The aviation industry is one of the most regulated and scrutinized industries in the world. Flight Operation Manuals (FOMs) play a crucial role in ensuring the safe and efficient operation of aircraft.

In this blog post, we’ll take a deep dive into statistics and facts about FOM authoring. We’ll look at the benefits of authoring accurate and up-to-date FOMs, the trends in FOM authoring, the current state of the market, and much more.

Key Flight Operation Manual Authoring Statistics 2023 – MY Choice

  • Average number of pages in a Flight Operation Manual: 250-300 pages
  • Average number of illustrations in a Flight Operation Manual: 400-500
  • Average number of sections in a Flight Operation Manual: 30-40
  • Average number of revisions required before final approval: 5-6
  • Average time to complete a Flight Operation Manual: 6-8 months
  • Average number of contributors to a Flight Operation Manual: 10-15
  • Average number of words in a Flight Operation Manual: 200,000-250,000
  • Average number of procedures in a Flight Operation Manual: 150-200
  • Average number of appendixes in a Flight Operation Manual: 20-30
  • Average number of graphics designers required for a Flight Operation Manual: 2-3.

Flight Operation Manual Authoring Stats

  1. The average cost of an aircraft accident is $10 million.
  2. 70% of accidents in the aviation industry are caused by human error.
  3. Flight Operation Manuals are a crucial tool for reducing human error.
  4. In 2021, the global aviation industry generated $824 billion in revenue.
  5. The global aviation market is expected to grow at a rate of 4.9% per year through 2023.

Flight Operation Manual Authoring Facts

  1. Flight Operation Manuals are legally required by aviation regulators such as the FAA and EASA.
  2. FOMs must be kept up-to-date with the latest regulations, procedures, and policies.
  3. FOMs must be easily accessible to flight crews at all times.
  4. The process of authoring an FOM can be time-consuming and complex.
  5. Automated FOM authoring software can significantly reduce the time and effort required to produce an accurate and up-to-date FOM.

Flight Operation Manual Authoring Benefits

  1. Improved safety: Accurate and up-to-date FOMs help reduce the risk of accidents by providing clear and concise procedures for flight crews to follow.
  2. Increased efficiency: Automated FOM authoring software can streamline the FOM authoring process, saving time and effort for flight operations personnel.
  3. Compliance: Automated FOM authoring software ensures compliance with the latest regulations, procedures, and policies.
  4. Reduced costs: Accurate and up-to-date FOMs can help reduce the cost of aircraft accidents, which can run into the tens of millions of dollars.

Flight Operation Manual Authoring Trends

  1. Increased adoption of automated FOM authoring software: As the aviation industry continues to grow, more and more organizations are adopting automated FOM authoring software to streamline the FOM authoring process and ensure compliance with the latest regulations.
  2. Greater emphasis on safety: The aviation industry is placing greater emphasis on safety, which has led to a rise in the use of automated FOM authoring software.
  3. Increased demand for cloud-based solutions: More organizations are seeking cloud-based FOM authoring solutions to improve accessibility and reduce the cost of hardware and IT infrastructure.

Overview of Flight Operation Manual Authoring

  1. The flight operation manual is a crucial document that outlines the procedures and policies for safe flight operations.
  2. Airlines are required to have a flight operation manual as per regulatory requirements.
  3. The manual is regularly updated to reflect changes in the aviation industry, including new technologies and regulations.

The Importance of Effective Flight Operation Manuals

  1. Effective flight operation manuals ensure safe and efficient flight operations.
  2. The manual helps pilots and other crew members understand the procedures and processes for safe flight operations.
  3. An effective FOM can reduce the risk of accidents and incidents.


In conclusion, flight operation manual authoring plays a crucial role in ensuring safe and efficient flight operations. The statistics in this blog post highlight the importance of having effective FOMs and the trends in the manual authoring process. As the aviation industry continues to grow, it is essential for airlines to invest in the development and maintenance of effective flight operation manuals.

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