Headline checklist

You may lose 60% of your prospect if your headline isn’t effective

if you can’t affect your prospects from just the headline, this is a significant loss. many bloggers spend a lot of time just perfecting their copy headline

Headline checklist

Here are 8 steps to use to make a powerful headline that can smash results

  • Does it feature your article’s biggest benefit? (The #1 most important rule.)
  • Is it significantly larger than your body copy? Boldfaced too?
  • Is it powerful enough to get people to read your body copy?
  • Does it make some kind of offer?
  • Is it authoritative, and not wimpy?
  • Is the headline set in initial caps? (This Is Initial Caps.) Use ALL CAPS only if your headline is short—about four to five words or so.
  • Is it in quotes? This can boost reading by 25 percent.

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