Best Digital Marketing Podcasts (The Expert Choice)

Are you searching for the Best Digital Marketing Podcasts? No worries we got your back. 

Podcasts are one of the most powerful media tools. The medium can be used for various purposes including education and entertainment. It provides you flexibility and educates you on the commute or a walk. 

There are millions of podcasts available in the digital marketing niche. It becomes challenging to pick the best ones for learning and increasing your knowledge. 

We have made your work easier, by listing the best digital marketing podcasts to listen to in 2022. Whether you love long podcasts or you prefer bite-sized ones, we have everything on the list for you.

 When researching for the best podcasts we have considered various factors such as ratings and reviews, consistency in releases, details offered, and overall quality of the podcast. 

The podcast mentioned covers all the topics of digital marketing like content writing, SEO, social medial marketing, etc. 

That’s all! let’s take a look at the courses that we have shortlisted for you.  

The Best Digital Marketing Podcasts: In a Nutshell

If you are in a hurry, you can scheme at the table below to get an idea of the best podcasts available. 

Sr. No.PodcastRating
1.Marketing School 4.8/5
2.Social Media Marketing Podcast4.7/5
3.Social Pros Podcast4.7/5
4.Online Marketing Made Easy4.6/5
5.3-Minute Marketing by Chris Mechanic4.3/5
6.Insider Insights Podcast4.2/5
7.The Search Engine Journal Show4.5/5
8.The CMO Podcast4.3/5
9.The GaryVee Audio Experience4.2/5
10.The Marketing Book Podcast4.4/5
11.Marketing Over Coffee4.3/5
12.The Digital Marketing Podcast4.1/5

1. Marketing School 

If you are one who loves to hear bite-sized content on the go, this podcast series is suitable for you. Despite being small, they convert all the needed information into their content. It has more than 2200 episodes. 

Marketing school covers the topics like SEO, social media, content marketingemail marketing, general online marketing tactics, and conversion optimization.  

Listening and following them will help you to grow your business with the help of the tips provided. The podcast is hosted by digital market experts Neil Patel and Eric Siu. 

The podcasts include all the necessary digital marketing and online marketing tips necessary in today’s era. It will help you brand your business with the help of tips to tackle the ever-changing algorithms of digital marketing. 

Episode Duration:4-20 min
Listen onSpotify
Apple Podcast

2. Social Media Marketing Podcast

The podcast is hosted by Michael Stelzner. It covers the topics such as social media strategies, SEO, email marketing, conversion tips, etc. 

The podcast series is aired since 2012 regularly. The podcast will help you improve your digital marketing game with the help of expert interviews and expert strategies.

Every week you get to listen to the experts from the leading marketing niches. To date, the series has around 500 episodes.  

Episode Duration:45 minutes
Listen onSpotify
Apple Podcast

3. Social Pros Podcast

The series was recently awarded as “the best podcast at Content Marketing Awards”. It is hosted by Adam Brown and Jay Baer.

In the podcast, you will discover the secrets behind the marketing of the companies like Dell, Ford, IBM, etc.  You will also get insights into the people’s work and what framework they follow. 

It has more than 500+ episodes available with millions of downloads. 

Episode Duration:45 minutes
Listen onSpotify
Apple Podcast

4. Online Marketing Made Easy

The podcast is hosted by Amy Porterfield, CEO of a multimillion-dollar business. She has ten years plus of experience in marketing.

The podcast covers the topics such as social media, webinars, content marketing, generating backlinks, list-building, etc. She even tends to invite other marketing experts so they can share their expertise with the audience. 

However, some episodes are with digital marketers who have their course to sell. They talk about B2B marketing and B2C businesses as well. 

Episode Duration:15-60 minutes
Frequency:Twice weekly
Listen onSpotify
Apple Podcast

5. 3-Minute Marketing by Chris Mechanic

The podcast is suitable to hear on the go, even on busy schedules due to its bite-sized content. The podcast is hosted by Chris Mechanic. He is a co-founder at WebMechanix and a growth marketer. 

The podcast brings forth the selected ideas from top brands like Amazon, Motley Fool, ADA, Poshmark, ADA, Gong, etc. 

In the first half, we get to listen to the guests for three minutes, sharing their marketing lessons. In the second half of the podcast, micro-presentation from the marketer. 

These are perfect for the ones that don’t like to listen to hour-long podcasts. 

Episode Duration:6-8 minutes
Listen onSpotify
Apple Podcast

6. Insider Insights Podcast

The podcast invites freelance and in-house social media professionals to discuss all the pros and cons of marketing. 

The host of the podcast is Maria. She discusses the insights 0f the marketing business, their tricks and hacks with the guests.   

The podcast was started in the year 2021. It has around 40 episodes. You will be able to get updates on the market from the podcast and all the ups and downs. 

Episode Duration:25 – 40 minutes
Listen onSpotify
Apple Podcast

7. The Search Engine Journal Show

The show has completed more than 280 episodes. The search engine journal show is hosted by  Loren Baker.

In the podcasts, top authorities and industry experts are invited to have a talk. Topics like SEO, social media, content, paid, email, and digital marketing are discussed. 

Some of the best episodes in the series are episode 257:  SEO in 2022, episode 250: How to maximize your PPC

Episode Duration:45-60 minutes
Frequency:Twice Weekly
Listen onSpotify
Apple Podcast

8. The CMO Podcast

The podcast is hosted by Jim Stengel. He is the former CMO of Procter& gamble. The podcast is great for aspiring chief marketing officers(CMOS). 

In the podcast, the host invites top marketers from top companies such as Deloitte, UPS stores, Crocs, etc. 

Around 2oo episodes are published of the series. The host and the guests provide a realistic approach to the inside picture of the CMO’s role.   

Episode Duration:45 Minutes
Listen onSpotify
Apple podcasts

9.  The GaryVee Audio Experience

The episodes of GaryVee ranges from around 10 to 60+ minutes. The host is an entrepreneur, content creator, public speaker, CEO, and investor. 

The podcast includes mixed episodes of Q/A episodes, marketing and business segments, keynote speeches, interviews, and segments from the DailyVEE video series,  etc. 

Also, you will get the current insights about marketing from the episodes. 

Episode Duration:30-60 minutes
Listen onSpotify
Apple podcasts

10. The Marketing Book Podcast

The podcast is hosted by Douglas Burdett. It has completed 400 episodes. We listen to the interviews of the authors every week about their recent sales or marketing book releases. 

The podcasts help us with insights on digital marketing, tactics, and tips to become better marketers. Moreover, Burdett. Digs deep into the concepts of their books and discusses the information in the book.  

Episode Duration:60-80 minutes
Listen onSpotify
Apple podcasts

11. Marketing Over Coffee

The podcast is a talk show on digital marketing and technology. The podcast is hosted by John J. Wall and Christopher Penn. 

The discussion with people like  Seth Godin, Ann Handley, Simon Sinek, David Meerman Scott, Mitch Joel, etc makes the podcast worth listening to.

The topics included in the talk are creating a virtual event, time content, and marketing strategy

Episode Duration:Approx 30 minutes
Listen onSpotify
Apple podcasts

12.  The Digital Marketing Podcast

The podcast has completed 300 episodes. It is hosted by Ciaran Rogers and Daniel Rowles. 

The podcast includes a discussion on the latest marketing trend, strategies, and news. Also, the podcast includes expert interviews. All the topics like content marketing,  insight tools, etc are covered in their informal yet educational discussion. 

Episode Duration:20-30 minutes
Listen onSpotify
Apple podcasts

13. Akimbo

The podcast is hosted by Seth Godin. Akimbo is an ancient word that signifies a bend in the river or an archer’s bow. It symbolizes strength. 

It is one of the popular marketing blogs. Seth is a teacher, entrepreneur, writer, and speaker. He has written books like “This is Marketing” and 18 others. 

The episodes consist of stories of a person, a customer, a business, or a moment. It also includes insights from his popular marketing blogs.  

Episode Duration:30 minutes
Listen onSpotify
Apple podcasts

Final Verdict: Best Digital Marketing Podcasts In (2023) 

What’s more? Plug in your earphones, grab a coffee and start exploring the world of digital marketing.

If you are still confused about which one to start with, here are our top picks. 

  1. Marketing School

Learn the skills from the experts Neil Patel and Eric Siu. You can discover and understand all the aspects of digital marketing without investing much of your time. 

  1. Social Media Marketing Podcast. 

Unfurl the details of digital marketing with the host Michael Stelzner. The expert strategies and interviews will give you an edge in learning.  

Now, you can start with the podcast journey and learn digital marketing with the experts. Remember to share your views on the podcast you loved the most and the one that provided you with the most value. 


Is podcast part of digital marketing?

 Yes, due to its po[ularity and the amount of audience listening to the podcasts, brands consider podcasts as a part of digital marketing. 

Are podcasts effective for marketing?

Yes, podcasts are quite effective for marketing. The Brands consider it an opportunity of reach to a larger audience. In recent years the popularity of podcasts has increased tremendously making it to the top of media outlets.

Is digital marketing Easy?

Like other skills, digital marketing requires strong basic foundations, a thorough study, constant practice, and working on projects to become a master at it. 

Why are podcasts good for content marketing?

The podcast is used to convey the brand value of the company or the products to the users. The reach of the podcasts allows the brands to create engaging content and deliver the required message to the audience.

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