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Key Google Search Statistics 2023 – MY Choice

  • Google dominates over 91% of the global search engine market share. (Statista)
  • 12.2% of all Google searches come from the top 2000 keywords. (Backlinko)
  • Google processes 16-25% new keywords every year. (Google)
  • Mobile devices account for over 60% of Google searches. (Broadband Search)
  • Long-tail keywords make up 91.8% of all search queries. (Moz)

General Google Search Statistics 2023

Interesting Google Search Statistics

Size of Google index30 to 50 billion pages
Number of daily Google searches3.7 billion
Percentage of global searches on Google76%
Size of Google Search IndexOver 100,000,000 GB
Percentage of new annual Google search results16-20%
Percentage of Google searches from mobile devicesOver 60%

Search Engines Market Share Worldwide

Search EngineMarket Share
GoogleOver 90%

Number of Global Google Search Queries

Time PeriodNumber of Queries
Every Second40,000
Every Day3.7 billion
Every Year1.2 trillion

Top 10 Global Google Searches in 2019

RankSearch Term
1India vs South Africa
2Cameron Boyce
3Copa America
4Bangladesh vs India
5iPhone 11
6Game of Thrones
7Avengers: Endgame
  1. Google is the most visited website with, around 89.3 billion monthly visitors.
  2. Voice searches accounted for 30% of all searches in 2021.
  1. Mobile devices accounted for 63% of Google’s organic search traffic in the United States in 2021.
  2. 17% of web pages are ranked in the same position on desktop and mobile.
  1. Google considers more than 200 variables when giving users the best results.
  1. Internet users worldwide are growing at an annual rate of 8.2%.
  2. The Google search engine has about 15 exabytes of storage.

Google’s Search Market Share

RegionMarket Share

Google Consumers’ Searching Habits

New Searches25% of all searches in 2007 were completely new to Google
Natural LanguageIncreasing usage of natural language in search queries
Voice SearchIncreasing usage of voice search to find answers
ImpatienceUsers adding words such as “nearby,” “near me,” “open,” and “now” to search queries for quick results

Length of Google Searches

2 Words23.98%
1 Word27.71%
3 Words19.60%
4 Words13.89%
5 Words8.70%
6+ Words12.12%

Google Searches from Mobile Devices

Mobile UsePercentage
Mobile DevicesOver 60% (as estimated in 2019)

Ad Clicks on Mobile

RegionPercentage of Clicks from Mobile
US (Q2 of 2019)69%

Number of Users of Google’s Products

ProductNumber of Users
Google Sites250.5 million

Google’s Local Mobile Searches

SearchesIncrease (2017-2019)
Local (near me)250%

Advertising a Business with Google


Random Google Search Statistics

Voice Search30% of all searches will be performed by voice in 2020
Google ImagesAccount for 22.6% of all internet searches and 62.6% of all searches on Google Web Search
Average Search SessionDoesn’t last longer than 1 minute

Marketing-Related Google Search Statistics 2023

  1.  In Q2 2021, organic search generated 23% of all site visits.
  2. On average, Google search ads get 3.17% clicks.
  1. In just a year, Google’s search and advertising technologies contributed $426 billion to the US economic activity.
  2. With a 6.05% CTR, the dating industry has the highest-paid link performance.
  3. Paid search has a 1% advantage over organic search in generating income.

Google Keyword Search Statistics 2023

  1. “Facebook” was the most searched word on Google in 2021
  1. Searchers click on autocomplete recommendations 23% of the time.
  2. 13% of Google queries are about translation.
  3. Long-tail keywords account for 91.8% of all search terms.
  1. 25% of all search queries in 2021 were entirely original and had never been viewed by Google before.
  2. Searches for the term “curbside pickup” increased by 3,000% in 2021.
  3. 12.2% of all Google searches come from the top 2000 keywords,.
  4. “Near me” searches on Google have increased by over 250% on mobile devices.
  5. Since 2003, the Bible has been searched more than any other book on Google.

Google User Behavior Stats 2023

  1. The first click on a Google result takes, on average, 14.6 seconds.
  1. The CTR for the top Google result is 31.7%.
  2. 90% of participants from a survey claimed they were inclined to click on results on the first page of google.
  3. 83% of searchers find what they are looking for without the need to change the original search query.
  1. 55% of teenagers in the United States regularly use Google Assistant.
  2. More than half of Google searches end with no click.
  3. 20% of all Google searches on Google are done by voice.
  1. A site’s CTR can increase by up to 30.8% simply by moving up one position in the Google Search results.
  2. For local queries, 42% of people click on the Google map results.

Google Brand and Market Share Statistics 2023

  1. Google and Bing are the Most Widely Used Search Engines in the World.
  1. In Brazil, Google holds 95% of the search engine market.
  2. 84% of mobile devices in Africa use Google Chrome to access the internet.
  3. The Google brand was worth around $458 billion in 2021.

Google Search Statistics for Businesses 2023

  1. Google is used by 47% of consumers to research new brands.
  1. Nearly 4 billion people use Google’s services and products.
  2. In 2020, Google made $182 billion in revenue, the highest the company has ever brought in.

Grow Your Business With Google Search 2023

The Google search statistics show that Google still commands a sizable share of the search market. However, being seen on search results doesn’t mean people will click through to your site and convert into a customer.

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