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Someone texting you on Messenger, huh?

Do you know that the Facebook Messenger app is the second most downloaded app in the world?

Did anyone also tell you that Facebook Messenger is the second most used messaging app globally, coming second only to WhatsApp (both of which are from the same parent company)?

Globally, messaging apps have been on a steady rise over the last decade. Facebook Messenger, has expanded both in reach and functionality, as reported by Facebook Messenger statistics. This has provided business owners with new opportunities to connect with their audiences at a more productive pace.

Below are some of the most shocking and little known Facebook Messenger stats and facts that you need to know.

Fascinating Facebook Messenger Statistics and Facts

Marketing on Facebook Messenger is like the new goldmine that is yet unknown to a vast majority of marketers. However, in the next few years, it is predicted that its use for marketing will skyrocket. Let’s have a look at what the stats have to say:

  • 260 million new conversations take place on the Facebook Messenger app daily
  • Over 2.9 billion people worldwide make use of the Facebook Messenger app monthly.
  • 90 million small businesses are actively using Facebook one way or another.
  • Facebook Messenger statistics reveal that 20 billion messages are exchanged every month between businesses and customers.
  • The Facebook Messenger platform has over 300,000 messenger bots.
  • The Facebook Messenger app is the all-time second most downloaded app on the iOS store.
  • 64% of people who use Facebook are also using the messenger platform.
  • 17 billion photos are sent over the Facebook Messenger app monthly.

Aren’t those Facebook Messenger stats mind-blowing? 

Read on to find out more!

Facebook Messenger Users Statistics

Here are some more Facebook Messenger stats that prove how popular it is:

1. 260 million new conversations take place in the Facebook Messenger app, statistics from Facebook Messenger guide show.

(Source: Mobile Monkey)

Facebook users prefer to chat through the Messenger app. Just a few of them use the Facebook app itself for that purpose. 

What’s more, this number is expected to rise even further. Businesses are starting to realize the potential of the Facebook Messenger app and the importance of integrating a messenger bot on their websites.

2. Facebook Messenger statistics reveal that 20 billion messages are exchanged every month between businesses and customers.

(Source: Social Media Today)

Customers prefer personalized or one-on-one conversations with their favorite brand. According to experts, the higher your engagement rate, the higher your chances of conversion. Thanks to the introduction of auto-responders and chatbots on the Facebook Messenger platform, businesses can now offer real-time information to millions of customers at the same time.

3. The Facebook Messenger platform has over 300,000 messenger bots as reported by Facebook Messenger facts.

(Source: Venture Beat)

In 2018, only 100,000 bots were functioning on the messenger platform. However, today, there has been a rise up to 3x its initial size. This goes to show the massive potential lying in wait for early adopters of the messenger app, especially those utilizing chatbots to engage customers.

4. 410 million users use the platform for video chats monthly according to Facebook Messenger video call statistics.

(Source: Social Media Today)

The Facebook Messenger platform is not used for text messages alone. The app has an already installed feature that allows you to not only video call, but to also place audio calls. What’s more, calls placed on the Messenger platform (either video or audio) are free.

5. Facebook Messenger has over 300,000 developers working on the messenger platform.

(Source: Expanded Ramblings)

Facebook statistics for 2022 show that chatbots have become a massive part of Messenger. However, it is not just chatbots that these developers are busy working on.

6. In the US, monthly active users of the Facebook Messenger platform beats that of its nearest competitor (Snapchat) by 116%.

(Source: Mobile Monkey)

Facebook Messenger has a monthly active user base of 104.9 million. For comparison, about 48 million people use Snapchat monthly. Still, 6 in 10 Snapchatters visit the app daily and create about 3 billion Snaps a day.

7. According to Facebook Messenger statistics for 2022, 8 billion messages are exchanged amongst messenger users daily.

(Source: Mobile Monkey)

We mentioned earlier how messenger users generate up to 260 million new conversations daily. Well, once these conversations get going, billions of messages are exchanged amongst users before the end of each day.

Facebook Messenger Audience Statistics

In the ones that will follow, we will be introducing you to the various sets of people who make use Messenger.

8. Facebook Messenger users statistics reveal that 64% of people who use Facebook are also using the Messenger platform.

(Source: Expanded Ramblings)

Not everyone wants to be on Facebook, and not everyone sees Facebook as their most preferred social networking platform. For this set of people, the Facebook Messenger app provides the perfect opportunity for them to connect with friends and family without actually owning a Facebook account. Just input your name and phone number, and you are good to go.

9. 2.9 billion people worldwide make use of the Facebook Messenger app monthly, as of 2021.

(Source: Statista)

The adoption of the Facebook Messenger app is increasing at an alarming rate, especially now that businesses are beginning to realize its marketing potential. As of Q1 of 2022, the monthly active users are 2.93 billion, according to Facebook Messenger statistics. Experts predict an increase by the end of the year.

10. Facebook stands as the third most visited website in the world.

(Source: Hootsuite)

When It comes to website visits, Facebook is only outranked by Google and YouTube in the world chart. It sits in third place, ranking above sites like Wikipedia, Twitter, Instagram, Baidu, etc.

11. According to Facebook Messenger statistics, every minute 400 new people signed up to Facebook in 2021.

(Source: The social shepherd)

That equals more than 550,000 new accounts every day!

(Source: Oberlo)

As of the end of 2021, the Facebook Messenger app has over 135 million users in the US alone. This is an increase compared to the 130 million users in 2020. This number is expected to increase to 138 million by the end of 2022.

13. Messenger Kids have 1.4 million kid users.

(Source: Mobile Monkey)

Children of this era are growing up in a technologically advanced environment. For that reason, it is even harder for them to function effectively without technology. This is why Messenger Kids was introduced. The app offers parental control and allows parents to easily monitor the activities of their children on the platform.

14. In the US, users aged 25-34 years make up the highest percentage of Facebook Messenger users.

(Source: Statista)

Facebook Messenger users aged 25-34 years occupy 29% of people who use the Messenger app in the US. They are closely followed by those aged 35-44 years (21.7%). Teenagers aged 13-17 years come last at 1.5%. Others below the age of 12 use Messenger Kids app designed by Facebook.

Facebook Messenger Download Statistics

Aside from being one of the most popular apps in the world, the Facebook Messenger app is also one of the most downloaded apps worldwide. Keep reading to find some of the most shocking stats about Facebook Messenger downloads.

15. The Facebook Messenger app had 353 million downloads in 2021.

(Source: Statista)

The average number of downloads for Facebook Messenger was 777 million between 2015-2017, messaging apps statistics show. The numbers started to decrease in 2020 to 508 million downloads worldwide, and in 2021 to 353 million. Despite this fact, Facebook was the second most popular messaging app in 2021.

16. Facebook Messenger is the all-time second most downloaded app in the history of the iOS app store.

(Source: Social Media Today)

Although more recently, apps like TikTok have been making waves with massive downloads, the Facebook Messenger app still sits second comfortably. Only Facebook itself is outshining it in terms of all-time downloads in the iOS app store.

17. According to Facebook Messenger statistics for 2022, India remains the region with the highest Facebook usage.

(Source: Statista)

As of January 2022, India alone has almost 330 million users of the Facebook platform. The United States follows suit with an approximate total of 179 million.

Facebook Messenger Revenue Statistics

The most fantastic thing about Facebook Messenger is its marketing capacity. Various stats and reports indicate how superior the platform is when compared to the more successful email marketing. Check out the stats that follow to get a good grasp of this phenomenon: 

18. Facebook Messenger stats report that 97% of the company’s 2021 Q3 revenue came from advertising.

(Source: Seeking Alpha)

Over the last decade, millions of businesses have utilized the fantastic Facebook algorithm for advertising on multiple Facebook platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Facebook Messenger. These ad spaces are sold both on their websites and in their mobile applications as well. Facebook has generated billions of dollars since ads were introduced into its platform. Over time, it has become the primary source of income for the company.

19. Facebook revenue for the year 2021 stood at $117.9 billion.

(Source: Business Of Apps)

In 2021, Facebook surpassed $100 billion in revenue with a 37% year-on-year increase.The total revenue of Facebook at the end of the year was $117.9 billion.

20. Cost per lead for Facebook Messenger marketing is 30-50 times less than that of a standard Facebook ad.

(Source: Mobile Monkey)

If you have ever had the opportunity of running a Facebook ad for traffic-click campaigns, then you will agree that the cost of acquiring solid leads with such campaigns is high. This follows as the conversion of a website at the first visit is pegged at 2%. 

With Messenger ad campaigns, you get to send your traffic to a chatbot instead of your website. There they can conveniently have a real-time conversation with your bot, and ask all the questions they have. Plus, you get to have their contact for a lifetime to enable you to easily upsell and cross-sell similar products in the future.

21. Only 1% of businesses use the chatbot on Messenger to engage their customers.

(Source: Mobile Monkey)

As useful as the Facebook Messenger ad campaign using chatbots can be, you will be surprised to find that a vast majority of businesses are not utilizing this goldmine for their Facebook ad campaigns. Hence, businesses that make the best of this platform now would benefit massively, at least before it becomes crowded in the next few years. 

Facebook Messenger for Business

The Facebook platform is an ideal place for online business owners, and the new Facebook Messenger marketing is the perfect strategy that can help online business owners increase both engagement and conversion rates. The following are some stats to help you understand how beneficial Facebook Messenger can be to your business:

22. Facebook has roughly 2.93 billion monthly active users as of Q1 2022.

(Source: Statista)

Facebook stands as the biggest and most popular social network worldwide with a 0.8% increase in people that use Facebook each month. There is simply no social network with this level of reach! That is more reason why you should consider bringing your business to this platform.

23. 40 million businesses are actively using the Facebook Messenger platform.

(Source: Expanded Ramblings)

Although this might seem like a good percentage, the majority of these businesses are still not tapping into the goldmine of advertising with Facebook Messenger using chatbots.

24. Facebook Messenger ads generate an engagement rate that is 10 to 80 times better than that of organic posts on the Facebook platform.

(Source: Mobile Monkey)

The best click-through-rate an organic newsfeed post can get you on Facebook is pegged at 3-5%. The visibility of an organic post gets even worse if your audience fails to engage with your post regularly. Facebook Messenger marketing ads display as a regular Facebook ad on your newsfeed, but instead of redirecting users to an external link, users are directed to a bot. They can conveniently have a real-time conversation with it. It provides answers to most, if not all of users’ questions without having to leave the Facebook app.

25. The engagement rate for Facebook Messenger ads is up to 80 times better than that of email marketing.

(Source: Search Engine Journal)

When you utilize the Facebook Messenger chatbots, you are subsequently dealing with potential leads who have indicated a clear interest in your offer and are willing to know more. They have questions, want real-time answers, and expect no delays – exactly what chatbots provide! 

Email marketing, on the other, is mostly filled with spam. People go online, collect emails from different sources, and start sending you promotional messages. Often, without your permission. Most email messages are either not opened by the users, or sent to the trash folder.


Email marketing is far from dead. If applied efficiently with the best tools, it can be a powerful marketing channel as well.

26. The average click-through-rate (CTR) for email stands at 1-2%, whereas that of Messenger marketing goes up to a whopping 20-30%.

(Source: Search Engine Journal)

Click-through-rate is the number of times your prospects were able to follow your link through your ads or promotions. What this means is that Facebook Messenger marketing will give you 200 clicks for every 1000 promotions. Email marketing can only get you between 10-20 clicks for every 1000 emails sent out.

27. Open rates for Facebook Messenger is pegged at 80%, way higher than 5-10% for email.

(Source: Mobile Monkey)

With these terrific values, the Facebook Messenger marketing is like the new upgrade of email marketing, thanks to the introduction of bots.

28. 90 million small businesses are actively using Facebook one way or another.

(Source: Hootsuite)

Over the years, advertising on the Facebook platform has become very profitable for companies that have utilized its fantastic audience targeting qualities. So, it should not come as a surprise to find that B2B companies, B2C companies, amongst others are now actively utilizing Messenger to reach out to their ideal audience.

Facebook Messenger Fun Facts

Not everything is business on the messenger platform, you know. You can still have good fun! Check out the following stats to discover some fun facts about the messenger platform.

29. 17 billion photos are sent over the Facebook Messenger app monthly.

(Source: Expanded Ramblings)

It turns out that Facebook Messenger users don’t only use the platform for chats and calls alone. Billions of pictures are being exchanged amongst users monthly. Reports from Facebook Messenger statistics indicate that requests are being placed for higher resolution images to be transferred on the platform without getting altered.

30. On average, users send 25,000 GIFs per minute on the Facebook Messenger platform.

(Source: Expanded Ramblings)

GIFs are one of the features that make a chat lively, especially for the younger generations. They are often used to better express a particular reaction at some point when messaging.

Wrap Up

The Facebook Messenger app may be reasonably new to online business owners and marketers in terms of advertising. Still, Facebook Messenger statistics have proven the platform is an untapped goldmine. Only a few have successfully harnessed its marketing abilities through chatbots. Despite its lack of advertorials, it is still the second most used messaging app in the world and the second most downloaded app in the iOS app store. 

Is your business effectively utilizing the Facebook Messenger platform for adverts?

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