Blogging is, without a doubt, the modern way of storytelling. A blog layout defines the story as much as quality content drives one’s blog success. In relation to your material, a simple yet modern blog can communicate clarity or relatability. So, choose wisely!

To attract visitors and start your own blog, it must be friendly, informative, and engaging. Blog writers should know how to interact and establish a community with a certain audience by means of meaningful content. 

Only then will the desired information be delivered and understood by the user. However, a good design should never mask the readability of the content but in fact, enhance it.

Keep in mind that a basic and effective design engages readers and might help your site gain more traffic. If you are not tech-savvy, there are several easy-to-use website builders available at affordable prices. So, look no further if you’re seeking for fantastic blog designs to get ideas from. Here are 55 excellent blog examples for you to consider.

1. Sincerely Jules (Made with WordPress)

Sincerely Jules is the Best blog with a sleek design that is up to date with current trends

As a leading influencer in the fashion industry, the website highlights the fashion sensation through pictures of the author, Jules. The flexible images and fluid grids add to the attention-grabbing quality of the website. The clothing items showcased are also readily available with its on-page browse-through shop

The structural layout is interactive with clean and striking letterings to offer the best UI and UX. Along with its smooth scroll experience, it has a responsive design that only enhances usability. You can find the owner’s contact details on the main page along with a hidden menu bar to maintain the stylish design. You can always click the read more button for more information.

Yet, the webpage appears lengthy and could discourage users from finding particulars. Instead, descriptive categories could have been added on the menu bar to save one the trouble of endless scrolling.

2. Emma Gannon (Made with Squarespace)

A simple and responsive blog for easy maneuvering and optimal utility

Emma Gannon is a simple and responsive blog for easy maneuvering and optimal utility

Emma Gannon is a bestselling author, an award-winning podcaster, and a blogger among others, and her website is indeed designed for targeted customers with its detailed menu bar for quick access. It includes an about button for an overview of Emma and her accolades, and you can even access her social handles directly. 

You can also easily get into contact with the relevant individuals through email by clicking the ‘let’s chat’ button on the front page itself. The website layout features a double page with a cartoonish yet attention-grabbing design of Gannon and a few recommendations beneath to back up her work.

The structure has a clean look for maximum user interface and it even features a search button if you are trying to be specific. Alongside, the webpage could make use of a subscribe pop-up or button to keep clients engaged in the activities and upcoming events.

3. Lee From America (Made with Squarespace)

A catchy blogger with vivid visuals and a unique arrangement of designs

Lee From America is a catchy blogger with vivid visuals and a unique arrangement of designs

With a single-colored background, this webpage focuses on colorful and relevant square pictures to link its blogging material. It appeals to the user’s sight as it offers infinite scrolling, a trendy way of keeping one engaged which also allows one to discover new content. 

Lee is a lifestyle and travel blogger and the featured posts of high-quality photos speak for themselves in terms of user experience. A subheading of the content type is also provided beneath each title for quick interaction and usability. The products available for sale are even accessible at one click from the menu bar’s ‘product’ button.

The website could feature larger typography for its menu bar to lay emphasis on its specific contents and save one’s trouble from scrolling. Likewise, a bolder search button will undoubtedly make it more visible just like a brighter colored background could amp up the webpage.

4. Going Zero Waste (Made with WordPress)

A simple with creative designs blog targeting sustainability

Going Zero Waste is a simple with creative designs blog targeting sustainability

Going Zero Waste is an eco-friendly blog started by Kathryn Kellogg, an advocate for a plastic-free and sustainable lifestyle. Indeed, the webpage consists of articles in relation to one’s journey to achieve zero waste. It has a unique menu bar to ease use and several step-by-step posts to get you started with the routine. 

The Going Zero Waste blog even gives you the option to pin the attached pictures to your Pinterest account. It includes several sections such as beginners, minimalism among others to cater to different audiences’ needs and keep them updated with the subscribe option. You may even find a preview of its Instagram account at the page bottom for a more personal approach from the author.

Nevertheless, the blog could use a responsive menu bar to avoid lengthy scrolls and redirect one to their specific searches.

5. A Cup of Jo (Made with WordPress)

A content-focused blogger for maximum interaction

Cup of Jo is a content focused blogger for maximum interaction

A Cup of Jo features a lot of white space which gives it a clean look where the important elements appear to have more emphasis. It allows for user interaction and provides a human touch through its comment section for each content posted and personal pictures attached. You can find lifestyle content material with bold titles along with their categories attached which eases usability. 

hook sentence is often associated with each post to undoubtedly captivate you. A newsletter option is also available at the page bottom after you’ve scrolled past the editor’s picks and a look into the archives. A hidden detailed menu bar can help one in finding particular content.

However, a bigger and more striking font could have been used to make it easier to read on the go and also make it stand out from the white background.

6. Hayet Rida (Made with Squarespace)

Top blog for good structural layout and fluid pages

Hayet Rida is the Top blog for good structural layout and fluid pages

A fashion blogger, the Hayet Rida website opens up to striking images tagged to the numerous materials posted. Through flexible images, the accessibility and functionality of content seem to be goal-oriented.

You can access the blog post to several trending fashion or decor alternately with its shop on display. The website provides a personal touch through Rida’s pictures and experiences. The menu bar is simple and specific to cater to the user’s search without much scrolling.

Though the Hayet Rida webpage would benefit from only one subscription button at the end of the page instead of one up front, it could also use more white space to appear less crowded. At last, slowed-down fluid imagery could be implemented to easily access the products on sale.

7. Tara Michelle (Made with Squarespace)

Best blog for straightforward and stylish designs with simple navigation

Tara Michelle is the Best blog for straightforward and stylish designs with simple navigation

You are being provided with a modern, user-focused interface design with trendy photographs, highlighting the purpose of the blogger. The homepage features an explicit menu bar with content subsections for easy usage. 

The Tara Michelle webpage confirms the presence of the author through its several attached social media handles. Similarly, you can click on the main page content to access further information even its merch shop. The website lays emphasis on its YouTube and Instagram accounts for maximum user engagement.

The Tara Michelle blog could keep the leads on its page by providing an introduction from the author as well as feature a few narratives on the main page. This would offer individuals a sense of relatability as well as feeling connected. Moreover, a detailed section for its blog posts could improve practicality and allow one to easily browse through.

8. Traveling Mitch (Made with Squarespace)

Top blogger with a user-focused interface design for optimum engagement

Traveling Mitch is the Top blogger with a user focused interface design for optimum engagement

The Traveling Mitch webpage is well arranged and it offers direct links to his contact information and social handles. It has a simplistic layout that features its recent posts and a welcoming statement from the author along with some attached accolades. The blog has fluid grids to ease usability as you scroll through the categorized posts you can access with one click. 

Professionally taken photographs provide an insight on the travel blog posts as well as add a flair to the elementary background. Also, the straightforward menu bar features buttons to a home page, the blog, and even its newsletter subscription designed for interested clients.

Nonetheless, Traveling Mitch could help keep the leads on the web page by increasing the picture sizes for more visual interaction and hence drive more traffic to its travel content featuring tips, stories, and experiences.

9. The Good Trade (Made with Squarespace)

Minimalist blogger design that features an optimal visual hierarchy

The Good Trade is a Minimalist blogger design that features an optimal visual hierarchy

This blog follows a white and nude tone with dark headings to provide a clean look for aesthetic purposes and ease of use. Its design methodology is to give the user an infinite scrolling experience while showcasing its different subsections, such as tips, conversations, featured fashion, among others. 

Alternatively, you can find an advice column featuring user questions that can keep you engrossed in the content. You are provided with the latest posts and trendy ones to remain updated and in touch with The Good Trade. The layout consists of eye-catching pictures which add to the user experience. The newsletter option comes with a different bar on the front page along with its contact information, designed for targeted customers.

Though the website showcases a responsive design adapted for functionality, it could benefit from a darker and more enhanced font for additional visibility and clear deciphering from its background.

10. PS I’m on my way (Made with WordPress)

An all-inclusive blog with a welcoming homepage

PS I’m on my way is an all inclusive blog with a welcoming homepage

This visually appealing blog plays on the different aspects the website provides, including the blog posts and videos featuring the author, Trisha’s travel journeys. It possesses a simplistic layout with a focus on the travel experiences and its quality content, all backed by its different featured accolades. 

The webpage has easy navigation with a fluid scroll mechanism to provide the visitor with the best user interface. Aside from the attached posts, you can find a ”read stories’ button for more. Likewise, a brief introduction from the blogger makes the webpage more interactive to its users. The website consists of flexible images that also include comments for audience communication.

Alternately, the PS I’m on my way webpage could move its ‘What’s New’ section to the top of the page for visitors to keep up with the latest posts just like its titles could let go of the underline for less distraction.

11. All the Pretty Pandas (Made with Squarespace)

A visually appealing blog with fluid page design and parallax scrolling

All the Pretty Pandas is a visually appealing blog with fluid page design and parallax scrolling

This webpage undoubtedly stands out for its visual hierarchy. The arrangement of designs makes the All the Pretty Pandas website practical and therefore, easy to use. It promotes photographs of Sharleen, the author, which adds a touch of personality to the scrolling experience. 

The interactive links on the menu bar build on a user-focused interface design similar to its images. This also refines one’s searches on the website. The main webpage is concise and aesthetic, suitable for attention-grabbing and maximum participation from a user’s end.

It also offers a ‘read more’ button for simplicity. A subscribe button and social handles are also included at the end to allow users to keep in touch with upcoming posts.

With the well-thought-out structural layout, the webpage could also opt for bigger headlines to lay emphasis on the content. A welcome statement on the front page from the author could also improve interaction.

12. Collective Gen (Made with WordPress)

An illustrative blog featuring updated and trendy designs in static page design

Collective Gen is an illustrative blog featuring updated and trendy designs in static page design

A photographer, maker, and stylist, the author shares her thoughts and ideas about home, life, and travel using a consumer-focused layout. It follows a certain color palette that improves its visual aspect and makes it appear calm and refreshing

With attractive headings and a sleek presentation of its several contents, the blog keeps the leads on as well as provides a smooth UI and UX. The social handles are also readily available on the front page. You may find its upcycled projects along with videos and guides to best assist the user. To add, it has a concealed bar consisting of any information one might need from the author, including a ‘Join the Team’ option.

Besides, the blog could refrain from using a large welcoming newsletter pop-up. It could distract visitors and drive them away before even browsing the page.

13. Megan the Vegan Mom (Made with Squarespace)

Stunning blog that features a modern design with vivid static pictures

Megan the Vegan Mom is the Stunning blog that features a modern design with vivid static pictures

Megan the Vegan Mom follows a pastel-colored design to describe its purpose. You are welcomed with a range of quality pictures and a classic menu bar. You can access the author and owner, Megan, through the ‘Meet Megan’ button just like you can peruse through its other particulars, such as restaurant reviews, vegan recipes, and fashion among others. 

It provides a complete content experience surrounding veganism to inform and motivate its consumers. The blog supports clarity for optimal user visibility and interaction. There is detailed contact information available, along with a subscribe button for Megan to keep in touch with its interested followers.

On a more critical note, the fonts do not provide much contrast against a light background, which could potentially drive users away. Instead, much darker writing could be used. Alternatively, the introductory message could have been featured on the front page for more visibility.

14. Smitten Kitchen (Made with WordPress)

Top blogger for a contemporary design and optimised content delivery

Smitten Kitchen is the Top blogger for a contemporary design and optimised content delivery

The main page of the website highlights its most recent recipes, along with engaging narratives to keep one reading. This enables one to relate and engross in the content. Side by side, you can find the usual contact information, social media accounts as well as the newsletter button to keep updated. 

The parallel presentation of its most popular posts and featured cookbooks allows the user to maneuver through different materials all at once. The ‘surprise me’ button to find a random recipe is the most attractive aspect of the website. It keeps consumers interested and improves the practicality of the Smitten Kitchen website.

However, the main page could be amped up with a more sleek, clean, and appealing design to stay in vogue. Similarly, the use of a stylish yet readable font would make Smitten Kitchen stand out. It could also include interactive images and slideshows to showcase its step-by-step recipes.

A food-focused simple blog with fixed page designs

Cookie and Kate is a food focused simple blog with fixed page designs

The Cookie and Kate website is well presented with a bold title button that can redirect one to its main page. The blog features numerous recipe descriptions along with a few vibrant images for easy user relation and attention. You can experience smooth scrolling to the page bottom and subscribe for more content

You can even effortlessly make a cookbook purchase with its embedded link at the top. The Cookie and Kate webpage has two menu bars with one highlighting its recipes content, designed for easy maneuvering and hence, improving functionality.

However, the excessive blank space could, in turn, be used to feature larger professional photographs. The overcrowded side margins could also be expanded and the social media accounts could be merged into the menu bar. To add, the use of interactive pictures could enhance the user experience.

16. My Fitness Pal (Made with WordPress)

Top blog for a classic look targeting the fitness industry

My Fitness Pal is the Top blog for a classic look targeting the fitness industry

The blog plays on its aesthetic and user experience by showcasing its different sections. You can find the trending articles and the latest ones as you browse through. To note, most content is professionally approved to provide the user with the best material. The white spaces tend to the visual hierarchy, focusing on the content. 

To add, you can download the MyFitnessPal application to keep track of your fitness journey and nutrition as well as to remain updated about new posts. My Fitness Pal also provides you with a personalized newsletter upon subscription. This is designed to cater to the user’s needs and also keep them motivated.

Yet, to improve the layout of the website, the home icon could be made larger for easier access. In lieu of an upfront sign-up button, it could be placed on the side to not distract one from navigating the web page.

17. TED Blog (Made with WordPress)

A goal-oriented blog focusing on content, knowledge, and delivery

TED Blog is a goal oriented blog focusing on content, knowledge and delivery

The TED Blog has a basic layout highlighting its newest publication, with a description and a relevant image. With one click, the stories open up with more links to detailed access to further information, preventing crowded content. A ‘filter’ option is available to refine your searches by newest to popular as well as the recent lives. 

Moreover, by using the TED Blog logo present at the top of each page as a button, you can easily revert back to its main page. This simplifies usage and interaction. As an adaptable website, the TED Blog gives you a preview beneath each title, perfect for the user interface.

On a wider screen ratio, this webpage could make ample use of the white space for a less crammed view. Alongside, a more interactive and aesthetic ‘sign up’ could be implemented to encourage user engagement.

18. Apartment Therapy (Made with Next.js)

Best blog with a traditional design in fixed page design for easy piloting

Apartment Therapy is the Best blog with a traditional design in fixed page design for easy piloting

Apartment Therapy is a blog focusing on interior design and its website layout is a testimony. Along with attractive pictures, it provides the user with an infinite scrolling experience to browse through and discover its different contents. As you scroll, you can find its latest posts, some home projects, sales as well as news relating to its material. 

One can find featured videos on ‘hacks’ and ‘how-to’; an aspect designed to assist and keep customers involved. This enables a user to get a full experience of the content being delivered. The webpage consists of an interactive menu bar with a detailed structure and a ‘watch’ option to access videos and pictures of specific content; providing a user-focused setup.

Among the larger pictures, a bolder heading and menu can make the main page stand out and also improve accessibility to its different sections.

19. Quotient Social Influencer Network (Made with Squarespace)

Top blog for highlighting marketing content for maximum visibility

Quotient is the Top blog for highlighting marketing content for maximum visibility

This white against black website design lays emphasis on its digital marketing materials. The high-definition photos and their catchy headings stand out against the plain background, giving a clean look and appearing easy to read. 

It has a minimalist layout with a brief menu bar to aid browsing. As a platform to connect influencers and provide insurance for marketing processes, the Quotient webpage does provide direct and adequate information through its about, join, and getting started guide links to ease access and use. The website also offers a smooth scroll experience along with interactive buttons.

Though it offers clean and bold heading typography, darker fonts for the posts will enhance reading ability. Likewise, the ‘login’ link could be attached to the front page for simpler usage and accessibility. The Quotient webpage might also benefit from a subscribe option to keep clients engaged.

20. The Gottman Institute (Made with WordPress)

A well-presented blog featuring fluid page design and parallax scrolling

The Gottman Institute is a well presented blog featuring fluid page design and parallax scrolling

The Gottman Institute is the ultimate blog for anyone seeking relationship advice. The site features a blog section where you can read more about relationships, parenting, dating, and more. It is backed by certified professionals who provide training and allow visitors to remain engaged. 

You can subscribe to the Gottman Love Notes Newsletter for more updates just like you can browse through its descriptive title bar for more particular searches. The contact information is readily available along with its shop section

The structure of the blog is simple to use and its search button makes it even easier. You may even find dedicated columns for the answers to your questions. This improves visibility and engagement.

Side by side, the blog could make use of fluid imagery to add a touch of modernity to the layout and make it more aesthetically pleasing.

21. Luisa Ferss (Made with Wix)

An aesthetically pleasing blog with interactive designs and one page scrolling

Luisa Ferss is an aesthetically pleasing blog with interactive designs and one page scrolling

The website is presented with an attention-grabbing photograph of Luisa Ferss, the blog owner. Along with offering a smooth scroll experience suitable for the best user interaction, the webpage also features dark headings to make reading easier. 

It consists of a simple layout highlighting clarity and focusing on the content being provided. As a fashion and lifestyle blogger, Luisa Ferss’s blog does include trendy pictures to give users a visually appealing experience. It is also equipped with your traditional menu bar along with Ferss’s contact details.

Even though an attractive font is used, darker colors could increase readability and also provide more contrast to the bright background. A more prominent search button on the front page could also improve usability, just like a pop-up email subscription button as you scroll down would add a nice touch.

22. Moore in Dallas (Made with Squarespace)

Best blog with a minimalist layout and a fixed page design

Moore is the Best blog with a minimalist layout and a fixed page design

The Moore in Dallas blog consists of a hidden menu bar perfect to lay focus on the several contents provided as well as maintaining its clean look. You can find its blog categories for refined searches as well as its store and contact information. It is a well-adapted website with simple colors and fluid imagery

It also features a responsive title bar along with the page so that you can easily access the main area, the Dallas shop, a search button, and social handles to keep in touch. You may also find its perfectly placed subscription option at the page bottom to get Moore’s updates about its events and more.

However, for a less monotonous scroll, the webpage could add a few more elements, such as a welcoming statement, to keep users engaged. Also, it could make use of more vibrant colors to improve its aesthetic and make it more interactive.

23. Joe McNally’s Blog (Made with PhotoShelter)

Best visually stunning photography blog with fixed page layout

Joe McNally’s Blog is the Best visually stunning photography blog with fixed page layout

As an award-winning photographer, Joe McNally displays his artwork in the form of slideshows all throughout his blog depicting his storytelling quality through images. The blogger covers different spheres including fashion, sports, dance, and technology among others. 

You may even access his portfolio or narratives about his gear from the menu bar. The screen optimizing visuals against a dark background keeps one engrossed in the clickable content. 

The website offers a supple user experience through its fluid scroll and its vibrant display. As you reach the end page, you can reach out to McNally through its featured social media pages. Upcoming events are also listed to allow interaction.

Conversely, to refine one’s searches quickly and easily, the search bar could be featured on the top page. A brief introduction paragraph will also give users an idea of the author and his work.

24. Benedict Evans (Made with Squarespace)

Interactive educational blogger with fixed page layout

Benedict Evans is the Interactive educational blogger with fixed page layout

This website emphasizes the content being delivered. As a tech and an educational blogger, Benedict Evans presents its material in a classy yet accessible way. You can find its blog sections on an explicit and UI responsive menu bar.

It features a straightforward design methodology that is produced for its targeted customers. There is a brief narrative of each blog content posted to know what to expect and you can even click on more for relevant redirection. 

As you browse through the main page, you stumble upon the newsletter subscription option. However, instead of blending it with the material, a different color could have been used to grab one’s attention. A play on several attractive colors could have been used to boost its traffic drive. A few images could also do the trick.

25. Mari Smith (Made with WordPress)

Best blog site for efficient navigation and static page design

Mari Smith is the Best blog site for efficient navigation and static page design

This blog focuses on marketing strategies and surely its design methodology supports the idea. You can access past posts by month or use the search bar. The content is parallelly packed with an introduction and a read more link to open up the full article. 

Some even come with videos for better understanding. As an experienced marketer with a team providing digital marketing tips, Mari Smith’s content and ease of use of the blog are planned for intended customers. You can always subscribe for more updates.

Alternatively, the Mari Smith blog could emphasize its social media handles by increasing the icon size to make it more visible and accessible. It could also add a greeting statement from the author on the main page for a more interactive layout. To add, a different, appealing font would enhance the aesthetic of the blog.

26. The Sartorialist (Made with WordPress)

Stunning fashion blog with a bold design and optimised interaction

The Sartorialist is the Stunning fashion blog with a bold design and optimised interaction

The Sartorialist connects high-end fashion to real life and, indeed, its arrangement of professional photographs backs up its aim. It features large, clear, and flexible pictures with links to direct you to the clothing items. It has an interactive logo to make usability simpler. Its menu bar consists of a modern background slideshow that is striking. 

You can find its archives and an about section on the main page for further relatability. One can not only access its contact information but also follow their Instagram account for more updates. The Sartorialist blog also offers infinite scrolling to keep you engrossed for hours; a trendy aspect of defining the blog.

The webpage has cursive fonts which can be quite difficult to read. In lieu, a more defining font would amp up the visuals. It also lacks a newsletter option that could keep customers engaged for longer.

27. Abby Capalbo (Made with Squarespace)

A visually appealing blog with fluid page design focusing on lifestyle

Abby Capalbo is a visually appealing blog with fluid page design focusing on lifestyle

Abby, the creator of the blog, believes that every moment counts. As such, it is important to explore the world, be inspired and bring that inspiration into our daily life.

The overall layout of the website is simplistic with light colours, this is repeated on all pages, providing a sense of continuity. Large and colourful images are present everywhere, emphasizing the purpose of the blog, which is to share the beauty of life and the various lifestyles out there.  

The navigation bar is well categorised, allowing one to reach the lifestyle they were searching for with ease and access social media platforms. The lazy loading feature is clever as it allows readers to focus on information without being distracted from other sections. In addition, it avoids unnecessary downloads, which is beneficial for those with slower internet connections.

The 2 main aspects that should be improved upon are the font colour and the security of the website. The white background creates contrast, but the light blue grey font can be hard to read. Also proper steps should be taken to make the blog SSL certified.

28. Kisty Mea (Made With Squarespace)

Top travelling blog with gorgeous professional images

Kisty Mea is the Top travelling blog with gorgeous professional images

Kisty Mea is a travelling blogger that wishes to share her amazing journey while travelling across the globe. Her blog can be considered a travel guide as every step from visa applications to the way of life is mentioned in great detail.

The blog’s landing page gives direct access to tips on travel and Kisty’s experience. The need to spend time searching is eliminated. The images used combined with the style of writing further intensify the friendly and warm vibe that attracts readers.

To improve the blog, Kisty could make effective use of space. The landing page, which acts as the face of the blog, is the only page where space hasn’t been used effectively. Instead, images have been compacted at the centre of the page.

The UI is also lacking, providing a poor experience. A slider could be implemented to enhance the aesthetic elements of the blog.

29. Miss Thrifty  (Made with WordPress)

A classy blogger for young mothers in their new lifestyle

Miss Thrifty is a classy blogger for young mothers in their new lifestyle

Miss Thrifty is one of the biggest frugal blogs out there. It helps others -specifically young mums- to save money. The aim is to live in a good way with no limitations, but at a more affordable price. Thus, giving you several tips to get more of your money’s worth.

The landing page contains all one would wish for. Latest posts allowing you to keep up to date. A persuasive and clear subscription section enables you to get weekly emails on the latest deals. 

The navigator also contains an archive section, enabling one to access past tips. All the information is provided in a hierarchy with distinct colours that lets you identify key sections.

However, the navigator should be updated to categorise by the type of tips and saving methods and the different sectors they apply to. This will facilitate the search for specific posts easier without having to scroll through a clutter of articles.

30. Taylor Stanford (Made With Squarespace)

Vibrant blog site to motivate and promote self-confidence

Taylor Stanford is the Vibrant blog site to motivate and promote self confidence

Taylor Stanford wrote this blog intending to share her journey towards happiness, but most importantly to show that anything can be achieved with confidence. Hiding our uniqueness to fit into the stereotypes of society reduces our worth. 

The page template is filled with an analogous colour scheme and irregular shapes, emphasizing the theme of the blog. By scrolling down the landing page, both the most recent and trending blogs are displaced centrally in a hierarchical manner

The smooth transition indicates good use of wireframes. The effective use of large images completes the overall look of the page.

However, social media platforms are found at the bottom of the page. For a better user experience, they should be located at the top. The implementation of a subscription pop-up would enable readers to stay tuned to the latest posts.

31. Create + Cultivate (Made With Squarespace)

Attractive blogger with a contemporary design and dynamic pages

Create + Cultivate is an Attractive blogger with a contemporary design and dynamic pages

Jaclyn Jhonson founded Create + Cultivate to help career-focused women. This blog acts as a platform and serves to discuss any business-related issue, from company expansion to funding and marketing. Thus, acting as a space where one can learn more on how to cultivate a business. 

The landing page is highly interactive. The moment you enter the blog you get a well-designed navigation bar as well as the most discussed topics at the current time, which are well-centralised to attract attention. Clicking on the links will redirect you to these amazing discussions. 

The contact pop-up is fairly useful, allowing you to ask questions on various topics. When scrolling through the blog, a slider is present showing business articles. Further down, large images, along with concise pitches on various types of businesses and professional advice, are present.

The page speed is quite low, taking time for elements to load. This may be due to the complexity of the interface. It may be improved by the use of lazy loading or simplifying the blog in certain aspects.

32. Victoria’s Blog (Made with Squarespace)

Simplistic yet highly informative parenting blog

Victoria’s Blog is the Simplistic yet highly informative parenting blog

Victoria Prooday is a registered occupational therapist. Her specialties are children and parenting and has a broad knowledge of child brain development and its neuroplasticity. Through her blog, she intends to educate families in this high-tech world of ours. 

The website uses a collapsible sidebar to save space. Her landing page is, therefore, less clustered and contains the latest posts on child development. Large images of various sizes followed by eye-catching pitches are found as you scroll down. Employing a search bar with a large range of keywords is of great use when searching for a specific solution.

To improve this informative blog, Victoria may add a comment section to allow interaction between readers and herself. This will greatly increase the user experience.

33. BreakingintoStartups (Made With WordPress)

Top interactive business blog with dynamic and fluid page designs

BreakingintoStartups is the Top interactive business blog with dynamic and fluid page designs

An inspiring blog filled with stories on startups, the hard work behind them and challenges faced by those beginning this endeavour. The blog is nothing short of amazing, giving others encouragement and a realistic glimpse into the world of startups. 

The journey of many who lost everything but still rose from the ashes to achieve greatness can be found on the blog and also amazing up-to-date tips.

The blog is highly focused on user experience (UX), accompanied by an ingenious user interface (UI). The landing page gives you access to social media presence as well as podcasts where business-related topics are covered.

High-quality pictures of various startup owners are present, including videos of their journeys and professional advice. Posts on the tech industry and opportunities are available on different pages, also having supporting videos and sliders. The use of videos is highly effective and plays a key role in an enhanced user experience.

It could be improved by using a subscription pop up instead of having it at the bottom of the page

34. Hint of Vanilla (Made With Squarespace)

Top cooking blog with interactive page layout

Hint of Vanilla is the Top cooking blog with interactive page layout

Hint of vanilla’s founder, Megan, a former professional pastry chef in Vancouver, has created the blog to share her yummy dessert recipes with the world. Her creations are simple to replicate and filled with flavor, and all are mentioned in great detail in her blog. Unfortunately, she isn’t as active as this blog is nothing more than a simple hobby.

Filled with bright and mouth-watering images of her seasonal creations, the landing page uses a grayscale colour scheme to highlight the images and attract attention. The centrally placed navigation bar uses an opaque effect which adds to the design’s simplicity.

hierarchical font is used to indicate key parts. To incite discussion on recipes, a comment section and contact information are provided demonstrating high interaction. To improve, headings should be standardised and the sizes of the hierarchical font should be adjusted to have a greater visual impact.

35. Dan Flying Solo (Made With WordPress)

Stunning travel blog site with beautiful images

Dan Flying Solo is the Stunning travel blog site with beautiful images

Dan initially used this blog to document his travels from remote arctic islands to bustling Italian cities. He has spent 4 years of life travelling across the globe, meeting new people and sharing his entire journey from what pushed him to travel to issues faced whilst travelling. Having now settled in Portugal and travelling less, he still posts as regularly as possible. 

Everything on the blog is neatly organised, having consistent kerning and leading lengths throughout the blog giving a modern vibe. All pages include vivid images, taken by Dan himself, of places he visited, which are not of iconic tourist attractions. 

This shows his travelling passion and the true nature of his many destinations. The navigation bar is of adequate size without using too much space. The implementation of a responsive design allows the pages to automatically fit the screen size of the device used.

However, the landing page is filled with too much information on Dan. To improve, it can either be shortened or completely confined to the about section.

36. Pinch Of Yum (Made With WordPress)

An impactful food diary blog with optimized layout design

Pinch of Yum is an impactful food diary blog with optimized layout design

What started as a hobby has now become Linsey’s passion and work. Through her blog, she releases tons of new recipes with a range of difficulties each month and always keeps her focus on flavour and health. As such, she has created a corner on the internet where both foodies and health-conscious individuals can learn new recipes and interact.

The landing page consists of split complementary colors and a simplistic logo combined with a fixed navigation bar. It is also equipped with a search bar perfect for finding what you are looking for. Her latest delicious and healthy recipes are shown by large centrally placed high-resolution images having an effective use of negative space and acting as a focal point.

However to increase traffic on her blog, social media presence could be placed on the navigation bar or as a side pop-up. Also, implementing a newsletter option for her loyal readers could make the blog more attractive.

37. The Crafty Needle (Made With WordPress)

Diverse blog designed to promote creative sewing passion

The Crafty Needle is the Diverse blog designed to promote creative sewing passion

Crafty Needle specializes in all aspects of sewing, embroidery and quilting. Despite the wide coverage and available online material, they continue to innovate and bring change to these crafts. Cutting-edge specialists, at the frontier of the fashion industry, reveal discovered tips and techniques to improve these crafts on the blog.

The modern spin brought about by their work is reflected in their blog layout and visual emphasis. The design is modern and fresh, far different from amateur and overcrowded blogs. 

The slider on the landing page informs readers of the objectives of the blog without having to read paragraphs. The navigation bar is combined with a dropdown menu showing clear organisation and classification of posts.

Despite the modern look, there is a lack of interaction.Thus, they could add a comment section and a newsletter popup to increase the engagement of their users.

38. Dad You Geek (Made With Squarespace)

Sleek and intuitive blogger site targeted at fathers

Dad You Geek is the Sleek and intuitive blogger site targeted at fathers

Dad You Geek was created by John, a dad. On this blog, he documents and shares things on family, technology, photography and travel, an assorted choice of topics that define John. With this blog, he wishes to make life easier through tips and hacks. He also provided truthful reviews on YouTube channels to look out for and tune on.

large logo is present on all his pages indicating what he represents. His landing page is very plain using grayscale to focus our attention on images and topic sentences. As you scroll down, most of his posts are placed on the left.

By moving away from the central position, this twist gives a modern feel to the blog. Comment and share options are available to increase the number of visitors and spark debates.

It can be improved by improving the organizationof the blog posts. They could be divided into groups according to their topic and date of publication. The hierarchical effect of the website is also poorly established and can be readjusted.

39. Unlikely Dad (Made With Squarespace)

Top fatherhood blog with a compacted design and simple navigation

Unlikely Dad is the Top fatherhood blog with a compacted design and simple navigation

The blog focuses on Danny and Tom, a gay couple, and how they embarked on the most amazing journey of their lives; that of adoption. Their posts not only depict the true path for gay couples to reach parenthood but also their experience so far with a child. Hence, the blog acts as hope to gay couples looking to be parents and what future challenges may lie ahead.

The blog’s landing page is straightforward giving you direct access to the most recent posts. Their social media presence is also highlighted with specific dynamic images and videos that are emphasized against the white background. 

The search bar is located on the top right side enabling you to go through archived posts. The website provides a smooth scrolling transition, showing optimal use of wireframes and UI.

However, SSL certification is needed to ensure the safety of visitors. The absence of the SSL certificate could also create a feeling of distrust among some users.

40. He Speaks in the Silence (Made With Squarespace)

Beautiful blog with a soft coloured floral design

He Speaks in the Silence is the Beautiful blog with a soft coloured floral design

Diane Comer, who started to turn deaf at the age of 26, initially blamed God for her suffering. However, this silence that she hears has become a gift. She now listens to God and interprets his messages to the world. Her blog contains posts and sections of her book talking about how to find God by learning to truly listen.

The landing page is breathtaking, having a colourful floral design on the right and the constant use of warm colors in all her posts. She has left wide white spaces on both sides, centralising everything and creating a perfect focal point. Hence, the effective use of negative space acts as a great asset to the blog’s image.

Yet, there are some things that she could improve on her blog, namely the implementation of a search bar to facilitate post searches. To go along with the divine theme, the floral design could also be spread throughout the page instead of being confined to the top-right corner.

41. Wolf’s gaming blog (Made With WordPress)

A clean and all-inclusive blog filled with gaming reviews content

Wolf’s gaming blog is a clean and all inclusive blog filled with gaming reviews content

Since the tender age of seven, Scottish-born Baden Ronnie, an active gamer, focused on game consoles (Xbox one, PlayStations, etc..) and their respective games. His intention, to give an honest review based on his many years of expertise. The reviews are unique as he chooses to deviate from mainstream opinions.

The blog stays true to its gaming focus—filled with large high-resolution sliders with the latest games and consoles. By using links in the form of images with simple white text for contrast, the page becomes more interactive and interesting to users. 

Upon scrolling, a divide proportion has been applied which splits the page into a recent post section and a podcast and social media platform one. A small follow button is constantly present, which doesn’t cover essential parts but still attracts enough attention for newsletter subscriptions.

However, the addition of a sticky navigation bar would provide a more professional feel and also facilitate page transition.

42. Mindful Momma (Made With Weebly)

A sleek and convenient blog with a focus on sustainability

Mindful Momma is a sleek and convenient blog with a focus on sustainability

Mindful Momma has become an inclusive community where the goal is to help one another towards the path of sustainability. The blog was written by a mother for other mothers. 

Hence all posts take into account the juggling busy schedules accompanied with the blessing of motherhood. All posts are categorized into 3 sections, natural living, healthy food and non-toxic beauty.

The use of light green, royal purple and white creates a balanced combination that evolves the page while staying true to simplicity. These colours are present throughout all posts and writing.  

The navigator bar is well-spaced and centralised; it is further equipped with a dropdown menu concisely categorising various topics. Posts are large with effective use of imagery. Instead of a hierarchical manner of information presentation, bolding was used providing a similar effect. 

Yet, to improve the layout of the blog, social media presence, newsletter subscriptions, and blog information should be together instead of spread in an unorganised manner on the landing page.

43. Olivia Bossert Photography (Made With Squarespace)

A fashionable and classy blog built to inspire photographers

Olivia Bossert is a fashionable and classy blog built to inspire photographers

Olivia Bossert is a UK based photographer, who combined her passion for photography and fashion to build up her current career. She uses this blog to showcase her work in the fashion industry and teach others about becoming a photographer through her brilliant posts and courses. 

The layout is well structured with everything present being organised and placed to catch the viewers attention. The use of a contrasting white background highlights her photographic masterpieces that are placed symmetrically and used as links to more in-depth posts, hence focusing on segments.

All sections are present in great detail with a large font that increases readability. However, it is far more user-friendly to compress such information with the use of infographics and videos.

44. Teach Thought (Made With WordPress)

Best teaching blog with a visually enchanting layout

Teach Thought is the Best teaching blog with a visually enchanting layout

Teach Thought was founded by Terry Heick, an author and former teacher, back in 2012. The blog focuses on the K-12 academic curriculum and the various ways teachers can innovate in the classroom as a response to technological advancement. There are also workshops that are necessary to reshape the education system and useful advice.

The landing page is quite short, containing framed posts with concise pitches in a soft tone. A responsive design was implemented which fits perfectly with the page template and usability. When scrolling down, you’ll find interacting icons representing and redirecting to more specific parts of the blog.

Despite the simplicity of the navigation bar, the dropdown menu is far too long, making it difficult to locate desired posts. Thus, it must be replaced with a search bar or a more categorized menu. The footer is also poorly designed, acting as a large cluster that does not aid readers in any way.

45. Simply, Liv (Made With Squarespace)

A down to earth design for a sustainable blog

Simply Liv is a down to earth design for a sustainable blog

Olivia is a lifestyle blogger, who has found that simplicity is a constant point in a life filled with unexpected changes and chaos. By intentionally living simply, you allow yourself to live in the moment and cling to what truly matters. She wishes to share this way of living in the hopes of guiding others towards simplicity and sustainability.

Her floral logo is centrally placed and divides the navigation bar into 2 sections. From the layout to the pictures and font chosen, everything goes along with the theme of simplicity.

The landing page consists of the navigation bar and 4 liked images redirecting to posts. Due to the absence of complex effects, page transition is instantaneous. This makes the website more pleasant to use.

However, a lack of consistency is seen especially with the font. In some places, the font is quite large, but in the case of the navigation bar (an essential part), it is incredibly small, reducing readability.

46. Ignis (Made With Squarespace)

Simple yet progressive blog site filled with inspiration

lgnis is the Simple yet progressive blog site filled with inspiration

Ignis (meaning Fire in Latin) has been created by Austin, a gay man. Through this blog, he focuses heavily on his journey of discovering being gay. He likes to spread awareness about the gay community and instil religious values from Latter-Day Saints, a Christian church.

Ignis’ landing page is concise, consisting of a logo on the top left corner and a right focused navigation bar. Only 3 of the most recent posts including supporting images are present in the body.

These are followed by a large footer containing social media and subscription options. The use of various fonts while sticking to his monochromatic feel has created a classy look, encouraging readers to go through chunky sections.

Unfortunately, negative space was not used correctly, hence acting as waste instead of increasing focus.

47. NiaShanks (Made With WordPress)

Best blog with a perfect application of the rule of thirds

Nia Shanks is the Best blog with a perfect application of the rule of thirds

Nia Shanks’ blog is targeted towards women getting fit, healthy and ripped. Whatever shape or size you may be, her posts are filled with positive encouragement that pushes you towards being the best version of yourself. Exercise is not a punishment for eating but just a way to ensure one stays healthy.

The landing page effectively uses the rule of thirds diverting attention to the click to learn more button to delve deeper into the blog. Black, white and pink are used in all pages with the implementation of a pink hover state and selected state. 

sticky navigation bar is also present giving quick access to other parts of the blog. In addition, consistency is seen in all pages when it comes to colour schemes, structure and effectiveness.

Yet, the initial banner could be replaced by a slider with fitness images but maintain the centralised button.

48. Seasons in Colour (Made With Wix)

Top blog with the effective use of colour saturation

Seasons in Colour is the Top blog with the effective use of colour saturation

Seasons in color was launched in 2015 and since then has become a major interior design specialist. Color is always their starting point from which they build up designs based on current trends and styles for various types of homes. You can also find tips from industry experts, brand collaborations and social media campaigns.

The landing page is vivid and bright, filled with saturated colourful images of design ideas for your home. The navigation bar is fitted with a drop-down menu categorised by sections of our home and other design aspects. 

Further down, you’ll find different designs placed as a pattern with linked colourful text next to them.

But, due to the aesthetics, the blog is quite heavy, taking a toll on the overall loading time and affecting the UX. Furthermore, the spectrum of the fonts used is far too diverse acting as an inconsistency.

49. The Recipe Critic (Made With WordPress)

Ideal blogger having best UI with card-based design

The Recipe Critic is the Ideal blogger having best UI with card based design

Alyssa Rivers is a foodie and the brain behind this inviting blog. Launched back in 2012, the blog has expanded and evolved now featuring tons of yummy recipes for everyday meals to snacks. One can further browse with their dietary preference in mind as all sorts of recipes are available to include all.

The landing page consists of a primary navigation bar combined with a drop-down menu. Besides, the website also features an additional secondary navigation bar having a search feature

These navigation bars are non-sticky, hence a search icon has been placed to the right for continuous access to the search service. Images are high-quality, increasing attention towards them and their links.

Yet, the complexity of recipes could deter some users from trying them. To improve, quick-summary boxes along with videos could be added to improve UX.

50. The Littlest Studio (Made With Weebly)

Well structured blog with optimal space utilisation

The Littlest Studio is the Well structured blog with optimal space utilisation

Created by Melanie in 2014, the littlest studio covered sewing, styling and clothes in general. She provides fast, easy and simple tutorials that allows one to express their creativity and make amazing projects for both kids and adults to fit any busy schedule. Reusability is one of the key aspects she prides herself on.

The overall appearance is very minimalist, using darker colours and a contrasting white background. The navigation bar is centred just below a stylish logo, which is then followed by a banner of images reflecting reusability. 

Upon scrolling the most recent projects along with social media posts are present in a set ratio that deviates our attention to her work.

However, the comment section is poorly planned, taking far too much space with large unnecessary buttons. Furthermore, the banner showcases only one of her topics of interest.

It should be replaced with a slider to display a broader spectrum of projects. The absence of a responsive design makes it difficult to view the page on different devices.

51. Zion Adventure Photog (Made With Wix)

Engaging blog site with an immersive design that mirrors its content

Zion Adventure is the Engaging blog site with an immersive design that mirrors its content

The blog posts give detailed guidelines about hiking and other adventurous activities. The blog serves 2 purposes, acting as a portfolio of Arikia’s photography and simultaneously instilling knowledge on the Zion area.

The UI is exceptional, being incredibly rapid. The design creates a rugged atmosphere that uses green and yellow colour scheme as well as a constant background of a Zion area to bring out a feel of nature and warmth. 

The inclusion of rich and intense images along with short-descriptive subheadings triggers the curiosity of users. The sticky navigation bar has a fading effect, causing it to become opaque as you scroll down until it fades away.

But, to improve the website, the search icon could be moved near the start of the blog instead of the middle.

52. Haute Stock (Made With Squarespace)

Perfect blog with the best use of lazy loading

Haute Stock is the Perfect blog with the best use of lazy loading

Haute stock’s mission is to provide women with the visual tools needed to create a professional and profitable business through stock photography. You can choose from a variety of images to match the business vision you are looking for. Visual content is important and it can either make or break you.

The header includes their logo, social media presence and a navigation bar with a drop-down menu that has a hover effect changing to black upon selection. The search bar takes a reasonable amount of space without deviating attention. 

Large portrait images of various stock themes are embedded with a linked descriptive sub-heading and present throughout the landing page. To ensure rapid response, lazy loading has been used in certain sections. Even while going into detail they let their work speak for itself increasing viewer engagement.

However, the blog posts have no comment section which decreases direct interaction. Also, being too forceful for their media presence may deter some users from following their accounts.

53. Greatist (Made With WordPress)

Perfect blogger showcasing the use of Golden ratio for a beautiful format

Greatist is the Perfect blogger showcasing the use of Golden ratio for a beautiful format

Greatist is an interactive blog focused on creating science-backed health and fitness articles. This makes it stand out in an industry filled with misinformation. Their goal is to help others by giving them the tools necessary in making healthy habits and actions to live their best lives. 

The golden ratio has been used on the landing page to divide space and ensure images are eye-catching. A newsletter subscription, search bar and a sidebar are also featured on the landing page to incite user’s engagement and increase the site’s traffic. 

pink and vibrant color has been used for both the hover and selected state allowing for clear selection. Upon scrolling, the latest stories are listed with a small but clear image and hierarchical & bolded information.

Yet, upon opening the sidebar, it covers the entire screen. This results in a negative visual impact for users. It should instead, open partially and simultaneously resize the page to not cover any content.

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