Now, let’s shift gears and delve into the realm of data visualization. Brace yourself for an amusing escapade that demonstrates ChatGPT’s ability to turn mundane numbers into captivating visuals!

The Sankey Diagram: Transforming Mundane Data into Comedy Gold

I presented ChatGPT with a hypothetical scenario that mimicked a realistic job search. I shared that I had sent out 231 CVs, received 32 responses, went through 12 phone interviews, attended three face-to-face interviews, and ultimately received one job offer, which I (playfully) rejected.

Curious to see what ChatGPT could conjure up, I requested a Sankey diagram based on this data.

Voila! ChatGPT didn’t disappoint. It generated a downloadable Sankey diagram that beautifully visualized the flow of my job search journey. From the initial step of sending out 231 CVs, the diagram elegantly guided me through the process, showcasing the subsequent 32 responses, 12 phone interviews, three face-to-face interviews, and, finally, the job offer I decided to reject. With a touch of humor, ChatGPT managed to transform mundane data into a visually captivating and informative masterpiece.

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