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Key YouTube Statistics 2023 – MY Choice

  • According to Statista 2022, over 2.6 billion people worldwide use YouTube once a month.
  • India has the most YouTube users in 2022, estimated at 467 million.
  • Technically, YouTube is the second-largest search engine, after Google.
  • YouTube’s global advertising revenues in 2021 were estimated to be around $28.84 billion.
  • With 213 million subscribers, T-Series is the most subscribed YouTube channel.
  • Ryan’s World YouTube channel generated the most revenue in 2020 (29 million subscribers).
  • In 2021, YouTube Premium and YouTube Music together have more than 50 million subscribers around the world.
  • YouTube is the second most popular social media platform.
  • Most YouTube users fall in the age group of 15-35.
  • More than 70% of YouTube watch time comes from mobile devices.
  • The male-female ratio of YouTube viewers is 11:9.
  • The top genre watched by YouTube users is comedy (77% users).
  • In 2020, the biggest advertiser on YouTube was Apple Inc, having spent $237.15 million.
  • With 74% of adult users, YouTube is the most popular online platform in the US.
  • 80% of parents in the US, with children aged 11 or under, say their child watches YouTube videos. 
  • The percentage of OTT watchers consuming YouTube content is 94.5%. 
  • 16.4% of YouTube traffic comes from the US, 9.2% from India, and 4.8% from Japan. 
  • An average YouTube visitor checks nearly nine pages per day. 
  • In 2020, viewers spent 100 billion hours watching gaming content on YouTube. 
  • YouTube is the most used social platform for research purposes among B2B decision-makers with 50.9% users.
  • As of 2022, YouTube has more than 51 million active channels. 
  • There are more than a hundred local versions of YouTube in over 80 languages. 
  • Of the top 100 searches on YouTube, 20% are related to music. 
  • 6% of Google’s ad revenues are created from YouTube. 
  • YouTube is the second most popular platform for influencer marketing.

YouTube Statistics 2023: YouTube In Numbers

  1. holds the second position as the most popular website worldwide, with 13.34 billion total monthly visits. It continues to remain the most popular video platform globally. 
  1. YouTube (2.2 billion MAUs) is the second most popular social media platform after Facebook (2.9 billion MAUs). 
  1. YouTube generated $28.8 billion revenue in 2021, a 30.4% YoY growth. In Q4, the video platform generated about 8.8 billion (2.2 billion more than the past fiscal year).
  1. YouTube determines the algorithms based on watch history, appeal, engagement, and satisfaction.

YouTube Usage Statistics 2023

  1. 99% of YouTube users are also present on some other social media platforms. 
  1. YouTube is responsible for 37% of all mobile internet traffic. At least 51% of YouTube users visit the platform daily.

YouTube Statistics: What’s Popular on the Platform 2023?

  1. Comedy, music, entertainment/pop culture, and how-to videos were the top four content categories watched by YouTube users in 2021. 

YouTube Marketing Statistics 2023

  1. 90% of customers say they have discovered a product on YouTube. Almost 88% say they’ve been convinced to buy a product after watching a video.
  1. YouTube (51%) is the fifth most used platform for overall social media marketing among marketers after Facebook (93%), Instagram (78%), LinkedIn, and Twitter. 
  1. Users who watch at least 30 seconds of TrueView ads are 23x more likely to visit or subscribe to the brand channel, view videos from the band, and share the brand with others.

YouTube Statistics: User Behavior, Demographics, and Characteristics 2023

  1. YouTube users are 2.4x more likely to watch videos published by individual creators than brands.
  1. Ability to “dig deeper into interest” is 2x more important to users than “high-production quality.” 4x more than featuring a famous actor in the video. 

YouTube Statistics: On-Demand 2023

  1. 90% of US digital video viewers use YouTube; the watch time of TV channels on YouTube has grown by 50% YoY.

Moreover, the watch time of YouTube on TV screens is 250 million hours per day globally. Globally, 69% of YouTube users pay to watch whatever they want. 58% pay to binge-watch TV shows on YouTube. 

The most popular categories on YouTube TV are comedy (77%) and crime, thriller, and mystery (60%). 

About 26% of US adults depend on YouTube to get news. The most popular news channel in the US, CNN, is watched by only 17% of US digital video viewers. Still, less than 40% of viewers believe the YouTube news to be accurate.

YouTube Statistics 2023: Why Do Videos On YouTube Get Removed?

  1. “Child safety reasons” accounted for the removal of 36.72% of all removed YouTube videos in 2021. More than 25 million videos were removed (including the automatically flagged videos for violating the platform’s community guidelines). 

How Can These YouTube Statistics Help Your Business?

Video marketing has always been the most important digital marketing strategy among marketers. And as underlined earlier, YouTube is the biggest part of video marketing. 

But YouTube has never been more important to businesses than now, given that 82% of the global internet traffic is expected to come from streaming and video downloads. 

Still, most businesses do not value it (23% think they don’t have time for it) or do not know how to get started with YouTube marketing (16%). However, it is important to note that, of the 16% of first-time video marketers, 46% said it is easy to create videos in-house, 36% said it doesn’t need much time, and 26% said it’s affordable. 

Moreover, “high-production quality” was the first choice of only 4.1% of most YouTube users. That is to say, individuals or businesses looking to make money via YouTube do not have to worry about high-initial costs but rather focus on resonating with their niche audience. 

In turn, YouTube will bless you with a wider audience, more brand awareness, and increased conversions. 

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