Key Spotify Statistics 2023

How many songs are on Spotify 2022?

Spotify has 82 Million songs on its platform as of 2022.

How many artists are on Spotify 2022?

It is estimated that Spotify currently has around 11 million artists and creators on its platform.

  1. Monthly Spotify Stats
  • Spotify has 422 monthly listeners as of 2022.
  • Europe accounts for 40% of those 422 Monthly active listeners.
  • Spotify has 406 monthly listeners as of 2022.
  • North America (USA + Canada) comes second with a 29% share.
  • 1,800,000 songs are uploaded on Spotify every month on average.
  • Ed Sheeran is the artist with the most monthly listeners with 84.16 Million audiences, 84,165,933 to be precise as of May 2022..

  1. Artist Ranking on Spotify
  • Bad Bunny Was the most-streamed Artist on Spotify in 2021. With Taylor Swift, BTS, Drake, and Justin Beiber in 2nd to 5th position respectively.
  • Olivia Rodrigo had her single “driver’s license” as the most-streamed track of 2021. Her Album titled “SOUR” was also the most-streamed album of last year.

  1. Spotify Artists Payout statistics
  • Spotify paid over $7 Billion to its artists in 2021. That’s more than any other music streaming service. 
  • Spotify Broke the record for the biggest yearly payout from any retail business in history.
  • Over 1000 artists earned more than $1 Million through Spotify royalty in 2021.
  • Over 50,000 artists generated $10,000.
  • Major record labels earned over $4 billion in profit in 2021.
  • The estimated value of a Spotify stream to an artist ranges from $0.006 to as little as $0.00318 per stream.

6. Miscellaneous Spotify Statistics 

  • Males form 56% whereas females form 44% user base.
  • North America has the highest average Spotify daily usage.
  • Over 44% of users access Spotify every day 

Spotify Active Users [Monthly]

As of Quarter 1 2022, Spotify has 422 million active users, according to official statistics.

A complete breakdown of growth in Spotify monthly users since 2015:

Quarter -yearMonthly active users
Quarter 1  – 201568  mil.
Quarter 2 – 201577  mil.
Quarter 3 – 201582  mil.
Quarter 4 – 201591  mil.
Quarter 1  – 201696  mil.
Quarter 2  – 2016104  mil.
Quarter 3 – 2016113  mil.
Quarter 4 – 2016123  mil.
Quarter 1  – 2017132  mil.
Quarter 2  – 2017138 mil.
Quarter 3 – 2017149 mil.
Quarter 4 – 2017160 mil.
Quarter 1  – 2018157 mil.
Quarter 2  – 2018180 mil.
Quarter 3  – 2018191 mil.
Quarter 4 – 2018207 mil.
Quarter 1  – 2019217 mil.
Quarter 2  – 2019232 mil.
Quarter 3 – 2019248 mil.
Quarter 4 – 2019271 mil.
Quarter 1  – 2020286 mil.
Quarter 2  – 2020299 mil.
Quarter 3 – 2020320 mil.
Quarter 4 – 2020345 mil.
Quarter 1 – 2021356 mil.
Quarter 2  –  2021365 mil.
Quarter 3 – 2021381 mil.
Quarter 4 – 2021406 mil.
Quarter 1 – 2022422 mil.
Quarter 2 – 2022 (Projected)428 mil.

Spotify’s Region-wise Active Users Distribution (Monthly)

Spotify’s total Monthly Active Users increased 19% year on year to 422 million in Quarter 1 2022, up from 406 million In Quarter 4 2021. Spotify observed better momentum across the 86 markets in which it was introduced earlier this year, with South Korea, Bangladesh, and Pakistan leading the way.

  • Europe accounts for 40% of Spotify’s monthly active users. In the EU alone, this translates to around 168.8 million monthly active users.
  • Another 49% of Spotify’s MAUs are situated in North and Latin America.
  • With 280.14 million monthly active users, Europe and North America account for the bulk (69%) of Spotify’s AUB.

Here’s a complete distribution of Spotify’s MAUs by region:

Region% Monthly Active Users
EU (Europe)40%
USA & Canada (North America)29%
Latin America20%

Spotify Revenue 2023

Spotify registered revenue of €2,661 million in Q1 2022.

Spotify registered a yearly revenue of 9.67 billion Euros in 2021.

Again, a substantial growth since 2020 (7.88 billion Euros)

Here’s a detailed breakdown of Spotify’s income since 2012:

YearRevenue (in €)
200913.36 mil.
201073.9 mil.
2011187.8 mil.
2012430.1 mil.
2013746 mil.
20141.08 bil.
20151.94 bil.
20162.95 bil.
20174.09 bil.
20185.26 bil.
20196.76 bil.
20207.88 bil.
20219.67 bil.
2022 (Quarter 1)€2,661

Spotify Revenue Through Premium Subscribers

Spotify generates money from two sources: Premium membership fees and ad-supported businesses.

Premium Subscribers help Spotify generate €2,379 million in income in Q1 2022.

Below is the complete breakdown of Spotify’s income through Premium members since 2k12:

YearRevenue  (in €)
2012374.6 mil.
2013677.89 mil.
2014982.7 mil.
20151.74 bil.
20162.657 bil.
20173.67 bil.
20184.717 bil.
20196.086 bil.
20207.13 bil.
20218.46 bil.
2022 (Quarter 1)€2,379 mil.

Spotify Revenue Through ad-Supported Businesses

In Q1 2022, Spotify’s yearly advertisement-supported income was €282 million.

Below is the entire breakdown of Spotify’s ad-supported income since 2k12:

YearRevenue (in €)
201255.5 mil.
201368.16 mil.
2014102 mil.
2015196 mil.
2016295 mil.
2017416 mil.
2018542 mil.
2019678 mil.
2020745 mil.
20211208 mil.
2022 (Quarter 1)€282 million

Spotify Market Share 2023

Spotify controls Almost 35.4% of the market. Spotify has 172 million Subscribers out of the 487 million individuals who have a music streaming premium subscription.

The market share of Spotify has steadily been between 32% and 43% over the last 5 years.

we’ve listed below Spotify’s market control among paid music streaming consumers since 2k15:

YearMarket share
2020 (Quarter 1 )32.5%
2021 (Quarter 1 )32%

The top 20 most-followed playlists on the platform are all curated by Spotify, out of which 50% are personalized

Pop music dominates 10 out of the top 20 Spotify playlists, according to the genre.

70% of Spotify’s top 20 most followed playlists are primarily made up of the latest releases.

Below is a list of the top 20 most-followed Spotify playlists:

PlaylistFollowers count
Today’s Top Hits31,049,432
Global Top 5016,840,181
¡Viva Latino!11,821,940
Baila Reggaeton10,470,805 
Rock Classics (personalized)10,347,963
All Out 2000s (personalized)10,036,031
Songs to Sing in the Car (personalized)10,002,097
All Out 80s (personalized)9,459,031
Beast Mode (personalized)8,972,274
All Out 90s (personalized)7,249,014
Chill Hits (personalized)7,226,944
Mood Booster (personalized)7,146,530
Hot Country6,801,828
I Love My ’90s Hip-Hop6,754,070
Songs to Sing in the Shower 6,708,128 
lofi hip hop music – beats to relax/study to6,549,264
This Is BTS6,533,981
Peaceful Piano6,519,606
Esquenta Sertanejo6,393,730

spotify monthly listeners stats and charts 2023

spotify monthly listeners top 100

RankArtistMonthly listeners
1Ed Sheeran81.51
2The Weeknd77.26
3Justin Bieber72.12
4Harry Styles70.94
5Dua Lipa70.41
7Bad Bunny63.15
8Doja Cat58.21
9Calvin Harris57.54
10Taylor Swift57.43
11David Guetta55.26
12Post Malone54.44
13J Balvin54.35
15Imagine Dragons52.97
19Ariana Grande51.79
20Billie Eilish51.59

Below are the top 20 popular artists on Spotify based on the number  of followers:

RankArtistFollowers (Mil.)
1Ed Sheeran97.17
2Ariana Grande79.56 
4Billie Eilish62.28 
5Justin Bieber60.75 
7Taylor Swift53.14 
10Bad Bunny48.43 
11Arijit Singh48.29 
12The Weeknd44.82 
13Bruno Mars 41.33 
15Imagine Dragons40.06 
16Adele37 99
17Shawn Mendes37.76 
18Post Malone36.88 
20Maroon 536.38 

Top 20 most streamed songs of all time:

1Shape of You3,131Ed Sheeran
2Blinding Lights2,960The Weeknd
3Dance Monkey2,563Tones and I
4Rockstar2,418Post Malone ft. 21 Savage
5Someone You Loved2,349Lewis Capaldi
6One Dance2,308Drake ft. Wizkid and Kyla
7Sunflower2,289Post Malone and Swae Lee
8Closer2,279The Chainsmokers ft. Halsey
9Señorita2,134Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello
10Believer2,083Imagine Dragons
11Perfect2,056Ed Sheeran
12Bad Guy2,046Billie Eilish
13Say You Won’t Let Go2,020James Arthur
14Thinking Out Loud1,994Ed Sheeran
15Lucid Dreams1,953Juice Wrld
16God’s Plan1,939Drake
17Don’t Start Now1,896Dua Lipa
18Photograph1,8664Ed Sheeran
20Starboy1,824The Weeknd ft. Daft Punk

Below are the most-streamed artists by year.

Drake was the most-streamed artist on Spotify for 3 years (2015, 2016 & 2018) the most of any artist.

YearArtist ranking
2013Macklemore & Ryan LewisAviciiDaft PunkEminemImagine Dragons
2014Ed Sheeran)EminemColdplayCalvin HarrisKaty Perry
2015Drake Ed SheeranThe WeekndMaroon 5Kanye West
2016Drake Justin BieberRihannaTwenty-One PilotsKanye West
2017Ed Sheeran DrakeThe WeekndKendrick LamarThe Chainsmokers
2018Drake Post MaloneXXXTentacionJ BalvinEd Sheeran
2019Post Malone Billie EilishAriana GrandeEd SheeranBad Bunny
2020Bad Bunny DrakeJ BalvinJuice WrldThe Weeknd
2021Bad BunnyTaylor SwiftBTSDrakeJustin Bieber

Below is the increase in Spotify’s employee strength since 2k11:

YearNumber of employees
2021 (Quarter 2 )7,085

Wrap up

While the above Spotify facts clearly show the platform’s dominance over the music streaming industry, it’s interesting to note that not all is as it may seem. Indeed, by drilling down into the statistics, we can see the contrast between Spotify’s ever-increasing listener and revenue numbers and its profits. So, no matter how large its subscriber base and market share, one can’t help but wonder about the profitability and long-term sustainability of Spotify’s model. 

How old is Spotify?

Martin Lorentzon and Daniel Ek launched Spotify in Sweden in 2006. This means Spotify has been operating for 16 years as of 2022. 

Who is the most popular artist on Spotify 2023?

Canadian rapper Drake holds the most streamed artist on Spotify crown. He currently has over 40 billion plays! 

What is the most popular song on Spotify 2023?

Despite Drake being the most-streamed artist on Spotify, it’s not his song that’s the most streamed overall. Instead, the honor goes to Ginger Brit and everybody’s favorite boy next door – Ed Sheeran – with his smash hit Shape of You. The Shape of You track has currently been played more than 3 billion times! 

How many countries is Spotify available in 2023?

Although most intensively used in North America, Spotify is available in 171 countries worldwide.

How many Spotify users access the app once a day 2023?

Almost half of all users listen to Spotify every day.

Does Spotify offer podcasts 2023?

Yes! Besides music and video, the Spotify platform also hosts a ton of podcasts. Currently, there are 3.2 million podcasts on offer. 

Do artists get paid when their music is streamed on Spotify 2023?

Spotify statistics prove that artists do get paid. Yet, how much they earn depends on the artist. Typical fees range from $0.006- $0.00318 per stream. Of course, this means that for artists to make decent money, they need to both negotiate a favorable rate and ensure as many streams of their tracks as possible. 

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