Today we are going to explore selling and flipping sites statistics 2023

General Selling and Flipping Sites Statistics 2023

  1. it can take between 15-90 days to sell a website.
  2. There’s a lot of work to focus on including, but not limited to, the creation of space for product placement and sponsorship as well as the continued addition of blog entries.
  3. Once you have a website that you want to flip it’s going to take some work to build it. You can spend as little as $1 building and renovating a site, or up to thousands.
  4. Buying a site to sell, you should make sure the site already has some established data, such as:
    • put up all the essential information on your website listing.
    • put up the statistics that make your site valuable: At least 10,000 monthly visits
      1. DA (Domain Authority) of more than 10
      2. An email list of more than 500
      3. 5 posts ranking on page 1 of Google
    • be prompt with your replies to potential buyers. Answer their questions diligently and build a positive image for yourself.
  5. Some of the most popular places to buy and sell websites:
    • Flippa
    • Motion Invest
    • Empire Flippers
    • Website Broker
  6. Keyword research and implementation are crucial in building the profitability of your website and domain.
  7. The basic steps for website flipping are:
    • Step 1 Locating An Ideal Website
    • Step 2Acquiring Your Website
    • Step 3Complete Your Due Diligence
    • Step 4Revamp The Website
    • Step 5Sell The Website

Focus more on selling websites instead of worrying about downtime or hosting issues.

Flipping Sites Profitability Statistics, Trends 2023

  1. Purchasing a website to flip or sell can cost as little as $1, and when selling that website, you should generally expect 10x the amount you paid for it.
  2. A website will sell for 30– 36 times the site’s monthly earnings.
    For example:
    • $500 monthly profit = $15,000 to $18,000 sale price
    • $1000 monthly profit = $30,000 to $36,000 sale price
    • $3000 monthly profit = $90,000 to $108,000 sale price
  3. if you want to purchase a revenue-generating site earning $100/mo, it will cost you $3,000 to $3,500 at fair market valuations.
  4. Niches that sell quick are (Kitchen, Home, Sports, Technology, Automotive, Pet)

Stats of a Site Flip Exit: Metrics and Strategies 2023

  1. Be advised, possible profit always depends on the relevancy of your website, and one day it may be in high demand whereas the next it may no longer be a profitable possibility.
  2. It can take months to years to get to that position, but it also depends on how much profit you’re looking for. The more your monthly profit the higher you can sell the website for.
  3. There are four exit strategies for Exits deals:
    • Buy, Grow, and Flip (BGF)
    • Buy, Grow, and Partner (BGP)
    • Buy and Flip (BF)
    • Broker (BR)
  4. Before someone wants to flip their site, they generally wait until it has a substantial monthly profit. The average per month for a profitable website is $2,000.

Websites That Were Sold at a Significant Profit 2023

1. Jamie Hickey Sells His Fitness Site

“I’m the founder of Coffee Semantics, we design coffee sites and perform product reviews, teach brewing techniques and review coffee gear. we’ve been featured in Healthline, Bustle, Wirecutter, Woman’s world magazine, Delish, and Readers Digest.

My fitness site was generating $2,000 a month, I sold it for 3 years worth of profit which turned out to be $72,000.

I waited to sell it at the beginning of March which is the end of the fitness craze in the beginning of the year to make the numbers look elevated and I changed the theme to give it a fresh look before selling it.

I did not offer any services after the sale.”

2. Ebony Chappell Sells on Flippa

“There are hundreds of auction sites where you may sell your website, but only a handful of them are worthwhile. Flippa is the most popular, and despite its reputation for sometimes hosting unscrupulous websites, it is really the finest choice available. I recently sold two websites on Flippa for mid-four-figure amounts, one of which had a return on investment of over 400%. However, don’t mistake a big audience for a good audience.

If you run a website in a particular specialty, for example, it’s nearly always preferable to target other people in that area directly rather than using an all-purpose platform like Flippa. As I said in step two, it’s critical to understand the kind of individuals you’re selling to, not simply the number of prospective customers you have.”

3. John Frigo Has Sold Multiple Websites

I oftentimes setup sites, get them profitable and then flip them, and the amount of money you can flip a site for these days is often several years multiples of the monthly profits. I’ve seen sites going for upwards of 5 year multiples which is insane knowing so much can change in terms of Googles algorithms and serps as well as affiliate programs coming and going.

While I oftentimes could continue to improve and grow a site, if I can get a 2 or 3 year multiple I’d rather just flip it and do it all over again.

My most recent site I built up and sold was a Google Blogger Blogspot site. I initially started it almost just as a fun experiment to see if a blogspot site could still be ranked as many people say they’re dead. The type of content I put up is pretty low effort, I write about new products and new supplements hitting the market. I learn about these products from brands Instagram page, do a brief writeup and that’s about it, it takes me less than 15 minutes per day to run.

Within about a year I was making about $1,000 a month off the site through a combination of Google Adsense, sponsored writeups and affiliate marketing. I recently flipped the site for $23,000.

I hadn’t really planned on selling the site and honestly wouldn’t have thought it would sell for more than a couple hundred bucks but honestly right now people are paying crazy valuations with passive income being a hot trend and a buzz word.

I wound up having someone reach out to me asking to buy the site which got me curious otherwise I wouldn’t have even bothered looking into selling it as I wouldn’t have figured anyone would want it. After having an unsolicited outreach I wound up beginning to advertise it on Flippa as well as some forums and marketing groups and ultimately found a buyer for $23,000.

I stayed on for about a month to help with the transition and to continue writing some content before fully passing it off to the new buyer.”

4. Alex Smith Sells on Motion Invest

“I sold my first website, an affiliate website, on Motion Invest. All I did was fill out their online form and they require proof of income via screen recording. After I filled it out, they reached out and said they were interested in buying it.

They then made an offer of 25x the monthly profit, which I accepted. I maximized it’s value by creating great content around buyer intent keywords and designing it where it would convert when people got on.

Overall, I had around 50 articles on that affiliate website. Everything on the website was very consistent, and systems were in place so that when someone would look to buy it, they knew it was lower maintenance.

This website was in the baseball niche. It was generating $400 per month over a 12 month period, and I sold it for $10k (25x the monthly profit).

To prep for the sale, I just made sure I had all of my information in a spreadsheet to make it really simple to turn everything over. I’ve done this before, and I actually do it more now as I do affiliate marketing full-time, but I valued my site at 20x the monthly profit, so I felt like I got a good deal. I did not offer any after-sales service.”

5. Steve Morrow, Founder of Paddle, Sells on Flippa

“I started a website in late 2017. This was the first website I had built. Honestly, I kind of floundered with this site for a little over 2 years. In 2019 I made a whopping (sarcasm) $2,500 from the website with affiliate commissions.

The site was in the health niche and I didn’t have the required E-A-T. I was constantly being impacted by Google updates. I decided in early 2020 to sell the website. My commissions had been anywhere from $0 to $500 in a given month in 2019.

I used Flippa to sell my site and the folks there helped me value the site. I ended up listing it for about $12,000 and sold it for just over $8k. My valuation was difficult because the site didn’t produce a consistent income each month. Some sites consistently generate $500 or $1,000 per month and I think those are easier to value.

I didn’t really do any prep to sell the site, and I didn’t offer any after-sales service. I think the individual who bought the site was looking for an aged domain that had some decent content.

With the money I earned from the sale, I started my new site, This site is doing much better after only one year than my other site ever did. I took my experience and used that going forward.”

FAQs – Selling and Flipping Sites Statistics 2023

Is website Flipping profitable?

Flipping websites is incredibly profitable in large part because of how valuation works.
While finding an undervalued site that has high traffic but poor monetization, or good monetization but bad SEO practices, can lead to a good deal – that’s not even necessary to find a good deal.

Is website selling profitable?

All in all, selling websites is a lucrative business.

Though it can take quite some time before you can make the first deal, keep in mind that your dedication, time, and effort will eventually pay off.

Can you make a living from flipping?

If you want to make $1,000 per month, that’s possible. If you’re just looking for a way to make a little bit of extra cash (which describes most flippers), you can flip on a small scale.

But if you’re looking for a full-time income, some flippers earn more than $100,000 per year in profit

Is there money in flipping?

Flipping is honestly one of the best side hustles to start right now because you don’t need any specialized skills or experience.

It’s a great way to make money if you’re a bargain hunter, thrifter, or simply looking for an easy-to-start side hustle.

Is Domain Flipping still profitable 2023?

Yes, domain flipping can be very profitable. But it takes time and patience before you really start to create an income out of it.

If you are dedicated to making it work, you can make a lot of money from domain flipping.

How long does it take to flip a website?

It can take up to two years to flip a brand new website that you’re building from scratch. Additionally, an existing website, regardless of how terrible, is already indexed on search engines.

So, it can take a while before a new website even shows up on Google search results.

Is selling websites easy?

In some ways, selling a website can be just as exhausting as selling a house. Some might be easier to sell than others.

That said, even if you think you have a fantastic website that many buyers might be interested in, you’re not the one calling the shots.

How much can I earn from selling websites?

Usually priced at a multiple of the site’s monthly earnings, a $1,000-per-month website could sell anywhere from $15K to $25K in upfront cash.

Many website builders prefer to sell their sites and use that cash injection to build out teams to repeat the process many times over.

How much money can you make from selling a website?

Generally speaking, websites can start at anywhere from $50-$100 and rise through the thousands.

A high-authority website that’s grown an extensive backlink profile and built a considerable monthly readership can sell for upwards of $100,000. We know, big bucks.

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