What I’m Doing Now

Welcome to my now page (inspired by Derek Sivers).

This page will be updated on a monthly basis as what I’m currently doing and focused on now changes.


  • Focused on making this new design of abdalslam.com go live
  • Planning out new content for this site
  • Getting started with my new Abdalslam’s Insider’s email newsletter
  • Hiring 2-3 people on a contract basis to help out with the blog so I can scale content production up again

Media / Appearances

  • If you’re interested in featuring me on your blog, podcast or virtual event, feel free to get in touch here.

Investing/ Crypto

  • Since early 2022, I’ve been learning everything I can about crypto, NFTs and Blockchain technolgy.
  • I follow some very valuable newsletters and YouTube channels to stay up to date.
  • I believe crypto and this new technology is the future and we’re still extremely early (we haven’t even scratched the surface yet).

Outside of Work / Business

  • Focusing on my health and fitness daily (I’m on track to get in the best shape of my life if I stay consistent over the next 12 months or so).
  • Doing daily meditation via Headspace and/or Waking Up.
  • Using apps such as Audible, Blinkist and Headway to consume more of the best books out there.
  • Trying to spend as much of my free time in the outdoors and having fun.

Things I’m Looking Forward To

  • Spending the next summer ( 2024 ) summer in Europe (I haven’t spent a full summer in Europe in so long, but in 2024 I’ll make it happen).

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