Starting a success ful blogging business is alot of effort. Right?


I know it take stepping out your comfort zone . It takes pushing yourself more than you have pushed yourself before.

In Blogging business, No one is coming to save you. You have to be your own advocate. You have to Forge your own success for this to happen

I this article is gonna framing your mindset and getting you ready to tackle the challenge head on

in this article, We are going to dive in your mindset as a blogger.

First we’re gonna talk about somthing all of us fuffer from and i still suffer from alittle bit which is ” Imposter Syndrome”. We will cover How to deal with imposter sydrome in our blogging business, Why blogging isn’t scary as it seems, How to over come Imposter syndrome and take action.

Then Next in lesson 2 we’re covering ” Inevitable Pitfalls “.Thses Are traps that you can easily fall to with your blog like : Procreastination, Bad Practices, Second guessing yourself, uncertainity and these things whichstop you . And you’re gonna cover how to push them through succeed.

Then in lesson 3 , We’re gonna covere ” The devil on your shoulder”. What i mean with this is ” Dealing with all negative things that hold you back “Like: Need for instant gratification, False dopamine hits, the voice in your head that said ” This is too hard, I can’t do it , i should quit, This isn’t gonna work” and How to beat these thoughts.

We will cover all the solutions and How to get ready to start this new adventure

#1: Imposter Syndrom

Imposter syndrome is a big challenge for new bloggers.

But what is Impodter syndrome?

When we define the imposter syndrome this is whene we feel we are not enough or deserving enough to have a success for your blog or any area of your life

We all have it . We all fell that we’re not just good enough Especially when you’re starting you new blog and starting a new position in your career. Here you say ” Can i do this?” or ” Am i good enough?”. we all have that feeling because all of us want to look good. So imposter syndrome happens to everyone.

And when you put yourself out there when you start a blogging business, there can be a feeling ” May be i’m not an expert” , “may be i’m not the one to build a successful blog”. I felt that way,But it’s something that you have to push through and overcome. But How ? … Let’s see how.

Fake it Until you make it

Faking your confidence and Faking how you actually view your self DOES go longways here.. Because at some point you have to step in to the person you wanna become.. you have to step in the person who has a successful blog. You have to act like that person..

It’s not that scary.. You not On T.V or doing a speech infront of people.

Ther’s alot of safety hiding behind Stuff. ther’s alot of safety like Updating Post (fixing and tweaking your blog post, your home page, your logo or the perfect email signature)

imposter syndrome can cause you to not take actions. You’re not making progress or forward. it makes you stuck

when you use your name in you blog , that makes a much big difference. When you put your name out there, you start eradicating imposter syndrome.. Because you have no options. Your face is on there.. Quitting becomes harder

Don’t be afraid to put your name on your website. Don’t be afraid to put you picture. Don’t hide behind the inemty even if you’re not the expert in your topic. i felt this when i got started in marketing

It’s a mindset shift. You have to be aggressive when it come to your online business. You can’t worry about what other people think of you . You just can’t. It doesn’t matter how people answer you email

You should know that this’s not gonna be comfortable. Sending cold emails arenot gonna be comforable. You may have a horribl e fear of writting you firs t blog post with your name. you should get over it and you will realize that everything is fine

You should be Comfortable being uncomfortable

Soo just keep fake it Until you make it

Exercise : Take some time and write down specifically the answer to that question : “What is my problem? What is my biggest fear” some people are afraid to be infront of a camera, others are afraid of being infront of camera.

#2: Inevitable Pitfalls

Now let’s know about the problem you’re gonna face when you’re building your online blogging business. Ther’s alot of traps and areas that can stop your progress

Thinking about pitfalls and online business


ther’s is a beauty and struggle with blogging business. the beauty of this is that you can start your blog without no money, no experience… the technology is unbeleievable. the access to the software programms used to luanch yoour business are mind pending.

if you go back fifty years, peoople couldn’t start a buisness just like oon a wimp . that’s not just even make sense. now adays you can actually start your blogging business with one click. But actually that brings problems. because if something easy, ther’s not alot of urgency. the problem with online business is that you can start one and work on it alittle bit. and if it just doesn’t work out. you just kind of abandon it. i bet a lot of you reading this article right now have a blog that you’ve stated in the past and you just abonden it. you just let it go. it’s just because it has no urgency.

If Your blog starts with the wrong content or the wrong strategy, then you just delete that and continue on. So you can shift, Pivot and adapt more with online business but the real sense of urgency is a real problem. writting more content may be the last thing you want to do.

The good news about the blog is that you can make progress all the time.

Everybody want to make money Blogging but the traditional advice “Start with the passion”, ” Write about the things you like” , write more content ans stay consistent and the monitize it down the road and that is why so many blogs fail because that’s a flood business model

Bloggers fail not because they lack of passion or consistency, it’s becuasue they lack fundemental digital marketing startegy. treating it like a hobby is a deffense mechnism. if you approch it like a busieness.

it’s agreat game that you’re playing. this is your “Digital you”. you are extracting value from the market with startegies, you’re making real money. You’re hacking the life

How to avoid these catastrophic landmines?

So you may wondered how to avoid these challenges and problems you face

These catastrophic landmines takes you out. Don’t do things that takes you off the board. For example: When you start your blog , don’t out of the gate invest in fake content or junk links on fiverr. That can rude the website. there’s no shortcut to success. You can’t skip everything you have to do to and just go to the finsh line.

You should do work at the highest qulaity way at the best speed. Here’s the truth: If you want to compete and outrank and beat sites, you have to do these conent and Linkbuilding better than them. it’s really that simple and there’s o way to hack or fake this

it’s tempting. you will see someone using cheap writing service and they will tell you how he got a hundered thousands vistors with no links with intern writer. thses are called ” shiny objects in blogging”. Shiny objects are everywhere in blooggging like a new shiny seo tools and these little hacks, tricks and tips. Here in this blog , i am teaching you things that have stayed consistent that wins in this game not thiese little hacks to do work. But you sholdn’t be perfect everytime. In blogging world, everything is a lesson. You’re not gonna be perfect but overtime, you’re learning a lot based on data . Blogging is a dtat-driven business. you can see how much traffic there’s to certain posts , engagement and all of that and you can sheft ,replicate and change

Failling forward

fialing forward is taking everything as a lesson. let’s say you havw written 30 posts and none of them rank. you just pick too diffucult ones and none of them workes. at this moment you may say ” Oh man this doesn’t work. Well i can’t rank in google , this is too tough” or You can say ” Haa! I LEARNED what didn’t work” may be you at this moment learned things like how to write conent, maybe you find a really good writer. may be you do all of these backlinks to these poststhat boost you domain rating up. that is the failing forward mindset. that’s the way to view things because none of this is a waste..ever. theser’s never a fialure in it. you’re learning . that’s the beauty of going bigger than a little niche site. you can shift the stategy as you want if it doesn’t work . You can go after other things as it’s attached to your name so you can pivot , change and adapt.

Sharpening you axe

Sharpening you axe is the wat to shapen you skillset and things hat matter. and when you take everything as alessson then you’re consistenly keep shapening you skillset that matter. And skillset for this is busniesss is Content and links … Content and links… Content and links. you’re gonna read these two words together a thousand times in this blog untill you’re gonna suck of it but this is the only axe that need sharpening. You can get really distracted with the blogging business so you should focus on certain things and these things are content and links and there you can define the skills you should acquire like search intent and google and how it works. This is what matters and this is what wins . Whith focusing on content and links everything else become easy . mentoization and making money getting easier. there’s a lot of shiny things that can distract you concentration like adding adds to yoursite early on when you just having 10 vistors or adding affiliate links. These things isn’t shapenning the Axe. Sharpenning the axe is creating great conent and building links to that conent Not focusing on menotizing right away because again we’re building an audience first. People want to start getting a little bit of traffic and start menotizing it right away But you should adapt a time mangment strategy . We’re aiming high not worrying about picking up pennis so you should shapen that axe to get that real money and get these results from the day one. Embrace that mindset that everything is gonna teach you something. There’s isnot such thing is a wasted post or content or wasted email. They all have the purpose because they sharpenning that axe for the future. this is forward thinking like a growth curveز

Kepp shapenning this axe and shapenning and sharpenning .. content and links…content and links ..content and links . that’s where things matters . Focusing more on the inputs not worrying so much about the outputs

ِAdapt the montain climber mindet . he needed to be foocused every single hand monnement, Every foot placement, every breath, every muscle twitch with calculated because if he falss it’s over ,he’s done (No ropes). how this mountain climer is able to do that?( get to the top without a rope
). the reason is .. Intense focus in every step of his way BIT by BIT by BIT

Blogging is no difference

the Montain is infront of you . The gigantic sites with huge doomain rating and this conent and all this authorites infront of your face. How you just ship away? One Step at a time. that’s the approch you want to take. if you look at the montain you will say ” oh m,y god . i can’t climb that!” then you will never start.

There are these big sites which has been around for ten years that have hundreds of articles.. and there’s you with no articles on your blog yet .. you don’t know if its gonna work but you know what happens? Time passes. One blog post a week means 52 a year that can make you a ton of money.. you don’t need a thousand posts.. you don’t need publishing everyday. So don’t look at the mountain but focus on what’s infront of you day by day and that will lead to success

You don’t need to send hundered of email outreaches or righting a million blog posts. take it one day.. one step ata time.. one millimeter at atime

When you look at these big sites , you see their success as the biggest stars in the world but you don’t see the twenty years of actual practice

It’s one step at a time and the time is gonna pass regardless. this is not overnight success.. ther’s a back story of them.. ther’s a story behind everybody out there

Running your Own race

Blogging is the most unique business model because you literaly run your own race . And In your race ther’s no competition.. Even if there’s competition , you can pivot and have different type of content and different business model which make it you own race.. your own business.. your own blog

#3: The Devil on your Shoulders

Everyone has some devil on hs shoulder. they got they good and rthe evil. In blogging business you will always have this devil on your shoulder and first devil in your shoulder in blogging is ” Procrastination” – the bad devil. How to understand how to make it work for you.. The bifg thing is.. is it gonna work for you or work against you . that is the ugly part of the devil on your shoulder.. the bad stuff like the fear , Anxiety and problems.. that stuff is never gonna go away But How can you utilise it by the GOOD. the good is it’s urgency driver, the motivator. the angles on your shoulders pulls you towards with good entntions. the devil can be the fear , the axiety that can push you away from that whis also can be a good thing. ther’s always positive an d negative emotions. the glass half full .. the glass half empty. we’re human beings. we look for troubles .. we judge others.. we want to fit in .. we want to lokk good..

Self limiting beliefs

i had alot of those when i was younger.i didn’t think i was good enough to do these certain things (Fear and anxiety). Procrastination for example comes from a fear of not wanting to do soomething. Some of that fear can be good .. before presentation or speech . alittle fear and anxiety is agood thing Because it shows we are human being. good and bad is always wrong. Fear create the urgency and you need to have that urgency . Alot of fears on the bad side like socila fears nowadays like fear of being judged. when you look at it at its core .. it’s looking good VS not looking bad in a situation . i want to look good b writting the good content and having the good business. versus not looking bad

You have to get yourself out there and start your business and you don’t need to worry about looking good

How to change your limiting beliefs

So how to start overcoming this? Let’s get to know WHY are you doing this in the first place.. what is your reason for actually starting this blog. everyone is totally different and we all a WHY.. yo may need atime freedom . you may want to not have a stressful job and want more time with friends and family. may be you want to live more meaningful life.

it doesn’t matter where you are right now. And you should understand that it’s not too late.It’s not too late to do anything. it’s not too late for any niche. It doesn’t matter if you don’t know anything about marketing and seo..Gues what ? Now it’s time to Start and learn.

don’t worry , there’s literally opportunities in every niche and you have to take what’s yours.

Don’t worry about perfectionnism. Focus on progress and taking actions bit by bit.Perfectionsim breads anxiety and procreastination


ther’s a lot of things you can do to foucs on your self too much or work on this blog too much. tell little eyes of the success of this blog . these little eyes may be dishonest

Everything is gonna be Okay

Your blog exists to serve you not make you a slave to it .. So it’s always okay. Sure you have ups and downs.. Bad days..bad hours .. bad minutes. But everything is okay if you understand that everything is a lesson and gain insight from. You will start to know that it’s just fun. AS human beings , we are very foward thinking in certain ways. WE wanna plan a little bit in advance. WE are not creating thing like climate change. But the truth is when we think about the future, we view our future from the lands in our past. we think what has happend will continue to happen. Burt what i learnt is that your life will be completely different five years from now.. Every thing is gonna be okay.. somethimes we are centering ourselves in our core and say ” may be things ar’nt gonna work out”. WE all do that But in thins business model .. everything is gonna be okay so take a deep breath

Feel free to share what’s holding you back and how to get ready to start your blogging business.

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