Have you ever stumbled upon a tongue twister that made your words twist and your mind turn?

Fear not, for ChatGPT is here to lend a helping hand! In a playful experiment, I tasked ChatGPT with creating a tree map of the letters in a challenging quote.

Without uttering the twisty phrase aloud (for my own linguistic safety), I requested different colors for each part of the map and a downloadable file as output.

To my amazement, ChatGPT delivered!

Each rectangle in the tree map represented the proportional occurrence of a specific letter, bringing the quote to life visually. And the cherry on top? When I checked for the letter “P,” ChatGPT impressively identified 36 instances! It’s truly mind-boggling how ChatGPT’s understanding of letter frequency correlated with the size of each rectangle. Talk about insane visual wizardry!

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