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Key Leadership Statistics 2023 – MY Choice

  • 79% of employees will quit due to a lack of appreciation.
  • While 83% of organizations believe it’s important to develop leaders at every level of the company, only 5% of businesses have implemented leadership development at all levels.
  • 78% of business leaders actively and regularly focus on engaging with their employees.
  • Only 48% of employees view their company’s leadership as “high quality.”
  • Only 10% of people are natural leaders — another 20% show some qualities of basic managerial talent that can be cultivated into high-quality leadership.
  • US businesses spend $166 billion on leadership development each year — nearly half of the $366 billion that’s spent globally.

Leadership Stats

Leadership StatisticsData
Percentage of employees who quit after inadequate appreciation from managers79%
Percentage of millennials concerned about lack of leadership skill development in their workplace69%
Percentage of women on boards of directors15%
Percentage of companies that say developing leaders is crucial83%
Percentage of leaders who view their current organization’s leadership quality as high48%
Percentage of CEOs who view developing the next generation of leaders as their top challenge55%
Percentage of millennials who believe they aren’t being fully developed as leaders by their employers63%
Percentage of HR leaders who feel they have a strong bench to take over leadership roles11%
Percentage of leaders who reported feeling worn out at the end of each day60%
Percentage of high-potential workers who felt exhausted by the end of the day86%
Estimated worldwide leadership training investments in 2020$357.7 billion
Percentage of US businesses’ loss due to workplace stress$300 billion
Percentage of professionals who report losing sleep because of work stress66%
Percentage of companies that report leadership is lacking77%
Percentage of companies that say it’s important to develop leaders at all levels83%
Percentage of companies that have implemented leadership development across all levelsLess than 5%
Percentage of respondents who said their companies lacked sufficient leadership talent50%
Percentage of respondents who predicted a shortage of leadership or executive-level skills in the future47%

Leadership Development Statistics 2023

  1. Almost 80% of companies reported a gap in leadership development.
  1. 83% of organizations believe that leadership development at all hierarchies is important.
  2. Only 19% of business managers believe that leadership development programs are relevant to their business.
  1. 42% of business managers developed their leadership style through observation.
  2. An estimated $166 billion is spent on leadership development each year in the United States.
  3. Up to 42% of corporations do not have a leadership competency framework that would guide their development plans.

Leadership Stress Statistics 2023

  1. US-based businesses suffer $300 billion in loss each year due to workplace stress.
  1. Almost 76% of recent survey respondents described their leaders as “toxic”.
  2. Only 52% of employees in corporate America believe that their employer cares about their work-life balance.

Leadership Burnout Statistics 2023

  1. Nearly 60% of business leaders reported feeling worn out at the end of their workday.
  2. Approximately 76% of business executives reported feeling overwhelmed due to work.
  3. 26% of recent survey respondents said they planned to leave their company due to burnout.
  4. Nearly 44% of business leaders who feel used up expect to switch companies in order to advance professionally.
  5. Three in five employees and business leaders stated that their company had taken steps to prevent or minimize burnout.

Leadership Training Statistics 2023

  1. The corporate leadership training market is expected to reach an astonishing $26.7 billion by 2024.
  2. According to research, leadership training boosts the behavior of business leaders by almost 30%.
  3. Managers who have received proper leadership training are up to 88% more productive.
  1. Approximately 58% of those in senior management roles have not had any formal training.

Female Leadership Statistics 2023

  1. Even though they represent 54.3% of the workforce, female leaders hold only 35% of senior positions in US-based companies.
  1. 8.2% of Fortune 500 Companies have female CEOs.
  2. Companies with women in leadership roles are 30% more likely to outperform others.
  3. Women hold only 29% of senior management roles.
  4. Human Resources have the highest rates of women in leadership (almost 75%).

Leadership Demographic Statistics 2023

  1. Currently, there are over 44,654 leaders employed in the US.
  2. The average age of a leader is 46 years old.
  3. The most common ethnicity of leaders is White (65.1%).
  1. In 2021, women earned 86% of what men earned.

Business Leadership Statistics 2023

  1. Only 10% of people are natural leaders that can guide their employees by example.
  2. Up to 38% of new leaders fail within their first 18 months.
  3. Only 14% of CEOs have the necessary leadership talent required to grow their business.
  4. 77% of corporations are experiencing leadership gaps.
  5. Up and coming leadership trends will ensure more women in senior management due to the 25% leadership shortage that occurred in 2018.
  6. Back in 2019, 70% of managers did not expect to get a promotion.
  7. Companies using ILT leadership dropped by 10% following the COVID-19 pandemic.

Why Is Leadership Improvement And Development So Important in 2023?

Businesses that actually invest in human capital have been proven to deliver stock market returns that are up to 5 times higher than those that don’t. This is why it is of utmost importance to develop leaders and nurture their professional growth.

The development of a company’s leadership boosts employee engagement and actually helps the organization deal with gaps in its talent pipeline more easily and efficiently. This in turn reduces the costs associated with employee turnover and improves the company’s success. 

Great leaders are known to inspire and attract equally great employees. Someone who does not possess the necessary leadership traits and skills will not be able to retain or even attract high-performing employees, which will, in turn, deteriorate the development of the entire business.

Effective leadership and its development will consequently lead to the improvement of the overall performance of the entire organization. Leadership development statistics also show that businesses need to have a connection between leadership strategy and business strategy. 

This drives better strategy execution and allows businesses to shape the strategy and culture of their organization freely. Currently, approximately 42% of businesses are short of a leadership competency framework.

How Can These Leadership Statistics Help You?

Regardless of whether you’re currently working in one of several managerial positions, or you’re looking to try yourself out in one of those leadership roles, these leadership statistics and leadership trends can help you gain valuable insight.

By learning more about effective leadership, leadership qualities statistics, as well as some bad leadership stats, you’ll be able to more effectively develop both your personal and professional skills and improve your leadership capabilities. 

There are a lot of ways that businesses and corporations can avoid having poor leaders and becoming part of bad leadership statistics, including learning how to develop leaders and increase their leadership success rates.

Nurturing leadership talent and enhancing leadership traits and leadership performance are all crucial factors that can help any business grow and thrive in today’s economy and world.

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