startup with this dark, powerful, sleek template. It has everything you need to bring your company into the spotlight.

Need a Dark and Powerful Startup Template? Look No Further!

If you’re looking for a template that’s as dark and mysterious as your startup idea, then Sitemark’s dark startup template is just what you need!

With its sleek and powerful design, it’s the perfect way to showcase your business and make it stand out from the rest.

The Perfect Choice for Startups

Our template has everything you need to make a strong first impression, from modern and sleek fonts to eye-catching graphics and animations.

Plus, it’s designed to be easy to use and customize, so you can make it truly your own.

Bring Your Company into the Spotlight

With our template, you’ll be able to create a professional-looking website that will help you shine a spotlight on your business and attract attention from potential customers and investors.

Whether you’re just starting out or looking to take your business to the next level, our dark and powerful template is the perfect choice.

Why Choose Sitemark?

Preview our template, purchase it for only $49, and get ready to make a lasting impression on your audience! With Sitemark, you’ll have access to a range of features that will help you create a stunning website that truly reflects your startup’s unique vision and mission.

So, what are you waiting for? Click that purchase button and get ready to take your business to the next level with Sitemark’s dark startup template!

2. Supply — Sell digital products

Sell digital products directly in Framer powered by Lemon Squeezy with this Framer template.

Supply was built with the intention to help designers, creatives and marketers to sell within Framer through a custom eCommerce solution powered by Lemonsqueezy, which offers the best user experience for checkout.

It’s pixel-perfect layout and minimalist style offers you a very high quality Framer template which will last for a long time. Thanks to the fast hosting, your visitors will experience a fast, seamless and fun shopping experience.

Revolutionize Your Digital Sales Game with Supply Framer Template

Meet Cédric Moore, the Genius Behind Supply Framer Template

Are you tired of the same old boring digital sales experience? Do you want to take your online business to the next level? Look no further, my friends! Cédric Moore, the mastermind behind Supply Framer Template, has got you covered!

The Lowdown on Supply Framer Template

Supply Framer Template is the ultimate e-commerce solution for designers, creatives, and marketers who want to sell their digital products directly in Framer. This powerful template is built with one goal in mind: to make your life easier and your online business more successful.

Why Choose Supply Framer Template?

With its user-friendly and innovative checkout system powered by Lemon Squeezy, Supply Framer Template takes the hassle out of selling digital products. Our pixel-perfect layout and minimalist style ensure that your online store remains visually appealing and relevant for years to come.

Fast Hosting = Happy Customers

Thanks to our lightning-fast hosting capabilities, your visitors will enjoy a seamless, efficient, and fun shopping experience. No more slow-loading pages or frustrating checkouts!

Elevate Your Sales Game with Supply Framer Template

Are you ready to take the leap and revolutionize your online business? Check out our preview and purchase Supply Framer Template for only $99. With our back and next arrows, you can navigate your way to a more successful future.

3. Simpl — The Framer template for restaurants

Simpl is the perfect Framer template for you to elevate your restaurant or food & beverage brand and deliver a rich digital experience to your customers.

It comes with 8 pages including 2 home options, Menu (easily editable via the CMS), About, Gallery, Reserve, and more.

It’s been thoughtfully designed with elegant animations and unique layouts tailored to every device size.

Introducing Simpl — The Framer Template That’ll Take Your Restaurant to the Next Level!

Are you tired of your restaurant’s website looking like it’s from the early 2000s? Look no further than Simpl, the perfect Framer template to give your eatery a digital facelift and wow your customers.

With eight pages of pure restaurant goodness, including two home options, a customizable menu, an about section, a gallery, and even a contact page, Simpl has got you covered. And did we mention the elegant animations and unique layouts that work seamlessly across all device sizes?

Check it out for yourself with our easy-to-use preview feature, and for just $25, you can have your own beautiful and responsive restaurant website up and running in no time. Plus, with integrations like OpenTable for reservations, MailChimp for newsletter email capture, and FormSpark for the contact form, building your restaurant empire has never been easier.

But wait, there’s more! Simpl makes it a breeze to swap out your brand elements with text styles, color constants, and components that reflect your unique identity. And if that’s not enough, updating your menus has never been simpler with the CMS integration.

Don’t believe us? Just take a look at how Simpl Things ( utilized this template to make their restaurant stand out from the crowd.

So what are you waiting for? Grab Simpl today and watch your restaurant soar to new heights!

4. Boost – Responsive Website Templates

Boost is a collection of fully responsive website templates that are ready for production.

You can use pre-built sections to quickly assemble pages from various categories and you can customize everything to your business’s needs.

Boost Your Web Presence with Boost

Are you tired of having a boring, unresponsive website that doesn’t showcase your business’s full potential? Say hello to Boost – a collection of fully responsive website templates that will take your online presence to the next level.

Preview and Customize Your Way to Success

Preview your website’s potential with the click of a button. With over 20 ready-to-publish pages, various themes, and customizable sections, it’s never been easier to create a website that fits your business’s needs. The back arrow and next arrow make it easy to navigate through the templates and choose the perfect one for your project.

Reuse, Recycle, Reinvent

Don’t waste time reinventing the wheel. Boost’s reusable content sections and design components make it easy to mix and match different pieces to create unique experiences. With shared styling features, you can customize your website’s color palette and typography with just a few clicks.

Get Animated

Stand out with Boost’s beautiful animations and scroll-based effects. From stunning scroll animations to customizable transition curves, your website will be anything but boring.

Integrated for Success

Integrate your website with powerful plugins that link to 3rd party services, such as Google Maps and Mailchimp. Plus, Boost is powered by the built-in CMS in Framer, making it easy to start your own CMS blog with just a few clicks.

The Possibilities are Endless

Whether you’re a small business owner or an open-source enthusiast, Boost has something for everyone. With 25+ landing pages, 60+ sections, and 50+ design components, you’ll have everything you need to create a website that represents your brand.

Highlights that Make a Difference

From a fully functional full-screen overlay video player to working contact and newsletter forms, Boost has all the features you need to succeed. Plus, with a modular, dynamic accordion and an animated testimonial carousel, your website will be anything but ordinary.

5. Seaside Vista — Hotel Template

Experience the ultimate in luxury and comfort with our premium hotel website template.

Our customizable design showcases your hotel’s amenities, room options, and nearby attractions.

Seaside Vista — Hotel Template: The Only Thing Missing Is You!

Looking for a hotel website that screams luxury and comfort? Look no further! Introducing the Seaside Vista – Hotel Template, where we’ve got all your needs covered!

BlakStdio: Our Secret Ingredient!

Our secret ingredient for the ultimate hotel experience is BlakStdio! We’ve got the perfect blend of luxury and comfort, just like a fine wine!

Experience the Ultimate in Luxury and Comfort!

At Seaside Vista, we offer the ultimate in luxury and comfort. Our premium hotel website template showcases everything your hotel has to offer, from top-notch amenities to amazing room options and nearby attractions!

Get a Sneak Peek with Our Preview Feature!

Want to take a peek before you buy? No problem! With our preview feature, you can see exactly what you’re getting before you make a purchase.

Purchase for Only $20! What a Steal!

Don’t miss out on this amazing deal! For just $20, you can have access to the Seaside Vista – Hotel Template and all its customizable design features!

Ready, Set, Go! Start Building with Our Pre-built Components!

Ready to start building your dream hotel website? Our pre-built components, pages, and style guide make it easy to create your own unique layouts!

Take Your Website to the Next Level with Framer’s CMS!

Want even more power for your website? Look no further than Framer’s CMS! With our template and Framer’s CMS, you’ll have the ultimate hotel website in no time!

So what are you waiting for? Get started with Seaside Vista – Hotel Template today!

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