Today, Upwork connects over 750,000 active clients with millions of freelancers, who, in 2021, generated $3.5 billion in gross services volume (GSV). 

Upwork continues to grow by cultivating a marketplace filled with highly skilled freelancers and many top employers. 

Key Upwork Statistics 2023 – MY Choice

  •  The revenue of Upwork is $710 million as of 2023.
  • The revenue of Upwork was $170 million in Q2 of 2023
  • The net worth of Upwork is $1.77 billion as of 2023
  • The average stock price of Upwork was $12.14 in the month of March 2023.
  • There are more than 5.35 million clients on Upwork as of 2023. 
  • There were 792,900 active clients on Upwork in 2022. 
  • There were 18.50 million freelancers on Upwork in 2019. After 2019 Upwork never disclose the number of freelancers on Upwork.
  • 64% of freelancers are from the United States on Upwork.
  • Upwork has freelancers from over 185 countries
  • More than 73% of Upwork freelancers have a college degree.

Upwork Statistics

able 1: Upwork Statistics (Highlights)

Active clients (as of March 31, 2022)793,000
Total gross services volume (2021)$3.5 billion
Average talent GSV for freelancers$5,850
Top talent geographies and GSVUnited States (25%), India (14%), Philippines (11%)
Revenue (2017-2021)2017: $202.3 million, 2021: $503 million
Monthly website visits (2021)Over 40 million

Table 2: Upwork Client Statistics

Active clients (as of March 31, 2022)793,000
Definition of an Active ClientClient with “spent activity” in past 12 months
Increase in active clients (Q1 2019 – Q1 2022)281,000

Table 1: Hourly Rates for Jobs/Skills on Upwork

Job/SkillHourly Pay Range
Copywriter$19 – $45
Web designer$15 – $30+
Digital marketing consultant$15 – $45
Social media manager$14 – $35
Editor$20 – $40
Web developer$10 – $30+
Media buyer$50 – $200
Photographer$40 – $100
Data analyst$20 – $50
Business consultant$28 – $98
Programmer$15 – $150
Videographer$15 – $30
Accountant$12 – $32
Virtual assistant$12 – $20
Public relations manager$50 – $100

Table 2: Upwork Enterprise Client Revenue

DateEnterprise Client Revenue
Q1-2020$4.1 million
Q2-2020$4.3 million
Q3-2020$5.2 million
Q4-2020$6.4 million
Q1-2021$7 million
Q2-2021$8.5 million
Q3-2021$8.9 million
Q4-2021$10.5 million
Q1-2022$10.8 million

Table 3: Upwork Revenue and Profit Over Time

YearNet Income (or Loss)
2017($10.6) million
2018($19.9) million
2019($16.7) million
2020($22.9) million
2021($56.24) million

Table 4: Upwork Features and Categories

Number of Categories90
Most highly paid programming languageObjective-C (average hourly rate of $66)
Percentage of talent with college degrees73%
Number of skills available to tag on profileOver 10,000
Upwork marketplace take rate in 202113.2%

Table 1: Upwork GSV per active client

DateGSV per Active Client

Table 2: Upwork Service Fee

EarningsUpwork Service Fee
$10,000.01 or more5%

Table 3: Contribution of US-based talent to GSV

YearUS-based Talent’s GSV Contribution

Upwork Website Usage Stats

Table 1: Upwork Website Statistics

Monthly website visits (global)40.8 million
Global website ranking918th
Domestic website ranking (US)987th
Bounce rate25.52%
Average page visits per session8.63
Category ranking (Other Comp. Elec. & Tech.)29th
Gender distribution (male)61.42%
Gender distribution (female)38.58%
Age group with the most visitors25-34 years (37.63%)
Second most popular age group18-24 years (23.88%)

Table 2: Upwork App Statistics

MetricUpwork for FreelancersUpwork for Clients
PlatformAndroid and iOSAndroid and iOS
Monthly app downloads (April 2022)200,000 (Android)20,000 (Android)
Monthly app downloads (April 2022)90,000 (iOS)20,000 (iOS)
App purposeBrowsing, Proposal, PaymentFreelancer Profiles, Proposal Management, Payment

Table 3: Upwork Miscellaneous Statistics

Number of Upwork employees (December 2021)650
Employee growth rate (Dec 2020 – Dec 2021)20%
Employee loss rate (Dec 2019 – Dec 2020)30
Median salary for an Upwork employee$192,785 per year ($92 per hour)
Upwork employer rating4.2 stars out of 5
Positive work environment rating (employee survey)81%
Patents filed by Upwork (June 2022)4
Number of freelancers worldwide225 million
Number of freelancers in the US59 million
Freelancer contribution to the US economy (2021)$1.3 trillion
Freelancers who believe best days are ahead9 in 10

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