Beautiful Examples of Wix Websites 2023

Look into a list of creative Wix websites from real businesses. Each website has something unique to Learn From when creating your stunning Wix business website

Having a website is one of the best things you can do for your business. Among other website builders, Wix is one of the most popular among creatives and professionals. There are lots of Wix websites out there but not everyone can boast of having a stunning website.

Creating an attractive website for your business can be very daunting, especially if you have no idea of what you are doing.  This is why people are ready to pay heavily for a specially designed website.

Fortunately, there are powerful website builders available and Wix is topping the chart.

In this detailed article, we look into various creative and unique websites (owned by real people and organizations) with something to learn from them.

Let’s begin!

1. Pei Jung

A Graphic Design Wix Website With Creative Animation Features

Pei Jung is an artist with a deep love for her Taiwanese culture. She has a BFA in Graphic Design and is a graduate of Maryland Institute College of Art. Her designs are unique.

What to Learn From This Website 

Pei Jung’s website is unusual – not like the regular artist website. She uses fun animations to make her website look interesting. 

From seeing the cool animation on the website to the simple yet casual description of herself, you can guess her personality. To add to the creativity of the website, Pei Jung used the hamburger menu icon.

For an artistic website, be creative. Let your website fascinate your online visitors from the start. Don’t be afraid to use animations. It lightens the mood of the website and makes it fun to watch. Animation gives your website a less complicated and boring look.

2. SoFlo Cake and Candy Expo

Beautiful Example Of A Wix Website With Vibrant And Attractive Features

SoFlo Cake and Candy Expo is one of the most active and engaging events for cake and candy professionals and enthusiasts. It is an avenue for cake bakers, candy makers, and those interested in the industry to meet, network, and show what they have. 

What to Learn From This Website

Both vendors and suppliers are qualified to partake in the event. This event is hosted by Melanie Richard and Natasha O’Connor 

The website has a unique design and it uses light and vibrant colors to highlight the sweet nature of the event. It is all about cake and candy. 

The color and design make the website full of life, especially as it uses videos. When designing your website, use vibrant colors to make it look more attractive (this is very important if you have a bakery website). 

Colors are one thing you should never underrate when it comes to color design. An attractive website pulls more customers.

3. Meria Ogawa

An Excellent Wix Website Example With A Well-detailed About Page

Meria Ogawa is a visual designer, based in Los Angeles, California. Her works are brilliant and unique. 

What to Learn From This Website

Her website has a brilliant “About” page. Just like any employer, when potential clients go through your “about” page, they want to see specific information that would help tell them you are a good fit. The most important information needed is your work experience level, past work samples, contact information, educational level (in your field of expertise). 

Don’t overcrowd your “About” page. Your online visitors want to know about you and why you are worth choosing for any project. Don’t tell them your life story, instead highlight the important things that would help boost your chances of more visibility and credibility.

4. Linda Franzosi 

A Creative Wix Website Example With An Organized Homepage

Linda Franzosi is a storyteller and a design strategist. She is also a creative editor and has worked in different fields. 

What to Learn From This Website 

Linda has a well-detailed homepage. You can view her entire website in just one scroll. It makes it easier for online visitors to see what she is about. People don’t want to spend time trying to figure out what your website is about. 

What attracts people more is your ability to go straight to the point. Have a homepage that already explains what your website contains. If the visitors are interested, they can now begin to navigate through to find out more information. 

But be very careful not to make your homepage look overcrowded. The best thing to do is to include teasers of other sections on your homepage. Like Linda, you will be saving your online visitors a lot of time because they can easily head straight to the content they really want to see.

5. Noni Ceramica

An Example Of Very Mobile-friendly Wix Website

Noni Ceramica is a brand that deals with handcrafted ceramics. Though unique, every piece compliments each other. Each piece is handcrafted and designed to perfection. Fernanda (also known as Noni) is the owner of the Noni Ceramica brand. 

What to Learn From This Website 

Noni’s mobile website is very user-friendly. Most websites usually focus on giving the best experience on PCs. This is quite limiting because about 57% of internet users in the world access the internet via mobile phones.

Giving your online a great mobile user experience makes them feel involved. If you design your website for only desktop usability, then you are on the wrong path. You do not know the number of visitors you have chased away. There is a huge probability that these visitors will never come back nor will they recommend your website to everyone. 

When designing your website, always ensure that the desktop experience is similar to the mobile experience. The content on the website should be fast to load, clear, and easy to navigate.

6. Oli Dillon

Best Graphic Design Wix Website With Convincing Content

Oli Dillon is a very talented freelance graphic designer. He uses his website as an online resume to convince thousands of people of his talent. 

What to Learn From This Website 

His website is amazing. As a graphic designer, he let his website reflect his creativity with the use of large color blocks and illustrations. 

He also tells his online visitors what he can do for them. This is more like marketing himself. In a step-by-step format, Oli clearly explains how he operates. 

This is a very smart move, especially since the goal is to attract more clients and gain their trust. Transparency doesn’t hurt. Instead, it helps your online visitors understand you and your work policies more. 

Don’t be afraid to walk your online visitors through the process of how you operate. This gives them a clearer picture of what to expect when they work with you. 

Oli literally gives his potential clients enough reasons why they should work with him. He knows that there are many other freelance graphic designers out there, so he just had to show clients that he is the best choice among them all.

7. Rafael Varona

Best Wix Art Director Website 

Rafael Varona is an illustrator, animator, and art director. Having studied at the University of Arts in Berlin, he is based in Berlin. Rafael specializes in Motion Design and complex animated loops. He has a strong list of past clients – from Pepsi to Adobe, Porchester, Snapchat, and Google (among others). 

What to Learn From This Website 

Rafael uses a video animation on his homepage. The video is artistic and engaging.  The website combines static and dynamic projects. 

Using video animation helps generate more engagement on your website and reduces your bounce rate. This is because you are showing your creative skills with video animation. As an artist, your primary goal is to showcase your skills in the best and most fascinating ways possible.

8. Evolve Clothing

Best Example Of An Wix Online Store

Evolve Clothing is an online clothing store that offers both men’s and women’s fashion. As the store was founded by Mark and J.P, it is a family-owned business. 

What to Learn From This Website 

Evolve Clothing’s website is powerful as an online store. It shows everything the store offers (and adds some personality too). The website is well-organized with different options to choose from. It is very easy to find what you are looking for. 

Another great feature to learn is that the website has a great testimonial section. On the “About Us” page, you can see over 1000 reviews from past clients and collaborators. You can also see their various awards boldly displayed. 

Have you ever tried to download an app but wanted to see what others are saying about the app? The reason is that you need to be sure you are not making the worst decision by wasting your time. If the reviews are positive, you won’t waste time downloading it. This is the power of reviews. It is a consumer psychology marketers use to impress clients.

The beauty of clients’ testimonials is that you can include as many as you want. Reviews help build trust. You have a higher chance of earning the trust of your online visitors. Positive reviews are proof that real people have encountered your products/services and they loved what they got. They are also proof that your online business is not a scam. 

Client reviews are like referrals. The more reviews you get, the more customers come to you and refer you too. Although you can include as many reviews as you want, your online visitors may not have the time to scroll through each one. So, put your best reviews – the ones that explain the best features of what you offer – first.

If the first five are convincing enough, then you have a higher chance of getting contact from potential clients.

9. Mane Ethical

Best Example Of A Hairdressing Salon Website With High-Quality Images

Mane Ethical is a hairdressing salon based in Australia. The salon was founded by Bronwyn Cassels, who is also the senior stylist. 

What to Learn From This Website

The stunning hairdressing website uses quality images that show the beauty of hair. The images on the website are bold, clear, and appealing. 

It also makes provision for online booking. This means that online visitors can easily book an appointment online. So you do not have to go there physically to book an appointment. 

Your website should ease the stress of your online visitors. After going through the content on your website, your visitors would want to contact you or book an appointment. This is when you should give your best user experience. Don’t forget to add CTAs too.

10. Jung Design 

Best Wix User-experience Website

Jung Design is an experienced UX/UI designer for Wix. He is based in NYC. Jung’s designing skills aren’t just limited to UIUX but also 2D, 3D, and graphic designing. 

What to Learn From This Website 

You can’t help but love the friendly way Jung greets his online visitors in different languages. He isn’t limiting his website to certain people but showing that he is welcoming people from different languages. 

With his casual introduction, Jung gives a light introduction about himself and what he does. Not surprisingly for a UX designer, Jung’s website gives a great user experience (including on mobile devices). 

The online portfolio is clear and simple. Although it uses just yellow and white colors, it still looks creative. It gives the website a spacious layout. There is the ease of reading the content. 

Your website should offer a great user website. It helps in the Google ranking. While Wix offers great templates, it is also advisable to get a professional UX designer to help with your website.

11. Fei Luo

Best Example Of A Simple Photography Website Made With Wix

Fei Luo is a talented Shanghai-based photographer. She is also known as Fish (this explains her logo design). Fei also focuses on Fashion and architecture. 

What to Learn From This Website 

One thing all successful photographers understand is the value of simplicity. Fei Luo understands this too and decided to implement it on her website. Too much content will distract the viewers from seeing the beauty of the photographs. You need a simple layout that highlights the photography works. 

Embracing simplicity helps you prioritize only the important things for your website.  In Fei’s case, the important things were samples of her works in her portfolio. This also makes her website a great online portfolio. 

Since Fei’s website focuses on simplicity, it is easy to navigate through the content. Too much content makes it difficult for your potential clients to see your best works. Whatever you do, especially if you have a photography website, ensure you embrace simplicity.

12. Bod Drinks

A Wix Website Website That Promotes Building A Community

Bod Drinks is a drink brand that sells real Kombucha and probiotic healthy drinks. The drinks aim to give the body the best natural nutrients and boost the immune system. 

What to Learn From This Website 

While the website is simple, it has a subtle color scheme and encourages its visitors to subscribe to the mailing list. On every page, there is a section (below) that tells visitors to subscribe. It is a good way to build up your email contact list and reach out to more people. 

But what makes the website stand out is that it allows you to join its team and connect with members. This is where you can get the best customer support. 

Visitors can sign up for their community forum where they get to connect with people, share thoughts and ideas, follow people, and share their profiles. Bod wants to grow its community of healthy people who take care of their bodies. 

The website also uses amazing product photography. The images are very bold and clear. Bold and clear images of your products make them very attractive. You could hire a professional food or product photographer to handle it for you. The goal is to look as attractive as possible.

13. In Gold We Trust

Best Example Of A Well-organized Wix Online Store

In Gold We Trust is a fashion line established by Eric Franzel in 2012. The fashion line focuses majorly on men’s style. The clothing store is located in Amsterdam, Netherlands. 

What to Learn From This Website

The website is one of the best examples of an online clothing store made with Wix. Not only does it offer multiple payment options but it also makes online shopping easy. The items are divided into sections (just like how it would be in a physical store) so it is easy for online visitors and shoppers to locate what they want. 

Simply put, if customers don’t find what they want to buy, they won’t buy them. If you are selling multiple products (or different categories of the same product), you should organize them into categories. This would be easier for your online visitors to add items to the cart. 

Another important thing to remember is the price. Always include the prices of each item. It helps your visitors make a decision. If a product is out of stock, don’t fail to update your website. It hurts to pay for something online only to find out that it is out of stock. 

Regularly update your website with the latest products and prices. Also, for great SEO practices, use keywords to describe your items or the categories. This will help Google rank your website higher.

14. Daniel Aristizabal

A Perfect Example Of A Creative Wix Website

Daniel Aristizabal is an art director and digital artist. His works span across the fields of fashion, entertainment, and arts. 

What to Learn From This Website

Daniel’s portfolio website is nothing short of creative. With a creative display of his past works, he invites people to have a look at his amazing world of art. The website has a black background which makes the artwork more interactive. From the organized full-page layout, vision can see a full overview of his works. 

For an art director, Daniel made sure that his website is a work of art, itself. Likewise, your website should be a reflection of what you do. This means that your website should have the same nature as what you do. 

Make sure your website is as interactive as possible. A flat boring website will only have a high bounce rate. When this happens, Google has no other choice but to lower your rankings.

15. Natalie Lete

Perfect Wix Website Example Of A Well-designed Layout

Natalie Lete is a very talented artist. Her works range from illustration to ceramics, painting, and textile.

What to Learn From This Website

Natalie’s website is very stunning indeed. She takes creativity to another level. Instead of the usual white (or black) background, she uses a sketchbook page as a background image. But it didn’t end there, Natalie designed her “History” page in the form of a scrapbook. For an artist website, it didn’t disappoint. Everything on the website is very impressive. 

Natalie uses beautiful icons to depict her love for nature. Just by looking at Natalie’s website, you can already tell that she is very talented in what she does. The creativity and attention to detail of her website increase interest. 

Your website is like a clean canvas. You can design it to what you want. How you design your website is how people will see you. You have the power to go all out in your creativity. However, it shouldn’t be too complex to understand. Wix offers various templates to help you with an idea of what to do. It is up to you to customize your template to suit your creativity. 

People are attracted by what they see, they judge you from what they see. Show them your best works.

16. Cuts & Bruises

A Wix Website With The Right Tone And Language For Its Target Audience

Cuts and Bruises is a neo-traditional barbershop and a parlor. The services rendered range from the basic haircut to beard trim, shaving products, men’s hair products, and general advice on men’s hair care. Cuts and Bruises is located in London. 

What to Learn From This Website

The images, language, and tone used in the website reflect the kind of target audience the barbershop caters to. The website uses some local slang that is easily understood by hip-hop junkies, trappers, 

While using general language is great, narrowing your language and tone to that of your target audience helps build a relationship. They feel connected to you and see you as one of them. This is recommended if you operate within a region or locality.

Your choice of words has a huge impact on how your online visitors see and relate to you. The tone on Cuts and Bruises’ website is casual, friendly, and edgy. Men (bring the primary target audience) with such personalities will instantly feel drawn to the barbershop. 

Feel free to use slang on your website. But use it sparingly. Using too much slang will distract non-locals from understanding what you mean.

17. Jennifer Lopez

A Wix Website With A Clear And Powerful CTA

Jennifer Lopez is a famous American actress, singer, and dancer. She is also the recipient of many awards. Jennifer Lopez,  also known as J.Lo, is a household name in America. 

What to Learn From This Website 

Through her website, Jennifer Lopez brings you into her amazing world of art. Her website showcases everything she is involved in – from her music to fragrance, projects, store, and latest movie project. 

The website contains all the latest information about Jennifer’s works. As a public figure with millions of fans over the world, Jennifer ensures that her website is updated with the latest information about her brand. 

There is a clear call to action that encourages online visitors to join the JLo fan club and get the latest update on exclusive news. Likewise, your call to action must be clear. Let your online visitors know what they stand to gain by taking an action you want them to take. 

Maybe you offer a free consultation to members of your online community, you can tell your online visitors to register and get a free weekly consultation. The offer is important. Let your visitors see why they should take that action

Another beautiful feature on Jennifer Lopez’s website is how she uses bold and beautiful images on the homepage. Jennifer is a brand (with more than a million fans around the world), people want to see her. So images of her are boldly displayed on the homepage. For someone with such high status, fans will be triggered to spend more time on the website.

18. Kunstrukt

A Wix Website With A Bold Logo Display For Personal Branding

Kunstrukt is an initiative established by an artist duo – Lone Eriksen and Deniz Ozlu. They are based in Copenhagen and Istanbul, respectively. This artist duo created Kunstrukt to help them develop creative projects and workshops. 

What to Learn From This Website

With all the amazing features of Kunstrukt’s website, the best one is the bold logo displayed on every page. Your logo is like your brand’s identity. It should be boldly displayed. It is a way of branding your company. 

Your logo shows your personality. It helps you stand out. For Krunstrukt, the simple logo design reflects the simplicity of the company. 

When designing your business website, it is very important to place your logo where your online visitors can easily see it. The more familiar they get with your logo, the more they can easily recognize you, and you are registered in their minds. 

It is best to ensure that your logo is consistent and appealing.

19. Roshini Kumar

A Perfect Example Of A Colorfully Daring Wix Website

Roshini Kumar is a fashion photographer and art activist. Her biggest passion is using her love for art to create awareness for different causes that affect society. 

What to Learn From This Website 

Roshini believes in being colorful and she is daring with it. This belief is what makes her amazing Wix website stand out. She uses a creative color scheme to show her unconventional personality. 

Colors are used to express intentions, draw attention, and create excitement. The colors you use on your website can impact how your online visitors will interpret how they see and relate to your content. 

The colors you choose should reflect your values and the nature of your business or brand. They also reflect the theme of your website. 

Also, Roshini uses her blog as a medium to relate to people of similar personalities and values. She uses a casual tone to air her thoughts and share her values.

20. Smart Diet

An Excellent Example Of A Single-page Wix Website

Smart Diet is a personalized science-based nutrition consultancy. It is owned by Christina Shevchenko, a certified health coach with over 9 years of service. Smart Diet aims to ensure that you get the right nutrition for your body. Christina is currently based in the Bay Area, San Francisco. 

What to Learn From This Website 

This single-page website is very simple and focuses only on important information. The website just gives a general overview of what the company is about

The idea of a one-page website is to keep it simple. The presentation and layout are clear and straightforward. When it comes to one-page websites, graphic designers follow the ‘less is more’ principle. This means that whatever content you want on your website should be minimal that it fits into just a single page. 

One-page websites help save a lot of loading time. The important information can be accessed faster. If you are a minimalist, this is also a great web design to choose for your website.

21. Omlet Arcade

A Balanced Wix Gaming Website

Omlet Arcade is a social network created for gamers only. Omlet Arcade allows you to connect with other gamers online and explore more about the world of online gaming. 

What to Learn From This Website

Gaming is all about action and fun. Everything about this website says so. The website uses exciting and edgy imagery. This gives the website a rich look.

From the wide variety of games to the excellent imagery and background color, visitors won’t get tired of exploring the website’s great content. 

In every website, content is king. The more attractive and balanced your website, the more people are moved to keep exploring every page on it.

An Example Of A Wix Website That Uses Whitespace Effectively

Trends is a fashion select-shop based in Taipei, Taiwan. The organization offers urban styles from various fashion brands. The fashion select-shop first started with men’s wear before including women’s wear to their list. Their goal is to make international fashion locally accessible. 

What to Learn From This Website 

Trends website is originally in Chinese. The website uses a white background which gives enough whitespace to balance the content (texts and images). 

Whitespace gives your website a balanced look. Your audience can easily scan through the content of the website because of the spaces in between. It doesn’t look clustered. 

To prevent confusion, the website is a little less on colors. Even though there is a slideshow of various styles, it doesn’t clutter the layout on the website. Online visitors can easily digest each image or text as it is shown. The website prioritizes quality over quantity.

23. Instar Farming

A Minimalist One-page Wix Website

Instar Farming is a protein-providing company that farms crickets for consumption. Their complete protein formula provides much more nutrients than basic sources of protein and calcium (beef and milk). The company is supported and funded by the European Union. 

What to Learn From This Website

Instar Farming website is another one-page website made with Wix. Aside from its simplicity and efficiency, it has a brilliant concept with complementary content and design.

The design of the website impacts how the audiences will view the brand. Instar’s design looks simple and confident. For a simple design and layout, the website went easy on its content and focused only on the important information. 

24. Evolve Healing Institute

A Wix Website Example Of A Smart And Creative Blog Design

Evolve Healing Institute is a healing school created by Kate Mantello due to her passion for spiritual healing. Originally a one-woman business, Evolve Healing now offers various crystal and energy healing courses. 

What to Learn From This Website

The institute’s website is beautiful and has a great design layout. The website also uses bright and excellent imagery and gives insight into the various courses the institute offers. 

But one key feature to note is the stunning blog design. The blogs are divided into different sections so that readers can easily find the information they are searching for. 

Including a blog in your website helps boost your SEO rates. A carefully designed blog is very attractive. It encourages people to stay longer on your website. There is also a chance for you to create an account on her blog. 

A blog is a creative way to tell people more about your business and establish yourself as an authority figure in what you do. 

In Evolve Healing’s blog design, the most recent blog post comes first before the rest. There is also a search icon so it won’t be difficult for the visitors to locate any topic they want to find out on.

25. HERoines

Best Example Of A Non-profit Organization Wix Website

HERoines Inc is a non-profit organization that focuses on providing a safe space and platform for women to master real-life experiences. The organization was founded in 2011 and has since dedicated its purpose to helping women of all ages to be empowered and follow their dreams. 

What to Learn From This Website

HERoine’s website is one of the best non-profit organization websites. It is very informative, especially on the “About” page. On the web page, there is very detailed information about the vision, goals, and background story on which the organization was founded. 

The information enables the website’s visitors to connect with the organization. The website also uses a feminine color scheme (pink) to complement and reflect the nature of the organization. Also, the imagery on the website helps create a powerful, yet emotional, brand image. 

All this important content shouldn’t be overlooked on any non-profit organization’s website. Every content you put out there must serve a purpose that contributes to how your organization communicates its message and how people will view it.

26. Dara Hart

A Wix Website With Interesting Content And Video Background 

Dara Hart is a New York-based celebrity personal trainer. She is also a vocal artist and songwriter. Dara has been in quite a few popular press features and she has a clientele of high-profile celebrities in Hollywood.

What to Learn From This Website

One word to describe Dara’s website is AMAZING! The beautiful video background is something you want to keep watching repeatedly. Dara creatively combines her music and fitness career on her website. 

The website contains the best elements of content – texts, images, and videos. This helps build a strong brand identity for Dara. The website is as interactive as possible.

27. JDar PT

Best Wix Fitness Website

JDar PT is a private training gym based in Birmingham. The gym focuses on helping people achieve their health and fitness goals. The gym studio was founded by Junaid Dar, a personal trainer, and coach. 

What to Learn From This Website 

The website uses the black and red color combination to give it an edgy look. It also uses the power of videos to show people how training at the gym studio looks like. Videos have a higher conversion rate than texts and pictures. 

Videos are great for educating your potential clients. It shows them what to expect when they come to you. Your videos should match the tempo of your website. It should serve a purpose. 

The website also uses a great headline. Simple words but a strong message. The headline is usually the first thing people see when they visit your website. While scanning through the words, your online visitors are already creating a mental image of what your business is all about. 

JDar PT’s website has a blog that offers very helpful tips and advice on staying fit and healthy. There is also an FAQ section for new or potential clients to find out more information about the gym and its services.

28. Mikaela Reuben

A Wix Website With A Smart Website Header

Mikaela Reuben is a food nutritionist and a culinary-nutrition consultant, who loves to explore the world of food as a healing property. She also has a strong background in kinesiology. 

What to Learn From This Website

Mikaela’s website has a subtle undertone. The website header reflects her holistic lifestyle. The header highlights the visual content of the website. With the search bar on the header, it is easy for online visitors to get access to information. This promotes a positive user experience. 

A website header makes it easy for your audience to scan through your page for information. It makes browsing easy and saves time. Ensure that your web designer designs a user-friendly header to fit your website. 

Fortunately, Wix templates contain headers you can easily customize to fit your preferences.

29. Dave Lackey

Perfect Example Of A Wix Lawyer Website

Dave Lackey is a law firm that specializes in construction law and litigation law. The firm is located in Delaware County, USA. 

What to Learn This Website

The lawyer website is a simple one-page website that contains only the basic information needed in a lawyer website. Being a professional career website, a lawyer website should not be too packed so it doesn’t distract the visitors from the main purpose of finding information. 

Although Dave Lackey’s website didn’t include testimonials, it is very advisable to include clients’ testimonials on your website.

30. Luc & Casey

Best Wix Wedding Website

Planning a wedding can be very stressful especially for the couple. The best way to organize your big day without having to suffer is by creating a wedding website. With a wedding website, you are allowing your wedding guests to stay with you during the whole process.

Luc & Casey’s wedding website is very chic and sophisticated with a gold color palette. The website allows guests to get access to all the important information. Part of the information includes the destination and transportation options.

With the RSVP, the website was able to keep a track record of their guest list. 

31. Cami Ferreol

Cami Ferreol is a Boston-based creative strategist. She is also a graphic designer and a digital marketer. Most times, Cami is based in Manila. 

What to Learn From This Website 

Her website opens up to a creative introduction of who Cami is. The color scheme complements the tone in the website – friendly and casual. 

Though at the bottom of the website, a creative footer is still very important. Cami’s website just proved that. A well-designed footer gives a good impression that you pay attention to the tiniest details

Signing off with a polite greeting and a postcard-like design, Cami encourages her online visitors to get in touch with her. She finally ends with a headshot and logo for personal branding. 

How Cami pays attention to her website’s footer is a lesson worth learning. Most businesses and personal brands make the mistake of paying full attention to the content of their website but neglecting the footer. The sign-off is usually plain and boring, lacking a personal touch. 

Consider all aspects of your website. You never know where your potential clients may be looking.

32. Sweet Delight 

Best Wix Bakery Website

Sweet Delight is a large cake bakery based in Czech. The bakery has been operating for over 10 years and now has about 50 employees. Sweet Delight specializes in creating delicious cakes with different flavors and designs. 

What to Learn From This Website

Sweet Delight has the best features of a bakery website. The website uses large and high-quality images of its cakes to draw attention. The creamy buttercream and soft texture of the cakes can be “felt” by just looking at the pictures. 

The design of the website is simple and clear, with the focus being on the products displayed. Also the white background highlights the quality of the cake images. It leaves you with a mouthwatering experience. 

33. Christina Vanessa 

Best Example Of A Wix Portfolio Website

Christina Vanessa is a visual communicator and graphic designer. She holds a Bachelors in Graphic Design. 

What to Learn From This Website

Christina’s portfolio website has a beautiful aesthetic design. She uses the nude color consistently in different ways. As a portfolio website, the content only focuses on two things – her works and her work history.

By using “Explore”, Christina is telling her online visitors to dive into her world of art and explore as much as they can. With neutral color tone and a block-design layout, the website has a calm feel that lets you want to relax and go through every artwork on the website.

Christina’s portfolio website only focuses on the most important information – her work. The typical visitors to a portfolio are potential clients or collaborators. They want to see what you can do and learn about your career background. Any other information is not necessary. 

Rather than bore your online visitors with unnecessary content, make your website as simple as possible. This will save them a lot iftime and energy trying to understand what you do. Let your work do the talking.

34. Kings Church

Best Example Of An Inspiring Wix Church Website 

Kings Church is a family evangelical church based in Southampton. The church is made up of people from different backgrounds and nationalities, showing that there is no discrimination. 

What to Learn From This Website

The features on the Kings Church Website make it a perfect example of a church website. A church is a place of peace and love. This is what the website reflects. The color scheme and images are used to give the website a welcoming and calm mood. 

The way your website looks is how people will see your organization. They judge based on what they see so be open. Kings Church website also gives an intro to members of their staff. It is beautiful to introduce your staff to your intended members so that they can connect with them and see how your church is like. 

The most important thing in a church website is the information and the mood it gives. The tone should be calm and welcoming. You want to attract members and make them feel loved.

About Wix

Wix is one of the most innovative website builders in the world. Many businesses prefer it because it offers customizable options. Wix is very easy to use, even for a beginner. So you can easily create your own Wix website, even if you are on a budget. 

Although it was created in 2006, Wix has created a name for itself and has built trust with its users over time. This amazing website builder caters to all kinds of business categories including freelancers, bloggers, and online business owners. 

Aside from customizable options, Wix offers other amazing features to help your business website stand out and convert more. 

Best Wix Features 

Wix never stops working to give website owners the best experience. They have some amazing features to their services. You can choose which one best suits your website’s needs. 

If your website requires a portfolio, then you will find this feature very useful. With Wix Pro Gallery, your photos can do the talking.

With this feature, you can control the way your images appear on your website. You can also auto-play videos and share them with your social media accounts.


The Cinemagraph feature is a new mix between image and video. The Cinemagraph features look just like GIFs and come in a GIF format. They are very attractive to see on a website. You can use Cinemagraph on your homepage. 

Lightbox Intro

A lightbox is that short image or information that pops up on a website when you visit it. Most people use it to encourage their online visitors to sign in to their email list or take up any latest offers. The lightbox can be very distracting but not the way Wix does it. You can customize your lightbox intro to any message you want – not necessarily email sign-up. 

Easy-to-use Templates

Wix’s strength is that it is very easy to use. A beginner can easily create an amazing website with its powerful features. This is because it offers templates that are suitable for almost every business category. Even non-profit organizations are not left out.

Some templates are suitable for small businesses and personal bloggers. All you have to do is scan through to find the one that best suits your dream website.

SEO Tools

Wix understands the needs of online businesses – to get discovered by millions of internet users around the world. So it offers great SEO tools for you to use at your disposal. For example, the Wix SEO Wiz offers you a customized checklist to help you keep track of your SEO strategies

The SEO Wiz also offers you keyword recommendations and a customized SEO plan. With this feature, your amazing Wix website will be easily noticed online. 

Live Chat

Customers are more likely to remain loyal to a business that gives them great customer support service. It is frustrating to have some questions but can’t get solutions till after 10+ hours. You are likely to lose more potential clients if that is how your website works. 

Fortunately, the Wix Live Chat feature allows you to connect with your customers (and online visitors) in real-time. From the moment they get into your website, you can begin a live chat with them, answering their various questions and marketing your business to them.

But it doesn’t end there. With the Inbox on the Live Chat feature, you will get real-time stats on your visitors. This means that you get to know who they are, where they are coming from, what devices they are using, and how long they stay at your website. 

Other features include:

  • Marketing Integrations
  • Blogging
  • Coupons and Price Quotes
  • Email Marketing 

Best Wix Templates

Wix templates provide you with creative design foundations and useful features to help you get started on what to do. The templates are divided into categories so it’s easy to identify where to start looking. As the templates are provided, it’s up to you to get creative with them.

For Small/Growing businesses:

For Events:

Pros and Cons of Wix

Like every other amazing website builder in the world, Wix has its pros and cons. It cannot cater to every business needs, so most people find it great while others may find it not so great. It is important to consider the pros and cons and compare them with other website builders. 


  • Very affordable and beginner-friendly
  • Offers helpful tips
  • Supports all business categories 
  • Great design templates
  • Supports SEO practices 
  • Customizable dashboard
  • Allows chat for customer support 
  • Supports social media integration 
  • Allows Email Marketing and has SSL Certificate
  • Good site speed
  • Supports integrated payments for online stores
  • Offers a 14-day trial period for paid plans


  • Wix branding on the free plan
  • The free plan does not support tracking and analytics

Launch Your Wix Website

Designing a website is something most business owners dread. It is even more difficult trying to stay up to date about the latest website trends. While it may not be easy, Wix has continued to update its features to accommodate the ever-changing website trends.

With the amazing features offered by Wix, you can now easily create and design your website to look more attractive and stunning. It doesn’t matter what business you are doing, Wix has you covered with its 100+ templates option to choose from.

By using the above list of amazing Wix websites, you can create your own business website and begin to attract more potential clients while reaching a wider range of people. Start now!

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