150 million monthly active users are in Twitch in 2023.

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Key Twitch Statistics 2023 – MY Choice

  • 71 million hours of content is viewed every day.
  • Twitch has 30 million daily active users.
  • Twitch has 150 million monthly active users in 2023.
  • In 2015 Twitch only had 55 million active users.
  • More than 2.2 million users make the most of the stream feature every month.
  • Their biggest viewership sits at 6.5 million views.
  • Twitch has 9.2 million active streamers every month.
  • 65% of Twitch users are male.

Twitch Stats 2023: Monthly Unique Twitch Users and Year-on-Year Growth

  1. Twitch has 159 million monthly unique users, 31 million daily active users, and about 8 unique streamers go live every month.
  1. Twitch is the 2nd most popular website in the “Video Games Consoles and Accessories” category among US Twitch users.

How many minutes have been watched on Twitch this year?

As of the latest available data, Twitch users have watched approximately 997 billion minutes this year. This staggering number reflects the immense popularity and engagement of the platform.

How many active streamers are there on Twitch per month?

On average, Twitch has around 7.7 million active streamers per month. This indicates the significant number of content creators who utilize the platform to share their live streams with viewers.

What is the average number of viewers per live streamer on Twitch?

The average number of viewers per live streamer on Twitch is 28. This metric provides insights into the viewership levels individual streamers can expect to attract during their broadcasts.

How many live streamers are there on Twitch at any given time?

At any given time, there are approximately 94,800 live streamers on Twitch. This demonstrates the platform’s diverse and active community of content creators who engage with viewers in real-time.

How many visits did Twitch receive in August 2022?

In August 2022, Twitch received an impressive 1.2 billion visits. This reflects the platform’s widespread popularity and the high level of engagement it generates from users.

How many partnered streamers are there on Twitch?

Twitch has approximately 52,000 partnered streamers. Becoming a partnered streamer on Twitch offers additional benefits and monetization opportunities to content creators who meet certain criteria set by the platform.

Who was the most watched Twitch streamer in terms of hours watched last month?

xQc, a popular Twitch streamer, accumulated 15,747,503 hours watched last month, making him the most watched streamer during that period. This highlights the immense following and influence he has on the Twitch community.

What percentage of content on Twitch is categorized as “mature”?

Approximately 17.93% of the content on Twitch is classified as “mature.” This category includes streams that may contain explicit language, adult themes, or content not suitable for all audiences.

Which game is the most watched on Twitch?

Currently, League of Legends holds the distinction of being the most watched game on Twitch. Its popularity among streamers and viewers contributes to its consistently high viewership numbers.

Which category is the most watched on Twitch?

The “Just Chatting” category is the most watched category on Twitch. This category allows streamers to engage with viewers through conversations, discussions, and non-gaming content, contributing to its popularity.

Twitch Stats 2023: Twitch User Demographics

  1. Approximately 65% of Twitch users worldwide are male, with the remaining 35% of Twitch users being female viewers. 

Twitch Key Statistics:

Minutes watched this year (so far)997 billion
Average active streamers per month7.7 million
Average viewers per live streamer28
Number of live streamers at any given time94,800
Visits in August 20221.2 billion
Number of partnered streamers52,000
Most watched Twitch streamer (hours watched last month)xQc (15,747,503)
Percentage of “mature” content17.93%
Most watched gameLeague of Legends
Most watched categoryJust Chatting

Twitch Demographics:

Gender Ratio
Age Distribution
18-24 years old35.85%
25-34 years old32.14%
35-44 years old15.33%
45-54 years old8.62%
55-64 years old4.97%

Top 5 Countries That Use Twitch (December 2020):

United States of America20.48%
South Korea5.09%

Active Streamers:

YearActive Channels
20229.9 Million
20219 Million
20206.9 Million
20193.6 Million
20183.3 Million
20172 Million
20161.8 Million
20151.7 Million
20141.5 Million
20130.9 Million
20120.3 Million

Twitch Partners:

YearNumber of Partners
September 202252,000

Active Viewers:

YearConcurrent Viewers
20222.5 Million
20212.84 Million
20202.12 Million
20191.26 Million
20181 Million
20170.074 Million
20160.6 Million
20150.53 Million
20140.35 Million
20130.2 Million
20120.1 Million

Average Viewers Per Channel: (At the time of writing)

Average Viewers Per Channel

Twitch Growth:

YearGrowth Rate
2011-2019Continuous growth
2019-2020Spike due to COVID-19
2021-20224.5% dip in growth

Twitch Revenue:

YearTotal Revenue
2021$2.6 Billion
2020$2.3 Billion
2019$1.5 Billion
2018$0.9 Billion
2017$0.4 Billion
2016$0.1 Billion

Twitch Market Share:

PlatformMarket Share
YouTube Gaming21%
Facebook Gaming3%

Twitch Employee Count:

YearEmployee Count
CurrentOver 14,000
  1. Music (68.3% of viewers cited it), gaming (68.1% cited it), and technology (67%) are the top interests of Twitch viewers.

Twitch Streaming Statistics 2023: Twitch Views, Concurrent Viewers, Active Channels, and Twitch Partners

  1. Twitch.tv had 10.9 million unique channels streaming as of April 2022. Twitch.tv has 10x more unique channels than YouTube and 50x more unique channels than Facebook. 
  1. Creators on Twitch streamed 229 million hours of clips in the first quarter of 2022, which is 91.5% of the total streamed hours on live games platforms. YouTube Gaming Live (3.5%) and Facebook Gaming (5%) account for less than 10% of total streamed hours.
  1. There are about 51 thousand Twitch partners worldwide. At any given minute, Twitch has about 2.73 million average concurrent viewers.

What was Twitch’s revenue in 2022?

Twitch generated approximately $2.8 billion in revenue in 2022. The platform has experienced significant revenue growth over the years, with its revenue reaching $275 million in 2016 and steadily increasing since then.

How many concurrent viewers did Twitch have in 2022?

In 2022, Twitch had an average of 2.58 million concurrent viewers. This represents the number of viewers who were actively watching streams on the platform at any given time.

How many Twitch users streamed on the platform once a month in 2022?

Approximately 7.6 million Twitch users streamed on the platform once a month in 2022. This indicates the number of active Twitch accounts that went live and streamed content at least once a month.

How many hours of content were watched on Twitch in 2022?

In 2022, viewers consumed a total of 22.4 billion hours of content on Twitch. This reflects the massive engagement and viewership on the platform, indicating its popularity among users.

How does Twitch’s viewership compare to YouTube Gaming?

Twitch maintains a significant lead over YouTube Gaming in terms of hours watched. In the past two years, Twitch has pulled further ahead of its competitors. The specific comparison data is not provided in the given information.

What are the age demographics of Twitch users?

The majority of Twitch users, approximately 41%, fall within the age range of 16-24. The next largest age group is 25-34, accounting for 32% of users. Users aged 35-44 make up 17% of the audience, followed by 45-54 (7%) and 55+ (3%).

What are the gender demographics of Twitch users?

Twitch has a majority male audience, with males accounting for 65% of users. However, the gender gap has narrowed in recent years, with females comprising 35% of the Twitch user base.

Who are the most followed Twitch channels?

As of 2022, the most followed Twitch channel is Ninja, with 18.2 million followers. Other popular channels include auronplay, Rubius, Tfue, xQc, ibai, shroud, TheGrefg, pokimane, and sodapoppin. These streamers have amassed large followings on the platform.

Which games are the most viewed on Twitch?

The most viewed game on Twitch in 2022 was League of Legends, with 51.3 billion views. Other popular games include Fortnite, Grand Theft Auto V, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Dota 2, Hearthstone, Minecraft, World of Warcraft, Overwatch, and Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege.

  1.  Ninja has the most number of followers (as of May 2022), with over 17.45 million followers. At the same time, the second-ranked broadcaster is Auronplay, with over 11.6 million followers.

Twitch Usage Statistics by Device 2023

  1. Only 35% of Twitch viewers access the platform via mobile. At the same time, 70% of YouTube traffic comes from mobile devices.
  1. Viewers downloaded the iOS app over 5.6 million times. Of which, 2.6 million downloads of the Twitch app came from the US. 

Twitch Stats: Channels and Games 2023

  1. Just chatting (14.7% of total views), League of Legends (9% of total hours watched), and Grand Theft Auto (6% of total hours watched) are the most-watched streams in 2022.
  1. Gaules (28.71 million hours watched), xQc (25.56 million hours watched), and Asmongold (15.40 million hours watched) are the most-watched channels in April 2022. 

Critical Stats For Twitch Partners and Marketers 2023

  1. Unique viewers who chat during their first visit are 50% more likely to return to your future broadcast.

Twitch viewership highlights that viewers are most engaged in the first 15 minutes and the last 15 minutes of the broadcast. So, Twitch broadcasters can use CTAs during the selected time period and engage spectators. 

For instance, Twitch broadcasters can conduct polls or have a reward system (Channel Points) to increase user engagement. Twitch viewership highlights: 

  • Broadcasters and teams who create polls to receive feedback, on average, see 10% more engagement.
  • Broadcasters with channel points reward systems, on average, see a 13% lift in chat participation.
  • At the same time, the channel points reward system, on average, increases the time spent by 18% (per week) spent by the spectators.

Moreover, discussing the MegaCheer event during the event will increase the Bits usage by 30%. (In a MegaCheer event, Twitch streamers reward a viewer with emotes and gifts randomly).

Monthly Active Users (MAUs)
Twitch140 million
Twitch streamers7.4 million
Active Twitch streamers9.2 million
Total video watched on Twitch1.14 trillion minutes
(1.86 billion hours)
Video views in biggest months2.3 billion hours
Daily Active Users (DAUs)
Twitch30 million
People watching Twitch streams2.5 million
Concurrent broadcasting channels107,800
Most active viewers daySunday
Least active viewers dayMonday
YearUsers (Per Month)
20113.2 million
201220 million
201345 million
201455 million
2015100 million
2021 (most recent figure)140 million
Twitch User Demographics
Twitch Usage by Device

Twitch Monetization Statistics 2023

  1. The top 1% of paid Twitch broadcasters made more than half of all the money paid out to streamers in 2021. 25% of all payouts went to the top 1000 streamers. 

Although there isn’t any official report on the payouts made by Twitch in 2021, a leak due to an error in a Twitch.tv server configuration indicates that the top 100 streamers made about US$ 82 billion in 2021. (From July 2020 to September 2021).

The next 900 top streamers made about US$ 138 million. In comparison, almost 75% of paid broadcasters — the ones that make money — made less than US$ 120 in 2021. In fact, only the top 5% of the streamers have made more than US$ 1000 during the selected time period in 2021. 

Comparing revenue earned against the US median household income, only 0.06% of active streamers received the amount of, or over, US$ 67,521.

Twitch Revenue Statistics 2023

  1. Twitch monthly payouts almost tripled in the last two years (July 2019 to September 2021), owing to the exponential growth as viewers and new streamers flocked to the site during the pandemic. 

Considering from July 2020 to September 2021, Twitch.tv paid out about US$ 893 million to the broadcasters, up from US$ 519 million paid from July 2019 to September 2020. 

Back in September 2019, Twitch.tv paid out US$ 36.51 million to the publishers. In comparison, the latest data suggests that Twitch.tv paid over US$ 101.3 million to publishers last September.

On a side note, Twitch.tv stats outlines that for every 100 followers a user has, they have the potential to earn up to US$ 250 per month. At the same time, the majority of revenue comes from active channel subscriptions and ads.  

Why Are These Twitch.tv Statistics Important?

For decades, famous brands and businesses have partnered with athletes and basketball players to promote their brands. However, the past few years have proved that a video game athlete partnership could be valuable and has the potential to attract a wider audience. Understand that 44% of internet users aged 16 to 44 have stated that they watched live streams of games online.

As highlighted earlier, almost 75% of the spectators on the platform are under 35; moreover, Twitch.tv is a male-dominated landscape. So, if your product is looking for such demographics and country (US), considering Twitch.tv in your video marketing strategy could be valuable.

At the same time, the partners and broadcasters can increase their followers and grow their channel by attracting unique spectators, regular streams, and broadcasting during peak hours.

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