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How to Use the ROI Calculator

To use an ROI calculator, you’ll need to input three key pieces of information: the initial investment amount, the expected ROI, and the time horizon of the investment. Here’s how to do it step-by-step:

Step 1: Enter the Initial Investment Amount

The initial investment is the amount of money you plan to invest in a business opportunity. Enter this amount in the first input field of the calculator.

Step 2: Enter the Expected ROI

The expected ROI is the percentage return on investment that you anticipate. Enter this percentage in the second input field of the calculator. Keep in mind that the expected ROI should be based on realistic projections and historical data, if available.

Step 3: Enter the Time Horizon

The time horizon is the length of time you plan to hold the investment. This could be a few months or several years, depending on the investment opportunity. Enter the time horizon in years in the third input field of the calculator.

Step 4: Click “Calculate ROI”

Once you have entered all the necessary information, click the “Calculate ROI” button. The calculator will then compute the expected ROI for the investment based on the information you provided.

Step 5: Interpret the Results

The calculator will display the expected ROI as a percentage after the time horizon you specified. If the ROI is higher than your required rate of return, then the investment may be worthwhile. If the ROI is lower, then you may want to reconsider the investment.


An ROI calculator is an excellent tool for evaluating the profitability of a potential investment. By inputting the initial investment amount, expected ROI, and time horizon, you can quickly determine if the investment is likely to yield a positive return. It is important to use realistic projections and historical data when calculating the expected ROI.

We hope this guide has been helpful in explaining how to use an ROI calculator for business investment decisions. With this tool at your disposal, you can make informed investment decisions and achieve your financial goals.

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