Creating a food blog isn’t as easy as creating a regular website. It requires your creativity, communication skills, and ability to pay attention to details. Unfortunately, most food bloggers and food businesses do not know how to combine the creative elements needed to build a powerful website.

If you are in this category, with little or no knowledge on how to improve your website, you should keep reading. In this article, you will see various examples of creative food websites and what makes each one stand out from the million others on the internet.

The best part is that these websites are created with the best website builders. This means you don’t have to pay an expensive web developer to give you what you want. You can design your food blog by yourself and how you want it.

Ready to dive in? Let’s begin!

1. Dinner: A Love Story (Made With WordPress)

Best Food Website Example With A Lively Introduction Page

Dinner: A Love Story is a fantastic food website and newsletter that focuses on family meals. The newsletters, which visitors are encouraged to subscribe to once they access the website, contain thousands of amazing dinner ideas. They also contain news and other information about food to wet your appetite.

This beautiful food blog is owned by Jenny Rosenstrach, a food writer and best-selling cookbook author.

What to Learn From This Food Website

The website gives an intriguing feeling that there is so much to learn, especially if you are an unapologetic food lover with a love for family time. This makes the website interesting.

  • Great Introduction Page. The introductory page/homepage is what is most attractive. Jenny captures visitors’ attention with a black background header and a yellow CTA. You need to make a great first impression for your blog to stand a chance of getting a second glance. The first impression starts from your introductory page. It is what sets the tone or mood for the entire website.
  • Beautiful Color Contrast. The color contrast draws attention to the goal of this food website example – to get more subscribers to her newsletter. The color contrast makes it easy to read the texts on the website. Low color contrast can cause eye strain, making reading difficult.
  • Bold and Lively Images. The website’s visitors are also greeted with bold images of different colors. This makes the website look colorful and lively.
  • Informative Homepage. Give your audience a taste of what the website/blog is about from the homepage. This will encourage them to start surfing through menus to see more content. Make your homepage as lively as possible. Also, you should know that encouraging your online visitors to subscribe to your newsletters is a great way of growing your email list.

2. Big Tree Farms (Made With Wix)

Great Organic Food Website With A Fascinating Design

Big Tree Farms is a large coconut supply chain, established by Ben and Blair – a married couple – in 2003. The company produces healthy coconut sweeteners, sauces, and marinades.

What to Learn From This Food Company Website

  • The Power of Negative Space. For the content on your website to stand out, use negative space to create balance. Your website consists of different forms of content, therefore, avoid cluttering. Properly balance images and texts together so that one does not overshadow the other.
  • Brand Reflection. The best part of the website is that it highlights the true organic nature of the brand. It displays top logos to show that it is verified and credible.
  • Showing Transparency and Credibility. The brand builds trust by showing its audience what the main ingredient of its products contains. By being open about its key ingredient and the benefits, Big Tree Farms builds trust for itself. The visitors are probably left fascinated about what this special Nira is, and would love to try out the products.
  • Color Consistency. The design is professional with its consistent use of different shades of brown. Color consistency reduces distractions, making your website look less busy. It is also easy to notice a color contrast and pay attention to the information on it.

3. Tsubi Soup (Made With Strikingly)

Best Personal Storytelling For A Food Brand Website

Tsubi Soup is a Japanese soup cube brand. The cube soup is freeze-dried and instant. This means that it is already made with the freshest of natural plant-based ingredients. The soup cube is already made, all you need to do is add hot water.

What to Learn From This Food Brand Website 

  • Connecting Through Personal Storytelling. Tsubi Soup’s owner, Tsubi Nishitani, shares her personal history with food allergies and what inspired her plant-based soup idea. Personal storytelling lets your audience in on the emotions you feel about your brand. In simple words, you can carry your audience along on your vision. You are inviting them to share in your brand’s dream by getting into their emotions.

Note: Personal storytelling can come in various content forms like short video clips, images, and texts. Choose whichever you like, as long as your audience can relate to it.

4. Ocelot Chocolate (Made With Squarespace)

Best Example Of A Colorful  Chocolate Website

Ocelot Chocolate is a small chocolate business owned by a married couple, Matt and Ish. The company began in 2013 and is now based in Edinburg, Scotland.

What to Learn From This Chocolate Website

Use of Attractive Colors. Your choice of colors for your food blog says a whole lot about your brand’s personality and reflects the mood you want your audience to feel. Like Ocelot, your website’s colors should align with the nature of the products. When it comes to food websites, especially desserts, do not use dull colors.

5. Mommy Hates Cooking (Made With WordPress)

Perfect Example Of A Well-organized Food Blog

Mommy Hates Cooking is a food blog founded by Kristy Still. The blog contains lots of amazing recipes to try out with the family. Kristy is an Oklahoman mom with a passion for cooking for her family. She created the blog to teach people like her how to cook simple meals for the family.

What to Learn From This Food Blog

Kristy Still shares her personal story about starting the blog. She also uses bright and clear images to highlight the food.

  • Organized Recipes List. A disorganized blog or website only leads to frustration and poor navigation. The first step is to separate your recipes into various categories. Your audience can easily navigate to what they are looking for. Also, use easy-to-understand names to identify each category. Your audience should be able to recognize each recipe category by just glancing through the name.
  • Easy Navigation. The aim of your food blog should be to help your audience in their cooking quests, not make things harder for them. The easier your audience can navigate through your recipes, the more they are likely to keep visiting your blog. Prevent unnecessary clutter by putting everything in place, making it easier for your audience to navigate through your website and find what they are looking for.

6. Di Bruno Bros (Made With BigCommerce)

Best Ecommerce Food Website With Attractive Discount Offers

Di Bruno Bros is a food retail business that serves its customers lots of delicious culinary dishes. The business has been around for over 80 years. It specializes in cheese, cured meat, and other specialty foods.

What to Learn From This Website

Di Bruno Bros has a very attractive e-commerce website. The homepage is big and bright enough to see details of the foods displayed. However, the most interesting part of the website is that it is heavy on discount sales and offers.

  • Discount Sales and Offers. Discount sales and offers are attractive lead generators. Your prospective customers will want to learn more about your offers. Make sure your offer is very attractive.

Attractive Pop-ups. Not only is the pop-up attracting more customers with tempting discount offers but it is also collecting their email addresses too. The pop-up attracts first-time visitors to make a purchase. This generates more interest in checking out what the website offers. Never underestimate the power of pop-ups. Just don’t make them so annoying that it reduces your visitor’s positive experience

7. Milk Bar (Made With Shopify)

Best Dessert Website With Great Visual Content

Milk Bar is a sweets shop started by pastry chef Christina Tosi. The shop had been specializing in making creamy dessert cakes (of different flavors) and cookies since 2008.

What to Learn From This Dessert Website

  • Bold Visual Content. Visual content sells a whole lot. Milk Bar uses bold visual content and balances them with some whitespace. The high-quality visuals on the website help generate more traffic. The mind acts on what the eyes see. The more attractive visual content you display, the more engagement you get from your audience. But try not to make your design look cluttered. Use negative space for balance.

Note: Invest in high-quality visuals to give your website a unique touch. The visual content includes images, videos, colors, and other designs. Get creative with these elements.

8. Gogi Korean Restaurant (Made With GoDaddy)

Best Restaurant Website Example With An Organized Menu List

Gogi Korean Restaurant is a family-owned Korean restaurant. It is based in New Orleans. The restaurant serves a variety of homemade Korean dishes, giving customers the Korean experience in New Orleans.

What to Learn From This Restaurant Website

  • Clear Description of Available Food. It is easy for visitors to view the restaurant’s menu because there is a clear description (with an image) of each available dish. Your restaurant website should contain a clear picture and description of each of your dishes. Your visitors are interacting with your business online, which means that personal interaction is very limited. They will not be able to ask your waiter for information about each dish.
  • Well-organized Menu List. In an offline setting, it would be easy to ask the waiter about the details of the food options. But it is not so possible in an online setting. So make your visitors’ experiences worthwhile by ensuring you have a clear menu list that simply describes what the food options are. Your menu list should be very organized as you place each food item in its appropriate categories. Include a clear description of the food and an updated price tag.

Gogi Korean’s website is also complete with lots of valuable information and great visual content. The logo is clear and attractive too.

9. PHO (Made With WordPress)

An Example Of An Incredible Food Website Design

PHO Cafe is a Vietnamese restaurant started by Stephen and Juliette Wall. Having been launched in 2005, the restaurant is still family-owned.

What to Learn From This Food Website

  • Attractive Design. PHO has a very creative website design. Your website design is a way of showing your creative side. It doesn’t have to be boring like other websites. No rule says you must follow a particular design pattern. PHO’s website design makes it even more interesting to watch. The way you design your website determines the way your visitors will relate to your website and the information on it.
  • Creative Background Design. The background of the website is a sketch of a building – probably the exterior of the Cafe. Every page on the website is similar but unique. Maintain a unique but consistent design style for your website. Consistency lasts longer in the mind.
  • Beautiful “Our Story” Page. The “Our Story” page is designed like a scrapbook. The story is simple and supported with real pictures of the owners starting the Cafe. Because it is different from a regular “about” page, it is very attractive. Be creative with your website. Use animations and creative drawings to make it more attractive.

10. Dinner With Julie (Made With WordPress)

A Great Example Of A Food Blog With A Personal Touch

Dinner by Julie is a food blog owned by Julie, a food writer. Julie is a passionate cook that has dedicated her time and effort to teach various people how to cook delicious dishes.

What to Learn From This Food Website

  • Encourages Audience Feedback. Julie enables commenting on her blog. Her audience can drop their opinions on the comment section and interact with her. Building a relationship with your audience is very important if you want to increase your influencing power as a food blogger. Always include a personal touch to your website.
  • Social Media Connection. Julie encourages her visitors to connect with her on social media, which shows she certainly wants to connect with her audience on a personal level. Social media is one of the best ways to connect with your audience. It is easier for them to know you and interact with you. Link to your social media handles, where your visitors can easily connect with you.

Note: Social media allows you to meet and relate with more people. This strengthens your influencing power.

11. Pierre Thiam (Made With Squarespace)

A Beautiful Food Website With Great Food Photography

Pierre Thiam is a Senegalese chef based in New York. He is also an author, restaurateur, and social entrepreneur. Pierre Thiam specializes in bringing the beauty of West African cuisine to various parts of the world.

What to Learn From This Food Website 

  • Great Food Photography. You can feel the “effect” of each dish because of the high quality of the product images. When it comes to food websites, food photography is very important. Do you know why? It is because food is an art and should be honored with the right imagesGood food arouses one’s desire to explore. It is very sensuous. This is why you should always pay attention to food photography.

Note: The less attractive a food image looks, the more your audience lose their appetite and desire to keep scrolling through your website. If you cannot take great photos, hire a professional food photographer to give you the best shots. Highlight the tiny details of each dish. Your audience should be able to taste the food by just looking at it.

12. Smitten Kitchen (Made With WordPress)

Best Example Of An Interactive Food Website 

Smitten Kitchen is a popular food blog with lots of delicious recipes. It is owned by Deb Perelman who started the blog in 2006. Since then the blog has generated so many fans from different parts of the world.

What to Learn From This Food Website

  • Right Use Of Language for a Large Audience. Deb’s use of language contributes to the mood and tone of the blog. It is casual, friendly, and very relatable. The best way to communicate with a large audience is by maintaining a casual and friendly tone. It makes the blog more fun to read and encourages them to comment on their opinion.
  • Easy Commenting. It is easy to post a comment on the blog. The audience doesn’t have to go through reCaptcha to prove they are not robots. It is even easier if you already have your email signed up for the blog. Deb’s blog, Smitten Kitchen, is worth learning from.

13. Oishii (Made With Squarespace)

Perfect Food Website Example With Video Background Content

Oishii is an indoor vertical strawberry farm in America. It was founded by Hiroki Koga, a Japanese with a passion for providing quality over quantity. The company produces high-quality Omakase Berries.

What to Learn From This Website

  • Smart Color Choice. There are also some red colors on the website to highlight the freshness of the strawberries. It makes the quality of the berries look more pronounced. Your color choice (even though it is not the dominant one) should reflect the color or nature of your product. It shows an alignment between your product and the website.
  • Use of Video Content. The website uses very bold visual content. The most prominent one is the video background on the homepage. Videos communicate more than pictures or texts do because they capture emotions and events. They stick more than images and texts do.

Note: Including video content on your food website is a sure way of grabbing your audience’s attention. Behind-the-scenes videos that show the production process are also very engaging. It increases excitement and intrigue.

14. The Paleo Running Momma (Made With WordPress)

A Well Balanced Food Website

This Food Blog is created by Michele. She is a recipe creator and a mom of 3. The name of the blog is derived from her love for eating Paleo, running long distances, and being a mom to three.

What to Learn From This Blog

  • Use of Whitespace for Balance. Too much content can make a page look cluttered. That is when the power of whitespace (also called Negative space) comes in. Whitespace gives your content enough balance so that your audience can easily scroll through without stressing their brains.
  • A Beautiful Logo Display. With the beautiful logo displayed on the website and the well-spaced content, it is easy for the audience to take in every information. Your logo is also part of your website’s design and brand identity. Make sure it is catchy and easily noticeable.
  • Up-to-date Content. Even though the website started in 2013, Michele has managed to keep it updated. At the time of writing this article, she had just updated a post. Always keep your blog or website up to date. A website/blog that was last updated over a year ago will have a very high bounce rate. People want the latest information, not an outdated one (except for specific reasons).

15. Destihl (Made With GoDaddy)

A Beautiful Restaurant and Brewery Website With Neutral Colors

Destihl is a restaurant and a brewery located in Normal, Illinois. The restaurant specializes in serving delicious meals that pair well with beer.

What to Learn From This Restaurant and  Brewery Website

  • Simple Layout and Color Scheme. The website maintains a simple layout and color scheme (neutral colors) throughout the web pages. For a regular food blog, more information and color would have been needed. But Destihl is trying to create a mood that reflects both the nature of the brand. All information is given out clearly.

Note: But Destihl didn’t just use black and white. It also includes some tiny bits of color to highlight the effect of the neutral colors. This makes the website look even more beautiful and professional.

16. Southern Kitchen (Made With Weebly)

A Restaurant Website With Great User Experience

Southern Kitchen is a popular restaurant in Tacoma, Washington. The restaurant is passionate about using fresh and locally-sourced ingredients to create real meals for its community. No wonder it is popular around its region.

What to Learn From This Website

  • Great User Experience. It is easy for interested customers to order online. The menu is boldly displayed on the “order online” page. A restaurant website should have an option for visitors to easily order online. Not everyone has the patience to call a phone number or send an email just to order. The easier you make your user’s experience become, the more positive energy it gives your business.
  • Convenience. Always design your website with your customers/audience in mind. Make the end process very easy. In fact, the entire process should be very easy.

17. Nicecream (Made With Shopify)

A Great Example Of An Ice-cream Website

Nicecream is an ice-cream company started by a college couple, Gil Welsford and Sandra Tran. The company was first started as a project before it emerged into something wonderful. Nicecream currently has four physical stores in the U.S.

What to Learn From This Ice-cream Website

  • Vibrant Colors. Ice cream is a fun and lighthearted dessert. Nicecream made sure to let its website reflect that. The colors used are chosen carefully to reflect the various ice-cream flavors.
  • Fine Menu Design. Nicecream has an interesting website menu design. Use a menu design that reflects the nature of your food or beverage business. By just looking at the website example, online visitors can already guess what the products are. It is because the content, font, and design align with the company’s products. If your restaurant serves Chili and hot sauce, your website will be designed with red colors and bold fonts.

Note: As a cool dessert brand, Nicecream uses subtle colors that balance the mood and tone of the website.

18. La Belle Assiette (Made With Strikingly)

A Stunning Food Website With Great Customer Service

La Belle Assiette’s services include providing fine dining at the comfort of your home. You can book a chef to cook any meal in your kitchen. This kind of service is best for family occasions and gatherings.

What to Learn From This Website

  • Great Customer Service. There is a live chat section where you can be attended to by a team member. This is great for first-time visitors because they get the chance to make inquiries about the menu. Customer service, even though online, is a vital part of every business. According to Microsoft, 90% of Americans consider customer service as a major point of consideration before dealing with the company.

Note: The statistics are just for Americans, not to talk about the rest of the world. Good customer service builds a great customer experience. It doesn’t matter if it is offline or online, always find a way to make your customer service top-notch.

Giving good customer support online is even more vital because your online visitors are from different parts of the world. One bad impression is enough to go around.

19. Curry Place (Made With Weebly)

Great Restaurant Website With Fast Loading Time

The Curry Place specializes in making delicious traditional Indian cuisines. It also does Nepalese and Indo-Chinese cuisines.

What to Learn From This Amazing Website

  • Fast Loading Time. The success of a website, more than often, depends on the loading time. If a website loads too slow, it will affect the user experience. Also, a fast-loading website is a great SEO booster. It encourages your visitors to stay longer on your website. The longer they stay, the higher your chances of ranking top on the search engines.

Note: When building your website, always test the loading speed. Don’t stop till it takes between 1.7 seconds and 0.8 seconds to load. Not everyone has the patience to wait for 5 seconds before accessing a website or web page.

20. Baked Bree (Made With WordPress)

Best Food Blog Example With A Great “About” Page

Bree is a food photographer, videographer, and blogger. She uses her food blog to inspire families with great recipes. Including travel blogging to her list of passions, Bree also shares travel tips and inspirations.

What to Learn From This Food Blog

  • Clear Introduction of the Blogger. Many bloggers fail when it comes to introducing themselves to their audience. Bree’s gives off a friendly vibe that the audience can easily relate to. Simply use storytelling in your “about page”. Likewise, if you own a food blog, try loosening up a bit and let the inner creativity flow. If you are a food photographer, include your CV/resume.

Note: While you shouldn’t go too deep into personal stories, make sure to keep it nice and natural. You can also include a fun fact about yourself.

21. Jus Jus (Made With Squarespace)

Great Mobile-friendly Food Website

Jus Jus is a low-alcohol sparkling verjus wine. It is a collaboration between Julia Sherman and natural winemaker, Martha Stoumen.

What to Learn From This Website

  • Mobile-friendly. Internet users can access the website on their mobile devices and still get a quality view. Your website’s mobile view should be similar to the desktop view. It shows very bold images that fill the screen and a nice font. When building your food website, consider convenience and accessibility. Your target audience should be able to access your website on a mobile device and still enjoy high quality.

22. Huel (Made With Shopify)

Best Food Website Example With A Captivating Headline

The name “Huel” is derived from the combination of Human + Fuel. It is a complete meal made from plant-based ingredients like oats, Peas, and rice (among others). The company was started by Julian Hearn.

What to Learn From This Website

  • Captivating Headline. The website has an attractive headline. It makes a bold claim by calling itself the “World’s no 1 Complete Food”. A bold and catchy headline attracts attention.
    • Your headline should not be vague, instead, it should be specific in its words. The headline is the first thing people see when they open your website. Make it worthwhile. It should answer the first question on your visitors’ minds: “What is this about?”.
    • The headline should also state the benefit. If your headline cannot do it, then your subheadline should do it. Let your visitors see the benefits your food business or food blog offers.
  • Supporting Subheadline. On Huel’s website, the headline and the subheadline are closely in sync. The subheadline supports the headline with clear statistical information. Your subheadline should support your headline in grabbing attention. It can further explain the statement the headline makes.
  • Social Proof for Credibility. While some websites might end there, Huel went further to include social proof. It included a rating from a credible source. It builds trust and authenticity.

23. La Tapatia (Made With Wix)

A Food Website With Good Branding Strategy

La Tapatia is a Mexican restaurant, cafe, and cantina. It has been in operation since 1989 and has been serving delicious Mexican cuisine to its customers for many decades.

What to Learn From This Website

The website maintains a minimalist design with bold images, little texts, and plenty of negative space.

  • Branding Strategy. The logo is catchy and visible on every page. It is even easier to identify because the logo is the name of the restaurant. Branding is very important, especially for food companies and restaurants. The more people see your brand (logo, name, brand color), the more they get familiar with it. Customers feel more comfortable trusting brands they are familiar with. Get your business out there. Choose a color or logo that best represents what your business stands for and its values.

Note: Branding thrives on consistency. You should stick to a logo (only change after a very long time), color, slogan, or design. Branding is what makes your business unique.

24. Whipped Bakeshop (Made With WordPress)

Beautiful Bakery Example With A Blog

Whipped Bakeshop is an appointment-only bakery founded by Zoe Lukas. The bakery specializes in producing cakes, cupcakes, and cookies.

What to Learn From This Bakery Website

The website is classy and “cake-worthy”. The colors, design, layout, and images of creamy cakes give the feeling of celebration.

  • Use of Blogging to Provide InformationBlogging is a very important part of content marketing. It is a way of driving traffic to your website and increasing your SEO ranking. Business websites (including e-commerce websites) get into blogging to provide valuable solutions to their target audience. With blogging, you can also establish your business as an authority in your niche market.

Note: Including a blog in your website drives long-term results. Everyone can blog but if you don’t have the time to do so, you can hire a professional content writer to write in your message I’m your desired tone.

25. Craft Gin Club (Made With Squarespace)

Great Gin Website With Strong Social Proof

Craft Gin Club is a club for gin lovers based in the UK. Every month the club selects a special gin and sends it to its members.

What to Learn From This Website

  • Attractive Reviews for Social Proof. The reviews are over 5000, large enough to convince any gin lover to join the club. Including customer reviews on your website is a great social proof strategy. It validates your business quality and helps you gain loyalty through customer engagement. As your visitors see your reviews, they would want to try out what you offer and give their reviews.
  • Suitable Color Blend. As one of the biggest gin clubs in the UK, the club’s website has to match its status. The midnight blue color background and gold letters make the website look very exquisite. It just has to look as attractive as possible.

26. Not Without Salt (Made With WordPress)

Simple Food Blog With Beautiful Typography Design

Not Without Salt is a food blog created by Ashley Rodriguez. She shares her passion for food (all things salted) and teaches her readers various food recipes.

What to Learn From This Food Blog

  • Beautiful Typography. Typography is very attractive. Because it doesn’t blend with the other letters or fonts, it attracts and holds the reader’s attention. For example, the typography used in this example website would make the readers stop to read the words. Use typography for the most important information you want your audience to see. Also use typography for headlines, subheadlines, and special offers. It establishes the mood as your audience is immediately attracted by the creativity of the font.
  • Excellent Photography. The website uses great photography to showcase the food and events. The images of the food highlight the colors, making it look vibrant and beautiful. Your food photography should be top-notch. Because people are moved by what they see, dull images will reduce the time people spend on your website.

27. Yantra (Made With Wix)

Best Food Website With Bold and Clear Typefaces

Yantra is a top Indian restaurant based in Singapore. The restaurant is the recipient of several awards and has been featured on various top media sites, including Expat Living and Best in Singapore.

What to Learn From This Website

  • Color Consistency. The website uses two different tones of the nude color, making the pages align with the brand’s color. Using lots of colors (especially for a simple website) can make it look very busy and distracting. Your color choice should align with the brand colors, too.
  • Use of Typefaces. The website uses bold typefaces. There is a smooth transition from one section of the page to another. No section is overshadowed by the other. Typefaces help provide easy readability. As you use different typography, it is easier for your readers to take note of each piece of information displayed.

Note: Always ensure that you choose the right font choice that your audience can relate to. Don’t make the texts too tiny or too slim that they are difficult to read.

28. Binging With Babish (Made With Squarespace)

Best Food Website Example With Clear CTAs

Unlike other website examples, Binging With Babish is a cooking show hosted by Andrew Rea, a part-chef and part-filmmaker. The website is more like a gallery of his best foods and moments in the kitchen. The quality of photos adds life and color to the website.

What to Learn From This Website

  • Clear and Powerful CTAs. The website is very strong on call-to-action. There are various clear CTAs on the website. Call-to-action gives your readers direction on where to go or how to benefit from the website or the business itself. When including CTAs, always make sure that they are very clear. Also, state the reasons why your audience should take that desired action.

Note: If you can’t think of any good CTA, you can simply encourage your readers to sign in and subscribe to your newsletters. That way, you increase your email contact lists for your email marketing strategy.

29. Sous Chef Cooking Shop (Made With Shopify)

A Beautifully Organized Ecommerce Food Website

Sous Chef Cooking Shop is an e-commerce store that sells everything you need in a kitchen. The UK online store sells various cooking ingredients, cookware, tableware, and gifts. It is the ideal shop for people who love cooking.

What to Learn From This e-commerce Food Website

  • Great Website Footer Design. Very few websites care about their footers. Contrary to what some people think, the footer is one of the most viewed sections, especially on mobile devices. Including links in your footer encourages your visitors to keep exploring. Your footer should also contain important information (that is not necessarily supposed to be at the top), for example, payment options and copyright info.
  • Organized List. The online store carefully categorizes every item available for easy search. Organizing your online store makes it easier for your online customers to locate what they are looking for and make choices. They can also check out other items and include them on their shopping lists. An organized website makes the items look even more attractive.

30. Cinnamon Society (Made With Squarespace)

Food Website With A Subtle Color Undertone

The Cinnamon Society food blog is owned by Diana Kuan, a New-York based best-selling cookbook author. She specializes in cooking, photography, and illustrations. Diana uses her blog to teach her followers how to expand their creativity in the kitchen.

What to Learn From This Website

  • Subtle Color Undertone. The website uses different shades of nude brown, making it maintain a consistent theme. The color reflects the language used and Diana’s personality. Colors speak louder than words. Hire a graphic designer, with a strong familiarity with colors, to interpret the best colors that reflect everything your brand stands for. Although colors are very important, they shouldn’t overshadow the main content.
  • Link to Landing Page. If you want your audience to take an important action that would interest them, put the information where they can easily see it  Diana displays a “book a dumpling class” at the top fold. The ad is a link that takes the visitors to a landing page. It is easier for the visitors to see the ad.

31. Caribeans (Made With Weebly)

A Food Website Example That Supports Customer Connection

Caribeans is a coffee shop and organic chocolate factory. It is located on the Caribbean Coast of Costa Rica. The factory’s website also doubles as its official online store.

What to Learn From This Website

  • Social Media Integration For Customer Connection. By placing the social media icons at the top of the website, Caribeans is encouraging its online visitors to get in touch through various platforms. It is great to hear your customers’ opinions. Always provide a way for your online visitors to reach you. It could be through a phone number, email address, or social media. Connecting with your customers also contributes to a positive customer experience.
  • Elegant Design and Bold Images. The very bold images on the website’s homepage give it an elegant look. It makes it easier for visitors to clearly see the quality of products Caribeans have. Include very clear and bold images on your introduction page.

32. Sweet C’s (Made With WordPress)

Brilliant Food Blog Example That Promotes Easy Navigation

Sweet C’s is a recipe and travel blog created by Courtney O’Dell. The blog shares inspiration and tips on all things food and travel.

What to Learn From This Website

  • Search Bar For Easy Navigation. Like this website example, have a search bar if you have lots of content on your website. The search bar will help your online visitors to locate important information within seconds, instead of being subjected to long scrolling.
  • Recent Posts. The recent posts are very easy to find, which means that the audience can be updated without having to scroll all the way down. For your blog, your recent updates should come first before the others. Use the inverted pyramid style. The recent information is more important than the previous one.

33. For The Love Of Cooking (Made With WordPress)

A Beautiful Food Website That Uses Email Marketing Strategies

For The Love Of Cooking is a very beautiful food website with lots of creative food recipes for the family. The website shares delicious food ideas. With its savory pictures, it takes you on a beautiful food adventure.

What to Learn From This Website

  • Intentional About Email Marketing. Email Marketing is still one of the best ways of gaining new subscribers and promoting your blog. The website example uses the email CTA strategically. It places the CTA on the header, footer, and a section on the page. Build your email contact list by encouraging your visitors to subscribe. Don’t just do it once, they will likely skip it or forget about it. Do it about three or four times to grab their attention.
  • Beautiful Layout. The website uses lots of bold images and few texts. The layout balances both the images and texts so that they don’t look too cluttered. Use a design layout that is clear and easy to go through. Fortunately, the best website builders offer templates with great design layouts, so you have plenty of options to choose from.

34. Tasty Shop (Made With Shopify)

Food Website With Video Content For Teaching

Tasty Shop is both a recipe website and an online store. It sells cooking and baking utensils and shares delicious recipes while displaying them in colorful images.

What to Learn From This Website

  • Video Content. The best way to teach a large audience is by showing them what to do. People learn better when they see what you are doing. Use video content in your blog or online store to teach your audience how to use a utensil or how to make a particular dish. Your video content should contain helpful information that will encourage your audience to make a purchase.
  • Mobile-friendly. The website example is very beautiful on mobile devices. The visitors can access the website from a mobile device without having to worry about dealing with poor quality. Improve your website’s visibility by maintaining a mobile-friendly website with a fast loading speed.

35. Popcorn Willy (Made With GoDaddy)

Beautiful Use Of Color Contrast On A Food Website

Popcorn Willy is a popcorn-producing company founded by Willy in 1991, in Pennsylvania. The company now has over 80 flavors of popcorn available. It also serves freshly baked goods, breakfast, and lunch.

What to Learn From This Website

  • Color Contrast. The website uses very clear color contrast to highlight the golden yellow color of the popcorn. A white background would have overshadowed the image of the popcorn and given it a dull look. Color contrast draws the viewer’s attention because it doesn’t blend with other sections on the page. It is a good directional cue.
  • Interesting Storytelling. The website uses storytelling to tell the history of the store. Customers would like to know how a store/company came to be. Most humans tend to be curious. A good story holds their curiosity and will keep them on your page longer than they intended to.

36. This Healthy Table (Made With Squarespace)

A Simple Food Blog Example

Emily created This Healthy Table in 2015 as a way to share her passion for cooking and incredible recipe ideas with fellow food lovers around the world. Her food inspiration comes from the countries she has lived in.

What to Learn From This Website

  • Very Simple Design and Layout. Maybe not professional but the website has a very simple design. The content is displayed in a straight line format.
  • Easy To Comment. It is easy for the viewers to comment and drop their opinion. All they have to do is type in their email address and then drop their comments. Using this commenting method is a smart way to also get people to subscribe to your email list.
  • Personal Feedback. Emily encourages her visitors to post comments and engage with her posts by replying to their comments. It is so great when you reach out to someone for help and they offer it to you. You feel motivated to keep engaging. This is what giving feedback does. People will feel more open to engaging with you when you also engage with them. Reply to comments on your blog, especially the ones that ask questions or need guidance. It makes you look “more human and relatable”.

37. BioTrust (Made With Shopify)

Best Niche-focused Food Website Example

BioTrust is a nutrition company that was founded by two best friends, Joel Marion and Josh Bezoni. The company sells healthy products like protein and supplements.

What to Learn From This Website

  • Niche-focused Content. The website is focused on a particular food niche – healthy food consumers. Identifying your niche audience will help you tailor content that is just for them. The website example focuses on providing vital information that would help the target audience boost their confidence in healthy food products. Your website is not for everybody so you cannot speak to everyone at the same time (with the same language, mood, or tone).
  • Relevant Brand Color. The website example also uses relevant brand color (green) that reflects the healthy nature of the products. Use a color that reflects the nature of your brand. If you deal in sugary products, use very light colors. Colors speak louder than words.

38. Jo Cooks (Made With WordPress)

Best Food Blog With Complete Step-by-step Tutorials And An Attractive Freebie Offer

Jo Cooks is a food blog created by Joanna Cismaru. She is a writer, photographer, and cookbook author. The blog contains complete step-by-step tutorials on all you need to succeed in the kitchen.

What to Learn From This Food Blog 

  • Catchy CTA. Instead of the usual “subscribe” or “sign up”, Jo uses “sign me up!”. Because it is different, visitors are attracted to give it a second look. The exclamation mark makes the freebie offer sound like something you can’t miss. Your CTA should sound as attractive as your offer. Use the sense of urgency to get them to take action immediately.
  • Fun Storytelling. Jo makes her “About” page fun by engaging in storytelling. She also includes a story on her previous career and fun facts about her. A detailed introduction (not including very personal details) is very helpful as your readers will get to know you and connect with you on a better level.
  • Social Proof. Jo includes logos and names of the top media she has featured in. It proves her authenticity and quality. Even if it is just the local news company or your community magazine, include them. Your works become more attractive when you show how appreciated they are.
  • Easy Link to Cookbook. If a purchase cannot be made on your blog, it is best to link to platforms where your books can be bought. A direct link helps save time and energy. Delaying the process will make your customers lose interest (unless they are very desperate).

39. Miracle Noodle (Made With Shopify)

A Food Website With A Meaningful Logo Design

Miracle Noodle first started as a company that produces Shirataki, a plant-based food with lots of health benefits. The company began in 2006 by Johnathan Carp. Ever since then, the company has evolved to produce other highly nutritious vegan foods.

What to Learn From This Website

  • Suitable Color Blend. Miracle Noodle has a very beautiful website design and layout. The color green and white reflects the nutritional/healthy nature of the products. Colors have meaning and using the wrong color will lead to a misunderstanding about what your brand stands for. Identify your brand with the right colors.
  • Simple Headline. Miracle Noodle uses a simple and clear headline to show visitors what the website (and the products) is about. It shows visitors what to expect. Your headline introduces your audience to what to expect on your website. It is what welcomes your visitors to your website. Use only simple words that are easy to understand at a glance.
  • Catchy Offer. Your website aims to introduce your online target audience to your business. To convince them about taking action, make an interesting offer that will attract them. A good offer can encourage a prospective buyer to purchase more than one item. When it comes to online shopping, shipping cost is one of the determining factors of purchasing. A lot of consumers don’t like paying shipping fees. Understanding such needs made Miracle Noodle tailor its offer accordingly.
  • Meaningful Logo Design. The logo on the website example has a meaning that matches the name of the company. The green noodles inside the black bowl signify the healthy food the company makes. It also reflects the name “Miracle Noodles”, especially since green represents “nature”, “healthy”, or “organic”. Your logo design should not be abstract from what your company represents. It should be easily identifiable among other businesses.

40. Elana’s Pantry (Made With WordPress)

Best Example Of A Gluten-free Recipes Website

Elana Amsterdam, a New York Times Best-selling author, is the creator of Elana’s Pantry food recipe website. She is also a health and wellness blogger that shares easy health-based recipes like low-carb, gluten-free, and grain-free recipes.

What to Learn From This Food Recipe Website

  • Niche-focused Website. A niche-focused website is easier to identify. Focusing on a particular niche helps with your SEO ranking because you will use specific keywords that pertain to your target audience. Elana’s Pantry does special gluten-free and low-carb recipes which means her website is focused on a particular niche. Focusing on a particular niche establishes you as a personality in that niche.
  • Very Helpful Blog Posts. Elana’s blog posts are very helpful, especially in her niche. Blogging has helped her become an influencer in her niche. The power of blogging relevant content is that you offer value to thousands of people through the offer you give. It is also a means of making extra income.

41. Ben & Jerry’s (Made With BigCommerce)

Best Ice-cream Website With Captivating Blog Post Headlines

Ben & Jerry’s is one of the biggest producers of ice cream in the world. They are famous for their variety of ice-cream flavors. The company started in 1978 and has evolved into the world of ice-cream flavors.

What to Learn From This Ice-cream Website

  • Highlight on the Products. The website highlights the ice-cream products and the different flavors. The images are bold and clear. It also shows the different sizes of each cup and the inside too. When displaying your products, ensure you show them in different ways. Show all the sides for transparency. You can also take it from different angles too. Your audience would want to know what your product looks like. One angle won’t do.
  • Interesting Blogging Headlines. It is one thing to have a blog and it is another thing to have a blog that attracts. Your blog is a way to boost your SEO ranking and attract more visitors to your website. However, you won’t get many visitors if the titles of your blog posts are not captivating. Invest your time in crafting interesting headlines that will make internet users click on your blog. Don’t use clickbait because it backfires. Painfully.

42. Sakara (Made With Shopify)

Great Food Website With An Intersection Landing Page

Sakara is an online store that delivers plant-based, ready-to-eat meals directly to its customers.

What to Learn From This Website

  • Interesting Landing Page. Sakara has a clear landing page with lots of interesting information. TheA landing page aims to provide detailed information about an offer and generate more leads. When you have a special offer, create a landing page with detailed information about the offer. Doing so will ensure that your offer is successful.
  • FAQ Section. Not all food websites have FAQ sections. An FAQ section is very important, especially when you have new online visitors that would like to know about your product. Including FAQs on your landing page is also a great way of clearing any potential doubts and convincing your prospects to take the offer. Answer relevant questions on your FAQs. The questions should be useful to the offer.
  • Multiple Sign-up Options. Sakara has multiple sign-up options available so interested visitors can sign up for promos, recipes, and tips. Multiple sign-up options would increase your chances of getting more people to sign-up. You are making it convenient for people to receive your news in various ways. One way may be limiting but two ways open up your chances.

43. Phoenix Vegan (Made With Strikingly)

A Food Blog Example With A Beautiful Image Background

The Phoenix Vegan food blog was created by Jozh Watson, a Phoenix native, and vegan-friendly content creator. He uses his blog to share his food and life experiences with the world.

What to Learn From This Food Blog 

  • Bold Images. Your choice of images contributes to the mood of your blog. It is also a determining factor in how your online audience will relate to the content on your blog. Use Instagram-worthy photos to display your food. Let your audience feel the sweet, sourness, and savory texture of each food you display.
  • Beautiful Background. The background photo adds to the beauty of the website. Using high-quality images as a background has become quite popular over the years. Image backgrounds create a mood for the website. However, your image background should not overshadow the content on your blog or website. Avoid using very bright colors or very dull colors that will blur out the text.

Note: Your image background should add meaning to the website/blog by making a meaningful statement.

FAQs About Food Websites 2023

What Does it Take to Start a Good Food Blog?

Like every other kind of niche blogging, food blogging takes consistency and dedication. It has a whole lot to do with your authenticity and originality. You should learn to write in your voice and not someone else’s.

Following a few simple steps will help you get started in establishing your great food blog:

– Be consistent
– Network
– Have a great blog design
– Have a consistent language flow
– Take appetizing photos
– Being accessible to your audience
– Making commenting easy (Say NO to CAPTCHA)
– Creating relevant and shareable content
– Identifying with a niche audience
– Let your audience know you
– Cite your sources, especially if you are reposting another person’s recipe
– Collaborate with some food brands, local chefs, or restaurants

By following these simple steps and using the above examples as a guide, you will create a very successful food blog. While your blog cannot grow overnight, you should maintain consistency and always update your blog.

What are the Benefits of Owning a Website in the Food Industry?

The food industry is very large, estimated at over $8 trillion. This means that there are more food businesses (not just restaurants) springing up each year. Setting up a good website will increase your chances for visibility in the sea of similar businesses all over the world.

An Online Presence. In today’s world, if your business doesn’t have an online presence then it likely doesn’t exist. A website will expose you to a wider range of audiences who are on the internet. So you don’t necessarily have to rely on physical fliers to create awareness. You can also get more visibility around your locality by using your location as a keyword.

Accessibility. A website would contain your contact information. With your contact information, interested clients/customers can reach out to you. A website shows the legitimacy of your business.

Convenience. With a website, your customers can see your menu list, cookbook, available cooking ingredients, and other food-related products. They can also purchase from the comfort of their home (wherever they are around the world). Your customers also get the chance to participate in discount and promo offers.

Collaborations. An attractive website paves way for more features and collaborations with other food and beverage businesses, chefs, food magazines, and local news media. This is great social proof for your business.

Without a website, your business will be limited. You can only achieve a small portion of what you could achieve with a website.

How do I Write About for a Food Website?

The About page is usually the most tricky page to write on a website. While you don’t want to sound too professional, strict, or boring, you also don’t want to include too much personal information. So the key is to keep it simple and casual.

Your About Us” page should include your company’s vision and mission statements. It can also include your history – how your company or restaurant or food blog started.

The best way to deliver a great About page is through storytelling. Through storytelling, you can highlight your brand’s biggest selling point.

Don’t forget to put a face to your business. Your online audience better relates with people than with faceless brands.

What Should I Include on a Food Website?

Your food website or food blog should contain relevant information that concerns your niche audience.

Enticing food photography. Greet your online visitors with delicious food images. They first eat with their eyes before deciding to continue scrolling your website or not. Attractive food photos are very important. You can hire a professional food photographer to get that wow effect. Your food needs to look fresh and sensuous.

Engaging Content. Content is still king no matter what you do. Your content reveals the value you are offering. What new knowledge is your content revealing? Make sure that your content is simple, fun, and easy to understand so that it can hook your audience.

Attractive Colors. Colors contribute to the overall look of your website. They can make or Mar your food website. Use vibrant colors to reflect the mood of each food. Also, your choice of background colors should not overshadow the quality of the food. Instead, it should complement and highlight the beauty of the food.

Great User Interface. The success of a website also involves the technical aspect. Ensure that your website is very responsive and keeps up with the speed.

Launch Your Food Website 2023

Whether you own a restaurant, a food or beverage business, a food blog, or you sell cooking ingredients, creating a food website is the best way to boost your visibility and get more sales. Building your website won’t be difficult if you follow the website examples listed in this article.

Fortunately, you can use the templates from the top website builders to create your delicious food website within minutes. Make sure to always update your website, too. Don’t forget to keep it simple.

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