Best Podcast Recording Software In Your Budget 2023

I remember the days when being a podcaster used to be very knotty and sophisticated. 

Just to record a podcast, I used to go through very complicated processes like professional recording setup and creating background-noise-filled podcasts on my smartphone every day. This used to be a very time-consuming process to handle. 

BUT Big Thanks to many smart podcast recording software and audio editing software. They have made this journey very ‘Easy-to-Use’ to everyone. 

ARE YOU at your early stage in this podcast journey and seeking perfect guidance on How to choose the best Podcast recording software to fulfill your needs, budget, and setup?

I’ll make this journey easier. 

I will share some of my Research on podcast recording software that made my journey so much easier.

Back then when I was on the pathway that you are on today, I was also getting confused with questions like, 

  • What are the different software to record the podcast?
  • How to use the podcast recording software?
  • Which is the best podcast recording software? 
  • How much does this software cost?

Well, let’s find out!

Here are the 9+ Podcast Recording Software Which I Have Sorted As The BEST!

Name Of the SoftwareBest FeaturePrice
AudacityBest for beginnersFree
GarageBandFree Podstation for Mac usersFree
AnchorRecord the Podcast directly from the SmartphoneFree
Adobe AuditionBest quality Podcast Recording$20.99/month
BuzzsproutVoice smoother feature$12/month
RSS.comTrack and Monitor your Podcast with Ease.$4.99/month – $8.25/month
Hindenburg JournalistBest for Professional Touchbasic package – $99 one-time pay, Hindenburg Pro – $399
RingerSimple, Handy and extraordinary Tools.$7.99/month – $189.99/month
PodbeanAmazing editing tools and sound effects. plus smartphone friendly.plans vary from $14, $39, and $129 per month.

1. Audacity

The software tops our list of best podcasting software! The reason is due to its ease of use and extreme efficiency. Audacity is one of the best FREE software to record and edit podcasts. If you are a beginner and want to experiment with these tools then Audacity is the one!

Audacity comes with many features that can not only record your podcasts but also have editing tools like noise cancellation, simple trimming and cutting, and audio equalization. 


  • High-quality Audio
  • Easy to handle audio editing options.
  • Ease in import/Export audio formats.
  • Amazing spectrogram view mode 
  • Supports many types of Plugins like LADSPA, LV2, Nyquist, VST, and Audio Unit effect
  • Ease of keyboard shortcuts to track activities.


  • No system to record with guests remotely on software.
  • No live call system or email support.



2. GarageBand

Designed, exclusively for Mac users, GarageBand has been a go-to solution for your podcasts!

Well, in my opinion, GarageBand is the ideal podcast recording software for Mac users. It is a FREE audio podstation with simple, intuitive tools.

And the best part is you can create background music for your podcast from pro-recorded loops and synths. (That’s how I made my podcasts much more interesting!)


  • Real smart control of the overall activities.
  • Gives real-time effects and saves post-editing time.
  • Allows various plug-ins to improve the recording experience.
  • Allows adding infinite tracks to your podcasts.
  • Ease of changing pitch and velocities of the track.
  • You can download an iOS app to record and edit on the go. 


  • Limited tools as it mainly focuses on music production.
  • No manual recording system.



3. Anchor

A great option for the podcasters who want to record their podcast directly from their Smartphones.

Owned by Spotify, Anchor.FM is the best option unless you’re hunting for straightforward and user-friendly podcast recording software. The reason is, that we found the interface a bit overwhelming for beginners compared to the other podcasting software. 

Besides, it enables editing and creating episodes from your handset. Adding transition effects from this software can make your podcast simply amazing and unique. You can also add pro-recorded audio files to attach with your anchor recordings.


  • Easy to create Episodes from recorded audio files.
  • You can add tracks to your podcast episodes from Spotify music.
  • Podcast distribution across many platforms with a single click
  • Utilize sponsorships and listener donations to monetize your podcast.
  • Co-host your podcasts with friends or invite a variety of guests 
  • You can use analytics to monitor your effectiveness.


  • Narrow set of editing tools.
  • Limited recording time, like you can record only for 30 minutes on chrome and 5 mins on safari.



4. Adobe Audition

Want to record the best quality podcast? Get the Adobe Audition!

After having hands-on experience on FREE software, I started working with Adobe Audition.

More like Audacity, Adobe Audition is the paid software and comes with lots of more tools in better versions.  While beginners may find it expensive, if you want to record podcasts of exceptional quality that sound wonderful on all platforms, Adobe Audition would be an ideal pick. 

Adobe Audition has the ability to record podcasts simultaneously time with different microphones.


  • Lots of templates for recording and editing.
  • Many Royalty Free music and effects library.
  • Multitrack recording.
  • Monitors live as you record.
  • Ease of Adding music, dialogue,  SFX, and much more through Adobe’s own Audio Essential Sound library.
  • You can remove unwanted surrounding sound from the podcaster’s voice.


  • Can be cumbersome for beginners.
  • Not pocket-friendly.


the cost of Adobe Audition is $20.99 per month.

5. Buzzsprout

ALL IN ONE! That’s what I would refer to as Buzzsprout!

Buzzsprout is a fantastic podcast recording tool that offers various features like podcast production, hosting, development, and tracking. While the platform is ideally known for podcast hosting,  the in-built recording tool offers a lot of features that make the entire podcast recording process easier. 

Additionally, Buzzsprout allows you exposure to be on the most well-known platforms, like SoundCloud, Alexa, iHeartRadio, Spotify, and Apple Podcast.

My favorite part of Buzzsprout is ‘Magic Mastering.’ This exceptional feature adjusts your voice tone accordingly and makes it best suitable to compete with the industry. 

In addition to that, you get a 90 day FREE trial to get handy with the platform.

Pricing Structure:

Buzzsprout offers four pricing plans starting at $12 per month. 


  • Promotes your podcast to help you grow its reach.
  • Optimizes and analyzes your podcasts automatically.
  • Easy to grasp podcast stats.
  • Track the performance of your podcast based on demographics, regions, and more.
  • Buzzsprout automatically optimizes different technical aspects of audio, including bit rate, ID3, or file type.
  • Buzzsprout also helps you create your own website with custom domain and branding.


  • Might be challenging for beginners
  • Not much cost Friendly.


$12 per month

6. is a great platform for all things podcasting. The platform has high-quality customer service that will assist you all throughout the podcast recording and distribution process.

The cherry on top of this is they provide a platform that enables advertisers to identify your content and send your audience the most relevant adverts.

Price Structure:

  • For NGOs and students, the plan starts from $4.99/month.
  • For the rest, An all inclusive Podcasting Plan is available, it costs $8.25/month. (billed annually)


  • Enables you to view you podcast statistics.
  • Track your audience over time.
  • The Episode scheduling option lets you schedule your podcasts at any time you desire..


  • No WordPress Plugins
  • Limited Free Plan.


$4.99/month – $8.25/month 

7. Hindenburg Journalist

Another excellent podcasting software on the list is Hindenburg Journalist. It provides a wide range of editing tools and options for noise reduction, sound effects, and audio trimming. While the interface is straightforward with easy navigation, if you are dependent on recording your podcast manually, then you need to look for another option. 


  • Simple plug-and-play assembly
  • Features remote recording plugins and additional audio effects
  • Simple publishing to platforms that host podcasts, like Podbean and Buzsprout.


  • Can be a little pricey (but this is a once-off cost)
  • Remote recording quality depends on your internet connection.


basic package – $99 once off, Hindenburg Pro – $399.


Much like the Anchor, Ringer is also a handy recording platform that is available online and also through its mobile platform.

A simple recording process with various extraordinary editing tools to make the audio super smooth and amazing. 

You simply need to arrange a call, begin recording and do the recordings of you and your guests. Here, Ringer synchronizes and combines all of your individual audio files into a single polished song that you may download.


  • For calls with more than four participants, use conference calling
  • Records with several tracks (for Premium members)
  • Recordings of audio up to 48kHz (for Premium members)
  • Business dashboard for business users


  • The basic plan offers very limited features and you can only record audio at up to 22kHz on it
  • Limited control when it comes to editing your recordings.


  • $7.99 per month – $189.99 per month

9. Podbean

With Podbean‘s straightforward podcast recorder, you can record podcasts on your mobile device.

The inbuilt editing features let you split, cut, merge, and playback recordings. The library contains more than 50 background tracks in a range of moods and genres.

Additionally, there are echo and sound effects. You can import and export audio using Podbean as well. It can be combined with other editing programs.


  • Easy to monetize your podcast with ads and premium content.
  • Powerful Podcast Recording
  • Exclusive Music Integration 
  • Magic Editor and Post-production 
  • Collaborate with co-hosts from anywhere 


  • Big learning curve, especially if you’re a beginner
  • A lot of the tools might be unnecessary for what you need


  • The Unlimited Audio Plan : $14/month
  • Unlimited Plus Plan: $39/month
  • Business plan: $129/month.

Best Podcast Recording Software In a Nutshell

Each software offers both distinctive and typical features.

However, you can effectively record and edit podcasts with the aid of all these tools.

To determine which solution would provide the best value for your money, concentrate on the distinctive features of each.

For instance, it’s preferable to use podcast software with advanced features like Adobe Audition if you wish to record podcasts with a multi-mic setup.

However, you might think about using if you don’t need a complicated recording or editing setup and want to record and edit podcasts right from your mobile phone

At the end, it all comes down to your preferences and budget.

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Conclusion: Best Podcast Recording Software (2023)

This was my take on the best podcast recording software as of 2022. Feel free to comment below if you have any questions regarding the post. 

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