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😱 20 hours

👆  That’s how much time per week an average marketer or business owner can save per week by utilizing ChatGPT to its full potential… 🎉

Prompt Engineering Guide: +200 pages

A comprehensive guide that walks you through the process of prompt engineering, enabling you to optimize ChatGPT’s performance for your specific tasks and objectives.

Prompts Library: +20,000 GPT Prompts

A vast array of pre-defined prompts covering diverse topics and use cases. Whether you’re seeking creative ideas, technical assistance, or engaging conversations, this library offers prompts that stimulate ChatGPT’s responses.

ChatGPT tips & tricks inside

Expert tips and best practices for prompt engineering, ensuring you achieve the desired results and improve the quality of your interactions with ChatGPT.

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  • Spend less time doing boring, repetitive tasks
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“This stuff works. We test hundreds of creatives each month at our agency, and felt excited about ChatGPT… but most of the time the results were mediocre. After getting these prompts our quality skyrocketed and we were able to cut so many hours in the week!”
Richard Jones
Agency Owner with $100M+ in sales

Productivity Comparison

Because the truth is that…

👉 Most People Are Not Using ChatGPT to Even 10% Of Its Potential 👈

Sure, you tell it to write you some tweets and make a few corrections.

But here are some of the things that ChatGPT can do that you probably had no idea about:

😳 Yes, AI is scary.

😵 But what’s even scarier is getting left behind by the AI revolution.

Because what’s true is that AI is here to stay. Everyone from major venture capitalists to boutique advertising agencies to Bali freelancers is adopting it to not fall behind.

So we have two options…

Adapt or die x

It’s as simple as that.

And with these copy & paste prompts, you’ll be able to:

Save countless hours of tedious tasks

Get ahead of your competition

Cut monthly costs

Deliver high-quality work at scale

Streamline operations

Free your time and avoid burnout

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✨ Did you get excited about ChatGPT… and then felt it didn’t live up to its hype?

You are not alone. But the truth is that the current version of ChatGPT is only a beta test of the true power of AI that’s yet to come.

💡 Yet, 93% of business owners are NOT utilizing ChatGPT properly. Because unlocking the full power of AI comes only
with precise prompts that deliver the right data.

Even a slight word shift can make or break your results. After all, this is a piece of code – not a human!

That’s why we did all the trial and error for you, so you can simply copy, paste, and scale 👇

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This is just some of the tedious work
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and much more…

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“I write 60+ pieces of copy every single week. With these prompts, I was able to keep the level of quality that keeps my clients coming back… while saving at least ⅓ of the time. That’s a no-brainer for me!”
Santiago Phoenix
Copywriter for 7-figure brands

Stop dabbling with ChatGPT and simply copy & paste our proven prompts, so you can save countless hours and scale with AI.

  • 20,000+ copy & paste prompts for your most repeated tasks
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Master ChatGPT while your competitors are still trying to figure it out!

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Are you afraid AI will replace you? 🤖

You are not alone. 

Just like the car replaced horses or Netflix destroyed Blockbuster…

The AI revolution is here to stay, and there’s little to none that we can do about it.

A sneak-peek inside 👇

The only way to not only survive this disruption but to really THRIVE is by rapid adaptation.

❌ AI will not replace entrepreneurs (yet) ❌

✅ But a competitor using AI can certainly replace you

That’s why the one difference between a struggling and a thriving company will be the ability to leverage AI.

Not only as a tool – but as a true partner.

And the sooner you embrace this reality, the quicker you’ll be able to:

X Spend less time doing menial tasks, and more hours enjoying life

X Double down on your strengths, and delegate everything else to teams using AI

X Stop the time-for-money model that leads to burnout, and instead price on VALUE and RESULTS

This is our opportunity to solve bigger problems and simplify our work.

 …but it’ll only happen if we know how to use AI to our advantage.

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“I tried ChatGPT after a friend recommended it but got terrible results. The stuff it gave me was interesting, but not really usable in my business. With these prompts, I was able to re-write my whole welcome sequence in one sitting, and saw a 17% lift in clicks! And what I loved the most was training the AI to mimic my voice”
Catherine Williams
SaaS entrepreneur

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