Google may killed your traffic over time?

Google Algorithm updates in a nutshell

I go that question Alot . Like “what do you do about this update?”, ” Did it kill that traffic? Are you worried?”.

Google algorithm gods are out there. And the more mysterious they are, the more unknown we understand google, the more fearfull we are in our heart and our souls. So You should know that ” Algorith updates happen, we can’t control it. We lie in a world of algorithms ” Facebook algorithms, ticktok algorithms. it’s all Ai. So we need to learn about thses algorithms and how they work if we want to make rteal money in this world of web 2.0

Fisrt Let’s cover the main principle:

Traffic doesn’t Equal Revenue

i have seen this countless times about sites bragging about traffic and saying ” Oh Traffic dipped and i lost my business”. But to me . traffic doesn’t equal revenue. You may have atraffic dip to 50% and your revenue won’t change and has kept going up.

You know why ?

this would happen if you treated your site like a real business. You shouldn’t be dependent on one article to run your entire blog, then you are in areal trouble and that’s when algorith updates get Scary and the solution here is :

We have to Diversify

What i mean by that is that we should cover alot of different things. We have to know that traffic doesn’t equal revenue

We Have to keep increase our Base

If you traffic go from 500k down to 400k . Well that’s still 400 thousands monthy reader. It’s not like it’s zero. we have to keep icreasing our base and pushing things forward

We are appeasing the algorithms

We actually appeasing the algorithms when it comes to on-page SEO and off-page SEO. on-page SEO is thing like using Surfer to optimise your article for robots .by telling you the exact keywords . the amount keyword you need , how to structure the headings and faq schemaand these other things. We we are appeasigng the algorithms when it comes to on-page seoand backlinks that Ai knows that other siteslink to you. So those two main factors on-page and off-page seo, So we are peasing them.

The goal is to future our site from all algorithm update

We have to think about how to future proof Our site so that we’re not being reactive to algorithms updates but weathering the storm and actually focsing on the futhure and the end goal is not just to worry about each algorith updates but to create the best possible content and future our site from all algorithm updates. So how we dothat?. it’s based on the search intent and user signals.

Search intent really comes down to ending the search journey, So the best content will ultimately will win. Because when somebody google something and they click on the artcle number one. and they go back to google and then click in article number two and they end there. that tells google that they ended the search journey on article two . artcle two is better. That’s an algorithmranking signal that might icrease that articleover time with enough data points and enough thousands of vistors doing that.So it’s based on data collection. it’s based on ranking and then seeing user signals based on what people are actually doingon the that’s why really all is mastering search intent , Not just what keyword research they have in a report but what they actuall y want they land on the article. So youhave to blanket that topic. for example: if i’m writting about ecommerce platfroms. I better say that here’s the best one fpr small businesses. her’s the best one for large business. her’s the best one for drop shipping. her’s the best one for begginers and cover basically every personathat may read the articlebecause that somebody fells like in their heart when they read it.

” Okey Abdalslam, the bases are covered , i get it” That’s ultimately what you want to do to end the search journey and aqvoid people from going back and click another article so ultimately that comes down to search intent and user signal and ending the searcgh journey.

and it comes down to writting article for both robots like search engines and human beings.

Algorithms will only get smarter and the best content will win

You should build a true brand and not pigeonholing yourself into one tiny niche site is really paramount because you need to have multiple articles ranking , you need to be on multiple subniches so that things don’t take huge impact.

The product review update

that’s the big one here that everyone’s talking about right now ” The Product review update”.

When we are talking abouth product rviews we have to talk about are they. . if you are on youtube and recommending something physical . You have to hold it and would be likely to tell its features. and when you’se doing that on youtube peple expect aery specific and unique piece of content actually with the product. But on Google search. It’s not quite the same..

When you’re writtingBlog posts and articles especially the “BEST-of” posts. it’s going to be a list and it’s gonna have key features, it’s gonna have benefits. but it’s not gonna havesome crazy in-depth content. it’s not necessrily a product review. it’s a round-up post

When we want to make money, you should know most of the money made in these round-up posts for affiliate revenue

Most of the money is made through affiliate revenue

the good news is when you’re blogger like these are least complicated ones to write . yyou don’t want to dive super deep into it . but the more that google does thses product review updates , the more deeper we have to get because they start giving us different ideas.

So here is thye questin..

How to do all of these Fast, Efficiently

Here’s the truth.. Most people doing reviews on products on the internet have never actually touched the product online. Sad true . Welcome to the real world. The matrix pulled out from under your eyes. Most big sites don’t have or the resources to buy and use every product they’re recommending. they’re just putting the ones that make the money at the top. it’s unfortunate butit’s true. So how do we create all thses comparable and interesting compasion coverage and review produts that we might not be all that familliarwith or that we’ve used but we want to just show google that it’s the best source of information ?


When you’re writting software review put the best software fisrt : the tope five , which is good for engagment. . after that we have the intoduction

The best content wins

ai gettting smarter and smarter. And it’s not about tricking it or hacking it . It’s all about a long term srtartegy. and the good news with blogging is that you can always update these articles an indefinite amount of times. if i want to update ayoutube video, i can’t do it . But with the blog post i can always update it. So the more you update it. the smarter the ai gets. the better your contetn gets and the better your chances of ranking.

If it’s not easy,It probably worht doing

it’s not easy to dive into dashborad and look at things and add videos to content and make them longer and better. But that’s it takes in somw of hese competitive niches. not every single article to be that way but a lot of them do. so if it’s nopt easy . it’s probably worth doing.

So ultimately when you want to build a blogging business, you don’t want to be reliant and scared about google algrithms updates because i’m not scared at all about them. Bacause every single time Traffi c has been knocked down. We have only increased it blew past where we were before and revenue has never dippled and this is because of the different revenue streams you should have because you need to create an unkillable business & unkillable personal brand that isn’t worried about google or algorith updates but it’s future proofing content fo the future.

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