Are you tired of scrolling through endless product listings online, trying to find the perfect item within your budget? Well, say hello to Klarna’s latest innovation – the ChatGPT plugin for AI-assisted shopping!

Klarna, the global retail bank known for its seamless payment solutions, has partnered with OpenAI’s ChatGPT to bring you an intuitive shopping experience like never before.

In this blog post, we will dive into the exciting world of Klarna’s ChatGPT plugin, how it works, its release date, and more. So, sit back, relax, and let’s explore the future of online shopping together!

Klarna introduces ChatGPT plugin for AI-assisted shopping

Klarna has introduced the ChatGPT plugin for AI-assisted shopping, becoming one of the first brands to do so. The plugin aims to provide a personalized shopping experience by offering product suggestions through an AI chat service.

Users can ask Klarna for shopping advice, inspiration, and product links using the search and compare tool. The plugin is currently available on OpenAI’s plugin page, with plans to expand availability to different regions and countries.

Users can install the plugin and ask questions to receive product suggestions based on their budget and requirements. However, there may be limitations with biased or incorrect responses from ChatGPT, which users can provide feedback on for improvement.

Overall, the collaboration between Klarna and ChatGPT aims to enhance the shopping process for users by leveraging AI technology.

What is the Klarna ChatGPT Collaboration?

Klarna’s collaboration with ChatGPT aims to enhance users’ shopping ventures by providing highly personalized product suggestions.

With the integration of the AI chat service ChatGPT into Klarna’s platform, users can now ask for shopping advice, inspiration, product links, and more using the search and compare tool effortlessly.

It’s like having your own personal shopping assistant that understands your preferences and budget!

Klarna CEO and Co-founder, Sebastian Siemiatkowski, expressed his excitement about the ChatGPT plugin, stating, “I’m excited about our plugin with AI chatbot ChatGPT, as it passes my criteria of ‘North star’ which I call my ‘mom test.’ i.e would my mom understand the benefits of this plugin?”

He further added that the plugin is easy to use and can solve several problems, driving tremendous value for everyone.

Klarna has always been at the forefront of leveraging technology and information to help users explore new products and solve consumer issues at all stages of the shopping journey.

The company is committed to continuous innovation and introducing new services to enhance the shopping experience for its users.

Is there a ChatGPT Klarna Plugin Release Date?

As of now, the ChatGPT Klarna plugin is available on OpenAI’s plugin page. However, the exact release date for the plugin is not yet confirmed.

It has been reported that the plugin will first be made available to ChatGPT Plus subscribers in the United States and Canada, followed by other regions and countries after safety testing, improvement, and development stages.

Eventually, the feature will be made available to regular ChatGPT users as well, connecting the AI chatbot to the internet for a seamless shopping experience.

How Will the Klarna ChatGPT Plugin Work?

Using the Klarna ChatGPT plugin is incredibly easy. Users simply need to install the plugin through the ChatGPT plugin store, and they can start asking questions right away.

For example, you can enter a prompt like “I have $40, what shoes will I be able to afford?” The plugin will immediately generate a list of items based on your request, providing you with personalized product suggestions within your budget.

But that’s not all! Users can also ask additional questions and seek more product suggestions from the Klarna ChatGPT plugin.

And when you click on a product link, you will be directed to the product page on Klarna’s search, where you can find detailed price comparisons across 500,000 retail partners according to the company.

It’s like having your own personal shopping genie at your fingertips, making your shopping experience smooth and hassle-free!

ChatGPT Limitations with Klarna

As with any AI technology, ChatGPT has its limitations. At times, it may generate biased or incorrect responses to users’ queries, which can be a potential drawback of the Klarna ChatGPT plugin. However, Klarna encourages users to provide feedback and issue statements regarding any issues they encounter.

However, Klarna encourages users to provide feedback and report any issues they encounter. This valuable feedback helps ChatGPT learn and improve its service over time, ensuring a better experience for users in the future.


Klarna’s collaboration with ChatGPT brings a new level of convenience and personalization to the online shopping experience. With the ChatGPT plugin, users can receive tailored product suggestions, compare prices, and make informed decisions, all in one place. Although there may be limitations, Klarna is committed to continuously improving the plugin and providing the best possible shopping experience for its users.

So why wait? Try out the Klarna ChatGPT plugin for yourself and discover how this innovative tool can revolutionize your online shopping adventures. Say goodbye to endless browsing and hello to a more fun and seamless shopping experience with Klarna and ChatGPT. Happy shopping!

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