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Key Product and Machine Design Statistics 2023 – MY Choice

  • Employment of industrial designers is projected to grow 6 percent from 2020 to 2030, about as fast as the average for all occupations. 
  • 8.1% of all Mechanical Design Engineers are women, while91.9%aremen. 
  • The most common ethnicity of Mechanical Design Engineers is White (71.4%), followed by Asian (15.4%) and Hispanic or Latino (7.5%). 
  • In 2021, women earned 100% of what men earned. 
  • The top 10% of highest paid Mechanical Design Engineers earn as much as $97,000 or more. 

Product and Machine Design Latest Statistics

  1. Among Mechanical Design Engineers, 8.1% of them are women compared to 91.9% which are men. 
  2. Title Male Female Domestic Engineer 11% 89% Mechanical Design Engineer 92% 8% Machine Tool Designer 99% 1% Refrigeration Engineer 99% 1% Senior Electronics Design Engineer 99% 1%. 
  3. The most common ethnicity among Mechanical Design Engineers is White, which makes up 71.4% of all Mechanical Design Engineers. 
  4. Comparatively, there are 15.4% of the Asian ethnicity and 7.5% of the Hispanic or Latino ethnicity. 
  5. White, 71.4% Asian, 15.4% Hispanic or Latino, 7.5% Black or African American, 3.1% Unknown, 2.4% American Indian and Alaska Native, 0.2% Mechanical Design Engineer Race Percentages. 
  6. Using the Census Bureau data, we found out how the percentage of each ethnic category trended between 2010 2019 among Mechanical Design Engineers. 
  7. Interestingly enough, the average age of Mechanical Design Engineers is 40+ years old, which represents 53% of the population. 
  8. 40+ years Mechanical Design Engineer Years Percentages. 
  9. 73% of Mechanical Design Engineers earn that degree. 
  10. A close second is Associate Degree with 12% and rounding it off is Master’s Degree with 12%. 
  11. Masters, 12% Diploma, 1% Other Degrees, 2% Mechanical Design Engineer Degree Percentages Mechanical Design Engineer Wage Gap By Education. 
  12. < 50 employees 50 100 employees 100 500 employees 500 1,000 employees 1,000 10,000 employees > 10,000 Company Size Percentages Employees with the Mechanical Design Engineer job title have their preferences when it comes to working for a company. 
  13. By looking over 11,410 Mechanical Design Engineers resumes, we figured out that the average Mechanical Design Engineer enjoys staying at their job for 1 2 years for a percentage of 34%. 
  14. The most common foreign language among Mechanical Design Engineers is Spanish at 24.9%. 
  15. The secondmost popular foreign language spoken is Chinese at 10.8% and Mandarin is the third most popular at 9.6%. 
  16. Spanish, 24.9% Chinese, 10.8% Mandarin, 9.6% Carrier, 7.4% German, 7.2%. 
  17. Lecture to Japanese Management, Deming Electronic Network Web Site, 1950 (from a Japanese transcript of a lecture by Deming to “80% of Japanese top management” given at the Hotel de Yama at Mr. Hakone in August 1950). 
  18. According to the United States Department of Labor, themean salary for a mechanical engineer is $89,800, with the top ten percent earning close to $131,350. 
  19. The student must receive a passing grade of at least 80 percent to be successful. 

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